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Partagas Black

Brandon S

I must say, it’s been some time since I’ve last enjoyed the wonder that is the Partagas Black and I owe it all to an email I received from Angela who requested that I provide some thoughts on this blend. I think we all have tendency to write reviews on cigars we enjoy on a regular basis so when I received this request to review the Partagas Black, I was all too happy to oblige! For my review I choose to smoke the 6X54 Magnifico size. Generally speaking, I prefer cigars with ample ring gauges to those with thinner rings because the smoke is typically cooler which allows more of the nuances and flavors to present themselves. This is doubly important in my opinion with a cigar that is as full-bodied as the Partagas Black.

As is usual procedure, I scampered into CI’s cavernous humidor and nabbed myself a 5’er of the Magnifico. Arriving back at my desk I opened the bag and pulled all 5 samples to compare them for construction. What I found was pretty typical of many cigars produced by General Cigar. Each stick was solid yet not overfilled and gave slightly with a little pressure from my fingers. I couldn’t find any “knots” that would indicate an issue with the draw so I cut two of them and found both to draw well. I grabbed my trusty torch, lightly toasted the foot and was greeted by a pleasant aroma followed by a slight peppery sensation in my nose. Upon lighting the cigar I found the flavors to be quite smooth and almost buttery in texture. At approximately the one inch mark I noticed a distinct change in the overall character of the cigar. The smooth and buttery texture that was so pronounced in the first few draws gave way to a more robust flavor that was accented by a slightly peppery finish. No doubt this is attributable to the sungrown wrapper and generous helping of Cuban-seed ligero filler! At the half-way mark the cigar has graduated entirely from smooth and buttery to a full-bodied and spicy powerhouse that almost leaves your eyes tearing and your head dizzy with delight! The Partagas Black may not fit the bill for your first smoke of the day but, after a good dinner or accompanied by a stiff drink it has all the makings of a very enjoyable experience. For those of you who slobber all over yourself when you see or hear mention of the fabled and overrated Opus X, I urge you to give the Partagas Black its due diligence. I think the Black is a very comparable alternative and is readily available to you at an affordable everyday price. Sure it may not have a colorful or ornate a band as the Opus but then again, it doesn’t have that ridiculous price tag that accompanies that band either.

Bottom Line – Bang for the buck the Partagas Black will deliver by the truckload. General Cigar has been in the cigar game for a very long time and is a company that prides itself on quality and its ability to produce consistent and well-constructed cigars year after year. As a side note – if you fall in love with the Partagas Black, make sure you try the 5 Vegas Series ‘A’. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed!