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Do I look like a guineau-pig? Well, I sure feel like one. This month, I've been given the "pleasure" to try a brand that got messed up. Yes, this thing was destined for the dumpster and it gets put on my desk. Gee thanks!

You can read the story of how we got these by clicking the link above. In short, it's designed to be a Knock-off of the Dominican Montecristo in flavor and appearance. Unfortunately, they goofed (b/c we could really use an alternative to the high-priced Montecristo.) It's a a mixed-filler cigar with a slightly burned CT-shade leaf (that looks like a Sumatra instead), loosely filled, but pretty. Yes, I said pretty. It's not offensive in appearance, the name is offensive - Montecristo "Mistakes". I can't smoke a friggin mistake. With great hesitation, and a mean-ass look from the higher-ups, I look forward to this like I look forward to preparing my tax returns.

I'm trying the torpedo "Mistake" at 6" and about 50 ring. It resembles the Montecristo No. 2 in shape-only. The wrapper is somewhat silky like the Montecristo, but it's too damn dark. It lights up like a torch - keep your arms and legs inside the moving tram, this is going to be quite a ride. The cigar is lit in 2 seconds MAX. Whoah!!! The smoke that bellows from this baby just smoked out my office mate. Sorry Larry - mucho smoko! I wasn't expecting it, my office cube now looks likes a head shop. I could really use a lava lamp to add to the ambience. Anyway, I digress.

The smoke is fulfilling (and a little overwhelming), but quite easy going in flavor. The burn is perfect - dark grey ash that holds surprisingly well for a mixed-filler cigar. The flavor holds its own, but won't knock your socks off. It burns fast and smooth. With the ridiculously low temperatures we've had up here in the Northeast, you can get in and out without freezing your butt off. I warn you, don't light this inside, your wife will flip - I'm not kidding about the smoke. The taste leaves a slight tingle in the back of the tongue. I can't identify it and it's not offensive - it actually adds a bit to the flavor.

I can't emphasize enough how well this thing burns. I only have 1/4 left and it has held very well. Other than the loose-fill, you would never know this is a mixed-filler cigar. It's a shame this was a mistake. We could sell these for $60 or $70 a bundle if it wasn't a "mistake." I need to talk to management, we need to change the name.

I just found out they're selling these for about $30 a bundle. That's a good deal. Since I lost my shirt last week at poker, I'm going to bring a bundle of these, take off the bands, and tell them their Cuban Montecristos. They'll never know the difference. Don't think of this brand as a "Mistake" and you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Oh, how do I summarize thee:
- mucho smoko! Don't smoke this in the house
- silky, Sumatra-looking Connecticut-shade wrapper
- quick smoke
- good theory, bad execution
- well worth a $1.50 per stick