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Rocky Patel R4


I love cigars and I love cigars that have intriguing names - they get me so much more excited before I smoke them for the first time - 5 Vegas (of course), La Vieja Habana, CAO Black, Free Cuba, etc.  They create a drama into what I might be smoking and the flavor begins to embody that name.  When I think of 5 Vegas Series 'A', I can almost taste that rich maduro flavor and strength of body that'll set me back on my heels.  I've been struggling with this one though lately, R4.  Luckily it has the Rocky Patel qualifier, otherwise it wouldn't mean anything to me.  So generic, so uninviting, boring.

Took me awhile to pick one up until a few of my faithful readers (Keven and JB) said "Dude, you gotta try the R4, it's got Gonz written all over it."  Ayyt, I'll give it the old college try.  First, and most importantly, it passes the Gonz cheapskate test - $2.40 per stick - excellent.  With the exception of the RP Vintage Seconds, tough to find an economical one in the Rocky Patel line.  So that's nice.  Finally, the darn thing looks nice enough to be smoked - no odd shapes or sizes.  I chewed on the Corojo for a few days before finally sparking it up.  Firm and solid with a nice toothy Corojo wrapper.


Starts off gentle with no corosive flavor, it fills the palate nicely from the get-go, and the firm roll doesn't allow any annoying cheap lighter fumes through (only the best for Gonz of course).   The next 4 inches smoke exactly like the first inch, a soft unintimidating finish but enough "wow, that's nice" to keep you puffing for more.  I get a lot of cedar from this cigar, mellow-to-medium, and chomp-able all day, it stays firm down to the last 2 inches.  The ash is a bit flakey and annoying here at the desk, but the flavor makes it worth it.  I never thought I'd say this, but there's a ginger-y spice (Ginger Spice, wasn't that one of the Spice Girls?) that I get in the aroma of the smoke.  It disappears quickly, but makes my office smell rather nice.

So, after a few 4-5 browbeatings on this cigar, I give it a solid Gonz recommendation.  For the price it's a homerun, for more than an everyday, I'd tend to something a bit stronger.  But while I'm working furiously on the table saw in the garage trying to finish off my basement, it's perfect.  Yum.  I just wish it had a better name, so maybe I'll just call it the Renegade 4 or something.  Yeah, that's better.  RP Renegade 4, I'm sure that'll make it sell better!

Spark'em up,

- Gonz