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Fonseca Hab. Seleccion

Brandon S
In a word, Fonseca Habana Seleccion can best be described as WOW! Seriously, this cigar easily joins the ranks of the elite few who truly possess all of the characteristics in just the right proportions to elevate a cigar to legendary status. Perhaps I’m being a bit overzealous here but after having smoked well over 100 of these fine cigars in all of their various vitolas, I’m convinced that the Fonseca Habana Seleccion has raised the bar and represents the new benchmark against which other cigars should be judged. Allow me to explain…
If you read my reviews with any kind of regularity (and why shouldn’t you?) you already know that flavor and complexity are two qualities that I look for in a cigar to help make it stand out from the crowd. Sure construction and draw are very important to me but why would I waste your time reviewing some crappola stick that tastes great but turns your face purple as you puff feverishly on that monster-knot of tobacco in the middle? Hey now, I’m just looking out for you that’s all. The bottom line here is that this is a Fonseca. That should say it all right there. But, for those of you who might not be “in the know”, let me drop some knowledge on you… Fonseca has been around a long, long time. The brand traces its roots back to Cuba and soon after the revolution Fonseca made its way to Santiago in the Dominican Republic where it is produced today under the watchful eye and masterful blending talents of Manuel Quesada.
The Habana Seleccion is the newest horse in the Fonseca stable and is blended to be everything that its Cuban counterpart is: bold, spicy, robust in flavor yet not overwhelming and finally, as complex as a cigar could possibly be. My recommendation is to go with the largest cigar that you are comfortable with in this blend. For me, it’s all about the Seleccion #1; a large 7X50 Churchill that allows you to experience the full array of flavors that the Habana Seleccion is capable of delivering. Up front the Habana Seleccion is rich in flavor and medium-bodied. After a few draws the real fun starts as the flavor begins a gradual transition from smooth and woody to spicy and robust at the half-way point. From here on out it’s full-throttle all the way as the cigar gains momentum building strength with each puff. From one draw to the next the Habana Seleccion is constantly delivering new and exciting flavors. For fans of Cuban cigars or for those of you wanting to know what all of the hype is about, look no further! The Habana Seleccion is easily comparable to the Partagas Serie D #4 or even the, dare I say it (GASP!!!) Cohiba Siglo VI in terms of robust flavor and complexity.
What still remains a mystery is how well this cigar will age. I purchased a box immediately after these landed on our dock and I put them away for a 3-4 year nap. I have high hopes to unlock even more potential from this exquisite new release but only time will tell.