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Torano Exodus 1959

Brandon S

Boy Howdy! If it could ever be possible to infuse a chocolate bar into a few leaves of tobacco and roll it into a cigar, it would unquestionably be called a Torano Exodus 1959! Now don’t get me wrong here because I’m not saying that this is a flavored smoke in any way. Instead, what I’m trying to get across to you without actually handing you one is the fact that this cigar truly has something unique to offer.

Take one from the box and the first thing you will notice is the chocolate-brown Habana-2000 wrapper which, upon close inspection hints at the care and quality poured into the creation of each cigar. Generally speaking, a cigar laden with bumps and veins is not particularly appealing and often leads to soft spots that ultimately promote a poor burn. However, you’ll find none of that here...from cigar to cigar and from box to box each Exodus 1959 is as smooth and soft as a piece of fine silk. Underneath these gorgeous and oily Habana-2000 wrappers lies an unparalleled blend of tobaccos from five (count’em…5!!!) countries. Farms from the Dominican Republic, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua and Costa-Rica all contribute long-filler tobacco to the Exodus blend and when combined yield an amazingly complex yet smooth and rich flavor. Toast the foot and fire one up and you will first notice the rich and earthy flavor accompanied by a subtle chocolate-like note. Continue on and the complexity afforded by the five-country filler blend becomes more and more evident as the flavors change from subtle and rich to slightly spicy with creamy undertones. The chocolate nuances are now more pronounced and, as with all Torano products, the burn and draw are impeccable. Simply put, the list of factories with the ability to produce cigars this consistent in both flavor and construction year after year is very short. What’s infinitely more mind-boggling is the fact that a cigar like this can be had everyday without breaking your wallet. At less than $4 each Torano proves that you can have your cake and eat it too!

Truly an excellent value for the dollar, the Torano 1959 brings you quality, complexity and a robust array of flavors at a price that makes it a top candidate for an “everyday” smoke. My personal advice is to kick back and light one up, let it burn for an inch or so to acclimate your palate to the flavors and then set yourself up with a strong double-espresso for a cigar-smoking experience like none other. Trust me on this one, you won’t be disappointed!