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Carlos Torano Dominico


Gonz, the bargain barrel shopper of the century, finally coming out of a long slumber away from the famed Gonz Live studios, present to you, my loyal listeners, viewers, and readers, a deal of the century.  I couldn't get the video recording apparatus together quickly today, but I felt morally obliged to present you this opportunity before it was too late.  The cigar is not well known, in fact I never heard of it either, it's the Carlos Torano Dominco, but it's flying out of colossal CI warehouse faster than Martha Coakley from Massachusetts.

Let me first start by wishing everyone a prosperous 2010, hoping that the woes of 2009 are far behind us.  We live in interesting times, filled with economic uncertainty, an unbridled passion of our government to expand its reach into every part of our lives, thereby leaving us with fewer and fewer opportunities to take time away from the mayhem that surrounds us to enjoy a few of the simpler pleasures in life - family, friends, a nice Kentucky Bourbon, and of course, cigars.  The most significant downside, everyone's pockets, yours much like mine, are feeling a bit lighter these days.  The expansion of the government run SCHIP program, taxing cigars to unprecedented new heights, pushed cigar prices into the stratosphere in 2009, blowing out the cigar budget at every corner.  No doubt, that has made my job harder, finding needles in the proverbial cigar haystack.  Worry not, my friend, I and my tireless colleagues at CI have got your back.  And this deal is no exception.

Here goes:  Carlos Torano makes a litany of remarkable puros for makers like Gurkha, CAO, 5 Vegas, Alec Bradley, and a slew of their own highly rated cigars.  So what are these Carlos Torano Dominicos you ask...simple, they're good and they're cheap.  At about $1.50 per cigar for a mellow yet full flavored masterpiece that I can't stop smoking, load up quickly mi amigos b/c you'll be kicking yourself with the spur end of your cowboy boots if you don't. 

The maduro is the most lovely, I'm smoking the toro size right now, it starts out mellow and sweet, hinting toward a slight cappucino flavor on the wrapper.  It quickly evolves to offer a hint of spice (and a slight tartness on the top of your mouth) that never truly shows itself.  The body is smooth but lends a full-flavored smoke experience that fills the room.  Very well constructed, it never gets soft (like my big bald dome) and delivers a pleasant experience of cream with a touch of dark chocolate goodness from beginning to end (well, at least to about the last 3 inches, then it does start to burn a touch hot, but I'm not sure if that's the cigar or me as I drag ferociously....I can't get enough of this.)  The finish is soft, disappears and never outwelcomes its stay.

The stats are interesting - a blend of Mexican, Costa Rican, and Honduran tobaccos (apparently whatever they could find left over in the factory) but no matter, whatever they've done they've done it right, the blend is deliciously mellow.  And the wrapper, a Criollo maduro wrapper, cements the flavor providing a medium to full-flavored smoking experience.  Don't get it wrong, it's far from strong, but you clearly know you're not smoking a creampuff.  I love it.  You will too.  Do it 'cause Gonz told ya so.

Enjoy and Spark'em up,

- Gonz