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  • A Padron that won't break the bank.

    Chris H.
    I will openly admit right off the bat that I am addicted to Padron cigars. I smoke at least 1-2 per week and even then, it is not enough. The construction, the history, the burn, the flavors, I can go on and on about why I love all types of Padron cigars! But today, I am here to talk about the Padron Series 5000 in natural. This is considered their “entry level” or mainline cigar without the …
  • Better Late Than Never...

    Chris H.
    Before I get started, I already know what you’re thinking: “Davidoff? Why Davidoff?” Well, I am here to say “Why not Davidoff?” I will be the first to openly admit that for years, I was that person that stuck my nose up at the Davidoff line of cigars. Whether it was because I heard from others that you either “love them or hate them”, or that they were pricy, or that they are just not that …