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CI Smart Sensor

Chase M.

The CI Smart Sensor is a new product here at CI that we’re super excited about. I’ve been testing the device for a few months now, and here’s what I’ve learned. 

The good:

  1.  Pairing the device to the mobile app is about as easy as it gets. Once you have the app downloaded, you simply place the device on top of your phone, and it connects in no time. 
  2.  My device's humidity readings were both spot on out of the box. I salt-tested both and they were right on the money. I’d still recommend checking yours, but for me, no recalibration was needed. 
  3.  The smart sensor is great for monitoring multiple humidors. Personally, I have two. A smaller desktop that I frequent, and a big cooler to store boxes for longer term. From the App, I can see both in one place without lifting a lid. In the past, I’d often let the humidor I don’t use as much hover on the dry side out of laziness. Now my phone won’t let me forget when to rip open a new Boveda.
  4.  The app is super simple. It reads humidity and temperature and tracks it over time on a chart for you. You can also set your preferred humidity levels, and only get notifications when the humidor ventures outside. I personally keep a range between 65% and 71%.
  5.  You can pick your preferred Boveda Packets and reorder them with the click of a button. 
  6.  There’s also a shop section within the app to browse the full CI website, if you’re into that sorta thing 😊.

The not-so-good:

  1.  When I first got pitched on this device, I assumed I would be able to monitor my humidor from work or when traveling. That’s not the case. Since it works via Bluetooth, you only get updated data when you are within range (in your house). Theoretically, you could buy an iPad to keep next to the humidor to get the readings and check them from your phone, but that turns a $40 hygrometer into a much bigger investment.  
  2.  That’s it. 

All in all, it's an awesome device and I think well worth the $40 price. Before I got them, I didn’t know I needed a mobile app to monitor my cigars. Now that I do, I’ve become a humidification nerd and my cigars have never been in better shape.