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They had me at Bourbon...

Jeff K
Cigar makers are always seeking out ways to innovate and bring new experiences to the cigar smokers. Some of these work well, while others, ehh not so fast my friend. Camacho successfully capitalizes on the ever growing popular trend of barrel aging by utilizing a blend of tobaccos placed in Kentucky bourbon barrels for 5 months with their new release, Camacho Barrel Aged.
My love for bourbon is the stuff of legend here at CI HQ, and to say that I was anxious to try the Camacho Barrel Aged would be an understatement. This past Saturday, on a warm, sunny afternoon while the wife and kids were at the movies I had the chance to sit down with a bottle of the good brown stuff and a Camacho Barrel Aged. I have to tell you, I love the packaging and advertising and my initial impression of the cigar itself is that it’s gorgeous. The blend features a rich brown US broadleaf wrapper and binder, with US broadleaf, Pennsylvania maduro, and aged Honduran corojo long-fillers that were stored in bourbon barrels. To be honest, they had me at bourbon.
Now, on to the good stuff. I found this cigar to be medium-bodied with an impressive array of flavor. The construction and draw are excellent, and I am immediately greeted with notes of charred wood, vanilla, leather, and some spice. As the cigar progresses, I am struck by flavors of fruit and sweetness entering the mix with some notes of earth and caramel. I have no complaints here, the cigar burned beautifully with an effortless draw and I could definitely taste the bourbon barrel influence. Pairing it with a nice bourbon was just icing on the cake. Just be warned, it's a little heavy on the palate. Not necessarily strong, but very long on the finish, if that makes sense. So if that's your thing, this will fit the bill well. But also that's what makes it stand up to the whiskey so well.

In short, it's a really nice cigar. But it's not cheap and probably not something I'll be buying often only for that reason. Either way, it's most definitely worth grabbing a couple of sticks or a 5-pack, as they are a big step forward for Camacho and something that's a little different than most other cigars out there.