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Ashton VSG

Brandon S

                High praise and an even higher price… That’s one way that the Ashton VSG can be summed up. Another way is high quality and highly enjoyable. I’ve been saving the leftover change from my weekly Taco Bell runs and was able to scrape enough together to swing by our Super Store and pick one of these gems up and the torpedo was my vitola of choice on this particular day. This chunky 6.5”x55 box-pressed cigar features an Ecuadorian Sun Grown wrapper and Dominican-grown binder and long-fillers. The VSG or Virgin Sun Grown is made at Chateau de la Fuente in the Dominican Republic utilizing the high quality control standards that Ashton is known for;

                Ashton may be best known for their Classic series which features silky Connecticut wrappers and a smoother profile…a far departure from the VSG. The pre-light draw reveals some chocolaty nuances which are quite enjoyable. Upon sparking the cigar, the chocolaty nuances still remain a part of the underlying character of the cigar. About an inch in I’m greeted with a spiciness and an intense buttery texture which can be attributed to the perfect Sun Grown wrapper – this particular wrapper hales from a private estate in Ecuador that is owned by the Oliva Tobacco Family (not to be confused with the Oliva Cigar Family).

                Now half-way through and this full-bodied selection is coming into its own. Exhaling through the nose adds another dimension of flavor and strength that nearly causes my eyes to water! Note – almost…I’m a full-bodied, full-flavored cigar fan, and a tear might be brought to the eyes of a weaker man. But not I! Now, I should mention that the VSG isn’t available everywhere – in fact even when you can find a few, chances are they won’t be there for long. With its high ratings and limited production the VSG is one of the most sought after blends among cigar enthusiasts year after year and I know that some of you may suffer from a bout of “sticker shock” when looking to purchase a few of these. Trust me lad, it’s worth it. Go ahead and treat yourself once in a while! Personally I recommend sparking one of these up after a hearty meal comprised of some type of tasty dead animal and maybe a few vegetables – you know, to add some color to the dinner plate. And don’t forget the brown liquor to wash it all down!