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  • Despierta y huele las rosas!

    Jacob J.
    (Wake up & Smell the Roses!)Most people don’t start their day with a powerhouse cigar. But it’s February in Pennsylvania, and while the weather has been all over the place lately precipitation-wise, there’s one thing it’s been steadily, and that’s cold. Sure, it might not be below freezing every day, but cold is cold, right? And when I’m shivering on my way to the office, I generally lean …
  • The 10th Year's the Charm

    Jacob J.
    Sadistic satisfaction for the serious stogie chomper.Look, I’ll be honest. I love tobacco. I smoke pretty much constantly from when I wake up to when I go to bed, and I like to follow the great Mark Twain’s advice when it comes to cigars: “Eating and sleeping are the only activities that should be allowed to interrupt a man's enjoyment of his cigar”. If it’s waking hours in Pennsylvania, you can …
  • Tetens Has a Whole New Bag of Tricks!

    Jacob J.
    I don’t have a very specific taste in cigars. My mantra is ‘smoke what you like, like what you smoke’, and I have very rarely met a cigar I couldn’t enjoy. The only cigars I’ll pass up if there’s nothing else available are sticks that are too heavily sweetened, with a sugary cap. There’s nothing inherently wrong with these sticks, and I’m definitely not the kind of guy to say they’re not real …
  • Jacob reviews his Ladder

    Jacob J.
    CigarFest 2019 was a great weekend for me. I had just moved to Pennsylvania from Arizona to start at Cigars International a month or so before, and it was the perfect way to get to know a lot of my coworkers. Sure, maybe I got to know a few of them a little too well, but it was mostly a fantastic time for us, the vendors, the customers, and I suspect even some of the resort staff witnessing the …
  • There's a New Flame in Town

    Jacob J.
    There are a lot of torch lighters on the market. I probably have a different model torch in every drawer in my house, but yet, it seems like every day there’s a new design hitting the market. I can probably name a few dozen different models of lighters off the top of my head, but they all do exactly the same thing - light a cigar. Now I’m a guy who likes the next new thing, but I also try to stay …