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Diesel VS. Tatuaje Havana VI

Brandon S

By popular demand I’m switching up my normal mantra of reviewing a cigar and giving it my personal rating…for this round I’ve decided to review 2 CIGARS! That’s right gents…side by side comparison of two truly boutique blends – The Diesel Unholy Cocktail vs. Tatuaje Havana VI. Both of these blends have received high praise from consumers since they hit the market and well, I’m gonna see how they stack up against each other…mano y mano – or I guess it would be cigaro y cigaro.

First, I’ll select the vitolas for this matchup:

DIESEL – No brain power necessary for this one. Only comes in one size, dubbed the Unholy Cocktail – it’s a stout 5x56 belicoso that comes packed in a box of 30.

HAVANA VI – This selection took some consideration. There are 2 sizes that share similarities to the Diesel Unholy Cocktail. There’s the Gorditos - a 5.5x56 standard parejo that’s slightly longer with the same ring gauge OR, the Artistas - a 6.25x52 Torpedo that shares the same shape as the Diesel. Hmmm…I’m going to go with the Gorditos.

                Next, the wrapper and the blends:

DIESEL – Blended by Abdel Fernandez in Nicaragua, the Diesel is constructed with top-notch Nicaraguan long-fillers and finished with a gorgeous Pennsylvania Broadleaf Maduro wrapper. Once only utilized as a binder or for filler tobaccos, the PA Broadleaf is becoming increasingly popular among manufacturers for use as a wrapper. It yields a spicy yet sweet character that true maduro wrappers are known for and an extra layer of power to boot.

HAVANA VI – Tatuaje’s Havana VI is a Nicaraguan Puro meaning that the entire cigar is made from tobacco grown in Nicaragua. It utilizes a Nicaraguan Corojo 99 wrapper and is manufactured by Pepin Garcia in his shiny new Nicaraguan factory.

                Third, the flavor and body:

DIESEL – I’ll admit, I’ve burned literally dozens of these since they were released, and every time I am greeted with a medium-full bodied experience that is nothing short of uber-complex. There is a spiciness on the front of the palate and a nice peppery yet sweet finish that keeps me coming back for more. As the cigar develops it tops out with one heck of a full-bodied crescendo.

HAVANA VI – I’ve had a few of these in my time in various shapes and sizes. The Nicaraguan tobaccos really shine through on this blend giving it the trademark Cuban-esque flavor that Pepin has come to be known for.

                And Finally – Price:

DIESEL – Pricing for this cigar goes above and beyond the call of duty in my opinion. Available for around $3 per stick…the price of a cup of coffee at your swankier joints – it’s a no-brainer to at least test a few out.

HAVANA VI – This line is a little more ‘spensive than the Diesel. Suggested retail on the particular vitola for this review is $7.50. But, looking at the other cigars that Tatuaje offers I guess the Havana VI would be considered their “budget” line.

                To cap off this review, I must say that looking at these two truly Boutique blends, you can’t go wrong with either of them. But when it comes down to it, I’m tilting my hand in favor of the Diesel Unholy Cocktail. Is it price? Maybe...  After burning through a 5-pack of each for this review I find the Unholy Cocktail to be a more unique and enjoyable experience and the Havana VI to be similar to cigars that you can find at a lower price point. Now I may get chastised for that last sentence since Tatuaje has a die-hard following that would likely view my opinion as blasphemy but I’m not saying that the Havana VI is a bad blend at all. I’ve enjoyed every one that I’ve had. All I’m saying is I liked the Diesel a little more…that’s all!!!