Dunhill Aged Dominican Cigars
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Dunhill Aged Dominican

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Aged to perfection.

Dunhill Aged cigars are created using tobacco from one specific crop only, resulting in a consistently dependable and superior taste. These super-premium cigars are mellow-to-medium bodied in flavor. Dunhill is one of the most respected names in the business, and this cigar is always well-constructed and outstanding.

Handmade in the Dominican Republic, Dunhill Aged Dominican features a silky-smooth Connecticut wrapper leaf overtop Dominican binder and long-filler. Toasting the foot you'll find an oaky, creamy profile accentuated with slight hints of black pepper and citrus - a combination that goes down most easily. 

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Yes, they are mild....and yes, they are expensive. But they have such a crisp, clean tobacco taste, along with solid construction and consistent burn. I love to get up an extra hour early for work, make a pot of coffee, and have a Condado with coffee. For that one hour I don't have to fight the flow and am content to let the world do its own spinning. Often times it is the best hour of the day. Thanks for having these, CI, as they are getting harder to find.
Excellent cigar! always good!
JA of Lombard, IL
One of my all time favorite cigars! The Cabreras is my favorite size and always a good smoke. Overall they're well made and consistent. In my opinion you can't go wrong will Dunhill.
Easy light. Excellent construction, draw and burn. Large amounts of smoke output. Very creamy, silky and smooth mouth feel. Mild, sweet, natural tobacco smell and flavor. Remains consistent throughout with little to no complexity.
I'll put it to you this way: next to these Dunhills, a La Aurora tastes like a Camacho. If mild is your thing, look no further— this is where it's at.
NI of Jefferson, LA
Best cigar ever!!!
FS of Alpharetta, GA
These are an excellent mild smoke. They remind me of my Por Larranga I used to get. Made to compete with Davidoff and do.
PW of Rosedale, IN
Very good mild cigar. Great consistent flavor all the way to the end. Not quite as much smoke as I'd like, but then again I'm sort of a cigar newbie, so I could be wrong here as far as what is desirable in terms of smoke for a mild style. But I have to say that the construction and draw was top notch. I used to smoke these about a decade ago, and I'm glad I found them again. Thanks CI for carrying this great brand. I'll be trying some other sizes of this great cigar.
DW of Chesapeake, VA
The Dunhill Peravia is whithout a doubt my favorite "legal" cigar. If you are looking for a relaxing smoke - this mild smoke brings a symphony of flavors from start to end. The Dunhill Peravia is one hour of pure bliss.
JM of Vancouver, WA
My uncle has been smoking these (Dunhill Aged)for years and the aroma that came from them was almost enough to die for. Finally had my first on the golf course and let me say, it was a good day on the course. I highly advise anyone wanting to try a good smoke from start to finish to try this cigar.
ML of Muskegon, MI

Dunhill Aged Dominican

Jeff K
I’m bad at this. It’s been too long since my last review, but I’m making a promise to do better.  So expect more this year, and if you’re bored, shoot me a request on a cigar you’re interested in and I’ll write something up.

Dunhill. It’s a brand you’ve likely heard of, but not necessarily for their cigars. They’re a pretty big company, with roots in pipes and now a full line of pricey men’s accessories ranging from custom-tailored suits to pens and ‘timepieces’ ( But despite their prominence in other things, their cigars are way under the radar. And one blend in particular has become a personal favorite of mine: Dunhill Aged Dominican.

Dunhill Aged Dominican is the flagship cigar in the Dunhill line, the descendant of a once-popular line of Dunhill handmades manufactured in Cuba. This Dominican-made blend features a perfect, blonde Connecticut shade wrapper grown in the USA and an aged blend of Dominican Piloto Cubano and Dominican Olor from Cibao. This combination delivers an elegant, high-end profile that goes down really easily. Notes of oak, cream, toasty tobacco, a nice black pepper quality and a hint of citrus on the finish are perfectly balanced and offer a Connecticut experience that’s far from ordinary. And that’s my favorite part. It’s mellow to medium-bodied, but with enough flavor and complexity to keep it interesting.  Flavor, balance, perfect construction, a high-end look, and a great finish, Dunhill Aged Dominican is the complete Connecticut package. I’m a big fan and I always have some on hand.

And then there’s price. Full retail ain’t cheap, but fortunately, we sell it for much less. Starting at just over 5 bucks apiece and packaged in economical 10-count boxes.