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Double Happiness


It's funny, I've had a flurry of emails lately from guys offering to send me higher priced sticks ("Gonz, you've gotta try this Opus whatchamacallit with nine gazillion years of aging and plume drooling out of the wrapper leaf - it's orgasmic.")  Pa-lease.  I even had someone offer me food stamps so I could spend more on cigars.  I should probably lay off of the Lucky Charms and buy more cigars, but I'm ok in that arena, no worries.  Seriously though, hunting season quickly approaches and it's time to clean out those double-barrels and dust off the tree stand.  In the meantime I'll hunt down some low-priced cigar surprises and I want to hear you say "wow, Gonz, you're right, damn, this is a good cigar, and for only $2 a stick!"  Well, I've got a doozy for you this time, folks, I can barely contain myself 'cause I know you'll be singing the praises of this brand.

Double Happiness.  How can you go wrong with a name like Double Happiness?  I'm not sure there are too many things out there that guarantee double happiness.  I like being happy, but this is happiness times 2.  I'm not quite sure if double happiness is less than or greater than ecstatic, but it's probably pretty close.  Kinda reminds of the last time I doubled my pleasure and doubled my fun with Doublemint gum.  (OK that was cheesy, but I couldn't resist.)  While the band shows the sun and moon, both with cigar, and both with a giant (double happy) smile on their face, being the dirty old man that I am, I think the Free Cuba label would've been more appropriate here.

The contents of this cigar are a bit of a mystery.  Starting at $1.75 per stick, requesting the components is perhaps too much to ask.  I'm going to take a stab at it though - the wrapper is a probably an Ecuadorian-Connecticut.  It's thin and gentle but smooth with nary an offensive vein.  The filler is well-packed and firm but the draw smooth and easy.  The initial match up has a front-of-palate bitterness that disappears beyond the first dozen or so draws.  The finish is smooth and tender, lending itself to a mix of Dominican and Honduran fillers.  The cigar is extremely well-made, a gem from the La Aurora factory, this brand is no slouch.  The first inch of ash held firm before dropping, and that's probably only b/c I was nervous to get it all over my keyboard.  The flavor is balanced and unintrusive, you won't be overwhelmed with flavor, this fella is smooth and true throughout.  You'll enjoy it down to the nub, and pick up another.   You'll be impressed, trust me, it's mellow puro you'll want to add to the weekly garage organizing projects.

I picked up the Torpedo (I know, living on the edge of craziness I am) and it's a pure delight.  I simply picked up a 5-pack with extreme hesitation that this would end up in butt heap, but I'm going to splurge and pony up $50 for 20.  Big time!

Spark'em up,
- Gonz