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Ashton VSG

The 94-rated beast from Ashton cigars.

Ashton VSG cigars are extremely well-made gems from the Dominican Republic that represent one of the cigar world's most prized non-Cuban cigars. The tobaccos used are exquisite, making each cigar within the line a homerun from start to finish. Taken from the tobacco plant's highest primings, the Ecuadorian sun grown wrapper offers a rich, reddish hue and spicy, chewy flavor. The 4-5 year old Dominican long-fillers are masterfully blended to promote a smooth, but eventful flavor that's hearty and robust. Together, these tobaccos combine to satisfy even the most achieved palates.

In addition to an astounding 94-rating, Ashton VSG was also named one of the Top 25 Cigars of 2013. The review stated, "Strong, oily, flavorful leaf that leaves an impression on the palate. It's one of the benchmark brands for Ashton... hearty flavor with a robust nuttiness and a caramel sweetness for balance."

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Box of 24 + AshtrayIn Stock$454.80
save $180.4840% off
Belicoso #1 (5.2"x52)
Pack of 5Only 3 Left$63.50
save $3.00
Box of 24 + AshtrayIn Stock$447.60
save $179.7640% off
Corona Gorda (5.7"x46)
Pack of 5Only 4 Left$62.00
save $3.00
Box of 24 + AshtrayIn Stock$517.20
save $186.7236% off
Eclipse Tubo (Toro) (6.0"x52)
Pack of 5Only 3 Left$76.50
save $4.005% off
Box of 22 + AshtrayIn Stock$458.00
save $180.8039% off
Enchantment (Perfecto) (4.3"x60)
Pack of 5In Stock$70.00
save $3.505% off
Box of 24 + AshtrayIn Stock$445.20
save $179.5240% off
Illusion (Lonsdale) (6.5"x44)
Pack of 5Only 5 Left$61.50
save $3.00
Box of 20 + AshtrayIn Stock$406.00
save $175.6043% off
Pegasus (round) (Robusto) (5.0"x54)
Pack of 5In Stock$64.00
save $3.00
Box of 24 + AshtrayIn Stock$450.00
save $180.0140% off
Robusto (5.5"x50)
Pack of 5Only 3 Left$62.50
save $3.00
Box of 24 + AshtrayIn Stock$468.00
save $181.8039% off
Sorcerer (Churchill) (7.0"x49)
Pack of 5Backordered$66.25
save $3.25
Box of 24 + AshtrayIn Stock$534.00
save $188.4035% off
Spell Bound (Presidente) (7.5"x54)
Pack of 5Only 5 Left$80.00
save $4.005% off
Box of 24 + AshtrayIn Stock$498.00
save $184.8037% off
Torpedo (6.5"x55)
Pack of 5In Stock$72.50
save $3.50
Box of 24 + AshtrayIn Stock$414.00
save $176.4043% off
Tres Mystique (Corona) (4.3"x44)
Pack of 5In Stock$55.00
save $2.50
Box of 37 + AshtrayIn Stock$708.70
save $205.8729% off
Wizard (Gordo) (6.0"x56)
Pack of 5In Stock$75.50
save $4.005% off
Overall Rating4.84 out of 5 Based on 45 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Ashton VSG”

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5 Star
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5 out of 5
Excellent cigar
5 out of 5
It's a full cigar but so smooth!
5 out of 5
My favorite
Currently my favorite cigar.
5 out of 5
Wonderful stronger cigar that smokes smooth.
Simply a great cigar you never get tired of.
5 out of 5
Smooth and easy
Smooth and easy
5 out of 5
Great and super smooth.
Great and super smooth.
5 out of 5
Great smelling cigar
4 out of 5
Nice but$$$$$$
Strong, but smooth even for a med head.
5 out of 5
Ashton VSG
Great cigars. Had a few already and all were great. The service as always was a 5 start. Cigar International is simply the best.
5 out of 5
Great Great cigars
Can’t ever go wrong with Ashton cigars and these are some of the best
5 out of 5
VSG's are the best!
Been a cigar smoker for 15 years, tried MANY cigars including lots of Cubans but I keep coming back to VSG's. Nice full, strong flavor which just gets better and better. Definitely my favorite cigar
4 out of 5
Good Smoke
Full-bodied, spicy, and smooth throughout, the Ashton VSG Robusto lives up to the marketing hype.
5 out of 5
I love these sticks. To
I love these sticks. To bad they're so expensive.
5 out of 5
Ashton VSG Sorrcer
I recieved the cigars and they were very fresh. I will continue buying my cigars with you.
5 out of 5
Great smoke!
5 out of 5
Always a favorite
Always a favorite
5 out of 5
Special Occasion Cigar
This Ashton VSG Robusto is one of the finest cigars I smoke. Its richness, flavor, wonderful richness and great smoke to the very end make it worth every penny. The price point keeps it out of the everyday cigar range for me ( even with CI's low prices). When the special occasion rolls around out comes the VSG!
5 out of 5
My favorite cigar
The Ashton VSG line is my favorite cigar and the Enchantment size is good for nice hour smoke. It's not too long and burns at a good temp. Highly recommended.
5 out of 5
Ultimate smoking experience
Few cigars are this complex and full bodied ... VSG ... Wizard is in a category all on it's own.. this one takes time and an experienced palate to find all the changes in flavors ...pairs very nicely with a strong Bourbon.
5 out of 5
My favorite 'heavy' cigar. It is very strong, but unlike most other heavy cigars, it tastes GREAT.
This has been my favorite cigar for some time. It has a lots of good flavors without being harsh or nasty, like so many cigars that run "full" flavored can be.
5 out of 5
Ashton VSG Wizard
Fantastic smoke! I was very impressed by the smoothness and clean flavors of the smoke. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who enjoys a premium cigar.
5 out of 5
My Favorite Cigar
I don't generally like a full flavor cigar, but this one has excellent flavor.
5 out of 5
Very good cigar
Tastes and smokes well. It gets super strong towards the end suddenly though.
5 out of 5
A Real Pleaser
As with most of the Ashton line, the VSG is a well constructed cigar and a pleasure to smoke. What makes the VSG standout is the rich full flavors it delivers from one stick to the next. A real pleaser!
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
I really like them I ordered them they sent the wrong ones but a great gar
5 out of 5
A Premium Cigar
The Ashton VSG is one of my ‘go to’ cigars. Always consistent construction, burn and taste. If you like a fairly full bodied smoke at a modest price you should give ‘em a try.
5 out of 5
Great smoke!
they smoke like a dream. great smoke.
5 out of 5
great service
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Exception to the rule
I'm a HUGE fan of full-bodied Nicaraguan cigars. In my rotation you'll find My Father, San Cristobal. Oliva V, Melanio, Padron, Padron 1964, Undercrown, JDN Antano 1970, Man O' War, MOW Ruination, Puro Authentico, and more. You get the picture. Ashton VSG can stand toe-to-toe with any of them. It's my exception to the rule. A Dominican as tasty as any cigar I've had.
5 out of 5
Ashton VSG
I enjoyed the Ashton VSG. It was a very flavorful smoke. A little bolder than my personal favorite. But I would buy again.
5 out of 5
Just What One Expects from Ashton
Rich flavors, superior construction, excellent burn. High end price, but well worth it for an exceptional smoke for a special occasion (or no occasion at all!) High rating by CI and others is well deserved and more than justified. Advice: treat yourself to this rare smoke; you won't be disappointed!
5 out of 5
VSG great cigar
Bought 5 pack.All burned perfect great cigars at a great price. I'll buy again. Jim p
5 out of 5
The Burn
#1 cigar ever. Nothing compares to taste and burn
5 out of 5
Ashton VSG Illusion
One of the BEST cigars I have ever smoked!
5 out of 5
Ashton beauties
My VSG's arrived timely and on perfect condition.
5 out of 5
Great smoke
One of my favorite cigars. Great burn and flavor
5 out of 5
Ashton VSG fan.
I have always enjoyed the aroma of a good cigar. Since birth, it has been in my nature to gravitate towards outstanding tobacco. I am sure I am not alone I. Saying pipe smoke has a certain allure to us all. I have found much pleasure in a fine cigar and enjoy shopping/buying cigars almost as much as smoking them. Through the stress and tribulations of day to day life, cigars are my release and I am thankful. I am a novice brother of the leaf in the most modest sense. I have been blessed with the curse for about 2 years now. Never one to limit my pleasures to a specific stick, as I find my taste is forever changing. What is delicious tonight... Rarely duplicates itself. I am a student to the leaf. One thing I have learned is the VSG is always a solid choice. Rarely do I buy boxes. The Ashton VSG is, and will be, a staple in all humidors I ever own. Bravo Ashton. Great cigar.
5 out of 5
All good!
Great cigars and service
3 out of 5
The CAO's were great as
The CAO's were great as usually. However this is the second time I received Ashton VSG in a 5 pack and 2-3 of the 5 pack smoked very badly. They burnt uneven and with a burn hole in the middle.
5 out of 5
Worth the money.
Just WOW! Best full bodied I have smoked. Burnt my fingers.
5 out of 5
My "goto" smoke
VSG is a great smoke. I have spent allot more, allot less but the VSG is the best. It is, by far, my goto smoke.
5 out of 5
Sometimes you do get what you pay for...
One of my very favorite cigars. Rich creamy goodness from start to finish. I've never had a burn or a draw problem. They are not cheap but they don't taste like it either! BTW how could anyone compare these to an H. Upmann Media Noche!?
2 out of 5
Not worth the price
Not a terrible smoke, but not great either. The Oliva V series or H Uppman Media Noche have much better flavor for far less money.
Customer Testimonials
Just gave the VSG a run earlier tonight. Very impressed with this cigar. Probably the smoothest I can recall having. The smoke is a wonderful and tasty experience that wraps the smoker's palette in the pinnacle of cigar artistry. I puffed on a VSG Torpedo tonight for over three hours and never once sick of the taste or the experience. My only complaint was the smoke was so smooth that it lacked a kick or a buzz I would associate with a full strength cigar. It's not so much a complaint as a false expectation. But I think the VSG may be one my favorite cigars of all time. Definitely a beautiful top end cigar to kick back and enjoy your day with.
RL of Auburn, WA
Bought a handful from a local B&M just to try. They had a nice deal over the weekend. Good cigar; was expecting much more though, based on all the hype and the price tag. There are SEVERAL stogies I would purchase over these for a much better value (Oliva Serie V, RP 15th, AB Prensado, Herrera Esteli just to name a few). If you're into higher priced cigars just stick with Padron 1964/1926 Series; you can't go wrong.
FANTASTIC.....for me, this is in the top 5% of "BEST CIGARS" list. They are a powerhouse of strenth,flavour and an overall well-built cigar. I don't really care about the price of a cigar to rate it. I have smoked some very good cigars that were inexpensive to say the least. This one, of course, is not cheap, but well worth the money. I'm one of those who believes you GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR, well this is a perfect example of that. You will love this cigar if you like a nice full bodied cigar with lots of flavour and I know after it's gone, you will want to light up another...ENJOY
Pricey, but worth it. Great smoke!
SM of Hanover, MD
Ashton VSG Sorcerer.....Huh! Take one of these, Tell everyone around you to piss off and quietly go somewhere quiet and enjoy this. It really requires your attention to truly enjoy this exquisite work of art. This is what dreams are made of. Pay attention to this stick while you go thru all the proper motions in lighting, and enjoying a true piece of craftsmanship. I have enjoyed 5 of these so far....consistency? defintaely! I have had one with coffee, one with huge glass of Old Pultney 21, one with a Drambuie, and 2 with a tall glass of Smart Water with ice and lemon. (I HIGHLY recommend the latter. Quite frankly these would be good with panther piss. They really bring out the best in anything and when you have a cigar like this that simply says "relax,.....i got this, just enjoy" you literally can't do anything but say Thank you for making such a wonderful smoke.
Pretty hard to beat this one,awesome smoke
My goto smoke. It is smooth, peppery and worth the $! Never had anything I like better.
BC of Pauline, SC
The biggest problem I had was letting my VSG go!. The best non-Cuban period!
Ordered a Belicoso 5 pack a few weeks back and after a few days in the box I couldn't wait any longer to try one. The most flavorful cigar I have ever smoked from start to finish. This is a finger burner for sure. I will be pulling the trigger for a box here shortly. These will always have a place in the humi from here on out..
MC of Luling, LA
Fantastic Smoke! You will be hard pressed to find a better smoke for the price....or any price for that matter. This cigar is a must smoke for any cigar enthusiast.
CK of Dublin, GA
This is what a cigar should be.
Hmmm not bad ... It was peppery peppermint paddy however. Found this stick in the torpedo for 6 bucks a stick out in Boston. Great for the price but won't buy it again...
JA of Dryden, NY
Aston incredibly smooth stick. Earth, spice, wood coco, coffee it's all here. It's worth the extra coin.
VB of San Francisco, CA
If a better cigar is made, I haven't found it, the classic case of "you get what you pay for", This baby aint cheap, that's for sure, and I can't buy these by the box, but, Birthdays, New Years, Super Bowl, 4th of July, any special occasion, this is what I go for, I get a sampler every year for Christmas, A buddy told me that the Liga Privada no.9 was similar in character, but only a faint copy, and these are easy to find, at CI or the B&M, of course there you'll pay 12 bucks minimum for the smallest VSG. if you got the cash, and like a medium to full body cigar with plenty of complexity, you will not be disappointed. the thicker the ring gauge the smoother it is, the smaller rings are good, but a little more pepper on the pallet.
JS of Moraine, OH
Simply outstanding! The best cigar I have ever smoked. Nuff said.
ST of Fpo, AP
Having purchased one of these in a smoke shop, I found this to be an outstanding cigar. Had CI have placed one of these in any of their samplers, I would have purchased a box way before now. This is a cigar that has class, flavor, and anything else one looks for in a great smoke. Really; CI, you should offer this in a sampler which would expose more people to how great it is.
DM of Taylor, MI
Really, there is not much to say about these other than WOW! They are one of my favorite smokes, hands down. They are a little hard to find by the box around here as most places make more money off them selling them individually. The draw is always perfect and they are like sitting down with a dark chocolate bar that just draws you in and won't let you go! They are so smooth and tasty! When I smoke these, I feel like I have been taken to Havana for two hours of bliss!
BA of Laguna Hills, CA
This is the consistently best full-bodied cigar of the past 10 years. It's extremely rich and has a very, very long finish. Worth the money!
JS of Fairfax, VT
This is the consistently best full-bodied cigar of the past 10 years. It's extremely rich and has a very, very long finish. Worth the money! My only advice is to buy the smaller sizes. For some reason, they always seem to be better and more full-bodied than the big ones.
JS of Fairfax, VT
I was hooked on VSG's from the moment I first saw the ad that carried the stern warning "Be seated while smoking." That was over 10 years ago. VSG's are the same now as they were then - Sublime. For those that like to get their palate paralyzed with nauseating strength, look elsewhere. I make it a point to grab a handful of VSG's with every trip to the CI superstore.
GT of Philadelphia, PA
I purchased a box of these and they are, of course, wonderful. The only comment that doesn't follow the crowd is that; there are many, many smokes out there just as good at one-third the price. Shop around and try different brands! I don't mean anything negative, it is just true!
CS of Rock Springs, WY
This is what cigars are all about. Back in the day,mid to late nineties VSG along with Padron Anniversario and Opus were the strongest you could legally buy. Today it is a different game you can get stronger but IMHO you can not get the complexity of these cigars. The Ashton VSG is constructed buy the highest standards and the tobacco is properly aged. I just enjoyed the Belicoso and on my palate it is a solid medium stick that exhibits a most enjoyable sweet and complex experience. You can not beat the price when you compare the VSG in a 24 count to other so called boutique cigars that only come in a 20 count. I have been enjoying the VSG along with the aforementioned cigars for the past decade and a half. If you have not tried one do yourself a favor and buy at CI's competitive pricing, you will not be sorry.
WS of Woodhaven, NY
A cigar not for the faint at heart unless your ready to take the plunge into dark flavor. I'm not going to go as far and say not to smoke one if your a newbe, since I've not been smoking cigars for long length of time. However, you might say I have worked my way up into the robust area of the cigar world. Having said that, this just feels right in every area. The smoke brings a feeling of being mellow when you are home alone with no distubance from others. This is a cigar that every lover of the stick should at least try. I'm in agreement with the person who said (in my words); this much like a fine woman that keeps calling you back to her side. Go ahead, don't keep the lady waiting any longer and give her a chance. Just make sure you have time to enjoy every inch of this beauty.
DM of Taylor, MI
This thing is like smoking a chocolate cheescake. The chocolate flavor and smoothness stays with the smoke the entire time. There are hints of spice that pick up every now and then. Easy draw, good burn, consistent build from stick to stick(part of the price), smooth and balanced with plenty of smoke initially. Some say this is a full flavored smoke, I tend to think of this as a med-full, but full of flavor. This is a smoke to enjoy and it's actually a good deal compared to the pricier ESG. At a similar price point, Fuente's Anejo sticks are worth trying, in particular the no.77 aka "the shark" and the no. 55.
GB of Birmingham, AL
VSG always draws me back-luring me in, seducing me and getting me dreaming again. Like a man with a lover he can't quit. I return time and time again. It's femme fatale of a cigar...
AK of West Bloomfield, MI
This is a very good cigar. My brother decided to buy me some for my 40th birthday. He remembered that Ashtons have been my favorite for over a decade now, and the salesman suggested the VSGs. Unlike the regular Ashton this is a very full flavored cigar. It produces a very thick, rich smoke, the flavor is incredible and it lasts a long time. Just beware- it is not for a beginning cigar smoker. It gave me a bit of a nicotine buzz and I've been smoking cigars for nearly 20 years! For my brother (he might smoke 2 or 3 cigars a year), it was enjoyable for about the first half of the cigar, but he got a strong nicotine buzz and even a bit nauseous and put it out with probably a good 20-30 minutes left on the cigar.
JG of Annapolis, MD
I picked up cigar smoking during a recent deployment to Afghanistan. I initialy bought a sampler pack with quite a few different brands and narrowed it down to a few favorites. Upon return home I went to the local cigar shop in search of some new talent here in Honolulu and ran across the Ashton VSG Torpedo. Now, I don't know enough about cigar tasting to give you a Cigar Aficianado explanation of the experience, but I do know this....this cigar hit me immediately from the first draw like no other I have ever smoked. The taste and smell was so good I wanted to eat the cigar. I will forever have a place in my humidor for the Ashton VSG.
NN of Kailua, HI
There's just something about this cigar. It's the most unique and enjoyable smoke I've ever had. I picked it up at a local cigar shop cuz the guy at the desk told me it was his fav and he wasn't kidding. It Blew me away! I just stared at the cigar while smoking it cuz I was speechless
LC of Hampton, VA
I just picked one of these up at the local B&M on a whim [ it looked & smelled great].WOW! So I decide to see what deal CI has ,and ,much to my surprise,the price was similar .This has never happened to me before,as CI usually blows the competition away!With CI forced to limit sales to 5 for each order,needless to say,I'm heading back to buy whats left of the box.Don't worry CI,you'll get most of my Cigar money,as always.
DR of Tecumseh, MI
My #1! Hands down. Questions? IF you have never had these...Do it, do it now! That is all...
BN of Zion, IL
This cigar was a steal, if i would have paid double ,i would have been happy. I wish i was bill gates , so this could be my everyday smoke.
JS of miamisburg, OH
the belicoso is one of my top 3 cigars. whenever i find them available i buy at least 10. there's just something in the VSG that takes me to a place that other cigars don't.
CO of middle east, AE
Ashton VSGs have been my cigar of choice for over three years now. I just smoked an enchantment in the blazing sun of Iraq and it was still the best smoke around. If they let me buy a box I would. If you want a truly great smoking cigar try the Ashton VSGs.
KD of COB Basra Iraq, AE
You got to be kidding so far every ( Ashton VSG ) me or any of my friends smoked always get the same response "WOW" what the F#$*@K was that. These are truly the finest cigars on planet Earth. If you think im foolin I dare you to try just one maybe two or three or as many as your walet can take. Nuff said
G of PSimi Valley, CA
The Ashton VSG name is synonomous with some of the most most regal smokes out there. Cartainly the Virgin Sun Grown series is top of that stable. The Sorcerer has made my cabinet and is simply one of the finest cigars you can smoke. It is so unique... the draw is smooth and consisent. With a buttery, nutty, silky smooth taste... with spice notes to a sweetly leathery finish; it is a world class stick all by itself. Be careful once you get bit by this girl... she'll bleed ya' My rate this stick: 95
C of SSouthern, CA

Ashton VSG

Brandon S

                High praise and an even higher price… That’s one way that the Ashton VSG can be summed up. Another way is high quality and highly enjoyable. I’ve been saving the leftover change from my weekly Taco Bell runs and was able to scrape enough together to swing by our Super Store and pick one of these gems up and the torpedo was my vitola of choice on this particular day. This chunky 6.5”x55 box-pressed cigar features an Ecuadorian Sun Grown wrapper and Dominican-grown binder and long-fillers. The VSG or Virgin Sun Grown is made at Chateau de la Fuente in the Dominican Republic utilizing the high quality control standards that Ashton is known for;

                Ashton may be best known for their Classic series which features silky Connecticut wrappers and a smoother profile…a far departure from the VSG. The pre-light draw reveals some chocolaty nuances which are quite enjoyable. Upon sparking the cigar, the chocolaty nuances still remain a part of the underlying character of the cigar. About an inch in I’m greeted with a spiciness and an intense buttery texture which can be attributed to the perfect Sun Grown wrapper – this particular wrapper hales from a private estate in Ecuador that is owned by the Oliva Tobacco Family (not to be confused with the Oliva Cigar Family).

                Now half-way through and this full-bodied selection is coming into its own. Exhaling through the nose adds another dimension of flavor and strength that nearly causes my eyes to water! Note – almost…I’m a full-bodied, full-flavored cigar fan, and a tear might be brought to the eyes of a weaker man. But not I! Now, I should mention that the VSG isn’t available everywhere – in fact even when you can find a few, chances are they won’t be there for long. With its high ratings and limited production the VSG is one of the most sought after blends among cigar enthusiasts year after year and I know that some of you may suffer from a bout of “sticker shock” when looking to purchase a few of these. Trust me lad, it’s worth it. Go ahead and treat yourself once in a while! Personally I recommend sparking one of these up after a hearty meal comprised of some type of tasty dead animal and maybe a few vegetables – you know, to add some color to the dinner plate. And don’t forget the brown liquor to wash it all down!

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