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Natural Ltd. Pimp Sticks

You've got to be kidding me! Webster's Unabridged defines "pimp" to be "one who provides gratification for the lust of others." Interesting! That's not exactly the vision that comes to mind, but I guess I have a lust for cigars and my pimp could be any one of the manufacturers that produce them. So, you could say I've been smoking pimp sticks for years. Just don't tell my wife, she won't understand.

I've been hesitant to reach into the humidor for this one. The regular Acid line is fairly aromatic. The Ltd Def Sea and Kong Cameroon are my favorite. But, I really have to be in the right mood. On the Natural side of the house, these cigars are more "normal" (besides the names) and I've really enjoyed the Leche and Root. (Have you seen that Acid Egg?) Maybe the name is throwing me off, but I'm not sure what to expect from the Pimp Stick. Cameroon wrapper with strains of Dutch filler tobacco grown in Nicaragua. (To be honest, I've never heard of such a thing - strains of Dutch filler tobacco? - sounds exotic.)

This morning I received an email from my good friend Jim. We've been bantering lately about some strong cigars (like Diesel, Cusano Killer Cameroon, and others) and much to my dismay he writes "I received my CI Natural Collector's Box. I tore it open and lit up one of the Pimp Sticks. What an OUTSTANDING cigar!" I almost called the paramedics to find out what this imposter did with my friend Jim. He assured me he was ok and that I had to try one.

The Cameroon wrapper is smooth and a little veiny. Each one is impeccably rolled with a unique shape (each cigar in the box has a slightly different contour and length.) I snipped the head of this perfecto and lit the foot directly without clipping it. Oooh Nellie! It fires up nicely and immediately starts to burn smooth and even. A subtle, mellow aroma immediately fills my office - I can't place it exactly, smells a bit like Anisette (an Italian liqueur often put in coffee.) The flavor is quite tame, but with a little zap! at the start. From the cut end, I see some bright yellow leaves - perhaps some ligero is weaved in giving the cigar a little extra bounce.

The ash is chalky white. It doesn't hold for much more than a 1/2 inch, but the draw is wonderful. The flavor is subtle, and mellow, with an occasional zap! thrown in. The burn is consistent and can be offered as the perfect pre-dinner smoke. The flavor disappears quickly with no harsh tones, no aftertaste, but keeps you coming back for more.

I'm smoking this one in the office and it's perfectly suited for the task. Often, our telephone reps complain their eyes are burning when I fire one up, but not today. I may try this at home and just tell the wife I lit one of the 12 giant votive candles we have around the house. I bet it'll work - the aroma is very pleasant and not overbearing.

From start-to-finish, this stick holds consistent flavor right down to the nub. It never burns hot and could serve just perfectly as my palate cleanser before I head out for some steaks.