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La Gloria Cubana Serie ‘R’ #5 Maduro

Brandon S
A couple of days ago Steve-O and I received an email from a customer requesting a review/ score on the La Gloria Serie R. First off let me just say “Thank You!” to Chris S. for taking time out of his day to shoot us an email! I love getting feedback from you guys and just discussing cigars in general. The fact that our reviews help you to decide which cigars might be worth your hard-earned cash is a great feeling!

So Chris, I pulled a 5-pack of my size of choice, the LGC Serie R #5 Maduro and got started with my note taking to produce the following review just for you my friend…

I think it goes without saying that the entire La Gloria Cubana line has become a staple in the cigar industry. It has been around for years and has garnered a reputation as being a consistent and reliable smoke year after year. Truth be told, I haven’t had an LGC in quite some time. My desk is typically piled high with new cigars and samples of cigars from factories and manufacturers looking for feedback on prototypes of new smokes destined eventually for full-scale production. I know, I know, I have a rough job!!

Upon pulling the first of the 5 cigars I purchased for this review, the very first thing I noticed was a wrapper that was both lighter than what I have come to expect from El Credito as well as much more veiney than what I remember. I shrugged it off and went to town first cutting the cigar with a guillotine followed by a torch to the foot and I was off and running. The first few puffs brought me back to the heady days of wandering into the CI retail store where I would stand in awe at the incredible variety of cigars to choose from. Although the smoke produced were not of the voluminous clouds I ordinarily like to see emanating from my mouth, the flavor was distinctly rich and slightly sweet. Truly indicative of a naturally fermented Maduro wrapper! A third of the way into this big boy and the burn went a bit awry with one side burning a little faster than the other which unquestionably impacted both the flavor and temperature of the smoke produced. One other note is that the strength isn’t what I remember it being. There was a time when an LGC would give me cause to have a seat but certainly not this time. Reflecting back and smoking an Edge Maduro as I write this review, I believe the reason for this is the recent trend towards “super-strong” cigars. What once was full-bodied now feels more like medium to full or perhaps just medium bodied.

The Bottom Line:

While there’s no doubt that La Gloria Cubana is a solid “go-to” cigar I think that the cost is somewhat prohibitive and the flavor a little, dare I say, boring. For this kind of cash I would suggest a little experimentation. Newer cigars like the Triple Ligero and Edge Maduro have enough body to put you to sleep for an entire day. Good stuff!