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  • A Classic for a rainy day

    Chase M.
    The La Perla Habana brand has been around for a long time, I believe first getting into the game during the cigar boom of the 90s. Initially, they got a lot of love, with some high ratings from the critics, but it’s been a while since they’ve been in any cigar industry headlines. To be honest with you, my experiences with this brand have been few and far in between. But on a rainy day sifting …
  • Welcome Back Nestor!

    Chase M.
    Nestor Reserve Maduro is a true undercover gem. These things showed up on our docks a couple months back and the boss man said they used to sell like hot cakes, and they’re now back in production. I took a risk and fired off an email to the lovely CI Nation…crickets. I guess you all forgot. So here I am putting my name behind them. There are definitely some solid contenders out there for …
  • Ash Down, HERFs Up!

    Chase M.
    Here’s the story of the best ashtray I’ve ever owned. The HERF Signature astray. What is it? A place to ash your cigars. A hunk of metal. A small weapon. All of these apply. I got a sample about six months ago and have been using it ever since. Here’s how it’s going.Initially I was a little skeptical. The pitch I received was sort of like this: “Here’s a new ashtray we are going to carry. …
  • All day, Every day, Ave

    Chase M.
    All day, Every day, AveEveryone knows AJ by now, but most people associate him with his full-bodied Nicaraguan blends. Immaculata shows he’s just as capable at crafting a gentler cigar. Before I divulge into the cigar, let me tell you why I chose to review this cigar – Every year, CI sends a group of its “greener” employees (guilty) to Nicaragua to tour the farms, the factories, do some taste …
  • 2006 - The Year of Corojo

    Chase M.
    This holiday season brought many joys my way. The family finally accepted that I’d prefer a bottle of booze over new undies, my Grandmother gave me my annual jar of pickles, and on the work front, I was gifted a plethora of dynamite sticks (who ever said giving was better than receiving?). Take that last comment how you will, all I know is my humidor is now filled to the brim and raring for …