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  • A Padron that won't break the bank.

    Chris H.
    I will openly admit right off the bat that I am addicted to Padron cigars. I smoke at least 1-2 per week and even then, it is not enough. The construction, the history, the burn, the flavors, I can go on and on about why I love all types of Padron cigars! But today, I am here to talk about the Padron Series 5000 in natural. This is considered their “entry level” or mainline cigar without the …
  • Bobby B Assured - This is a good cigar.

    Bobby B.
    AJ...AJ...AJ...that's all you hear about anymore!!!That, my friends, is for a very good reason. Abdel Fernandez has been pumping out top flight cigars for over a decade now. How does he do it you ask?? Passion, discipline, and great tobacco. Introducing Ramon Allones Special Selection, Ometepe...Jalapa...Estelí Fillers, hugged by a Nicaraguan binder, all dressed up in a beautifully smooth …
  • Better Late Than Never...

    Chris H.
    Before I get started, I already know what you’re thinking: “Davidoff? Why Davidoff?” Well, I am here to say “Why not Davidoff?” I will be the first to openly admit that for years, I was that person that stuck my nose up at the Davidoff line of cigars. Whether it was because I heard from others that you either “love them or hate them”, or that they were pricy, or that they are just not that …
  • Invasive Species Welcomed

    Scott W.
    Not too long ago, there was buzz about a little company in the cigar industry called Southern Draw. In a very short period of time, Southern Draw has become a name that we now get asked about frequently. Throw in the fact that none other than AJ Fernandez makes the Southern Draw product line, and you will begin to get an idea of why this US Veteran owned and operated company has the buzz that it …
  • Breaker One-Nine, Diesel comin’ through

    Richard M.
    Diesel Estelí Puro Toro 6x54Burn Time: 2 hours (slow smoked due to the strength)“Breaker-breaker-one-nine, this here’s the CigarMagician coming at ya from the information superhighway, haulin’ another load of cigar knowledge straight to yer’ front door good buddy.” [Translation: Listen up friends, Rich here from the internet with another cigar review directly to you]. “So slide into your …