HUMI-CARE: the once and done humidification option. HUMI-CARE is the industry leading brand for any and all humidification accessories, and there's no one you should entrust your precious stash with more than the HUMI-CARE crew. With a wide variety of problem-solving accessories available, and a reliable quality and consistency, HUMI-CARE should be your one-stop-shop for any thing your humidor needs. 

Humidification (13)

HUMI-CARE Bead Gel Humidification
HUMI-CARE Bead Gel Humidification3 Options4.62 out of 5Ratings510 As low as $5.99 
HUMI-CARE Black Ice Humidification
HUMI-CARE Black Ice Humidification2 Options4.55 out of 5Ratings332 As low as $13.50 
HUMI-CARE Cigar Juice Humidification
HUMI-CARE Cigar Juice2 Options4.86 out of 5Ratings303 As low as $7.99 
HUMI-CARE EH Plus Electronic Humidifier Humidification
HUMI-CARE EH Plus Electronic Humidifier2 Options4.6 out of 5Ratings35 As low as $7.99 
HUMI-CARE EH Plus Electronic Humidifier Fan Kit Humidification
HUMI-CARE EH Plus Electronic Humidifier Fan Kit1 Option4.74 out of 5Ratings19 $10.99 
HUMI-CARE EH Plus Water Cartridge Refill  Humidification
Humi-Care EH Plus Electronic Humidifier Refill Cartridge1 Option5 out of 5Ratings7 $10.99 
HUMI-CARE HX10 Crystal Gel Rectangle Humidifier Humidification
HUMI-CARE HX10 Crystal Gel Rectangle Humidifier1 Option4.39 out of 5Ratings197 $14.99 
HUMI-CARE Portable Humidification Pillows
HUMI-CARE Portable Humidification Pillows1 Option4.71 out of 5Ratings191 $12.50 
HUMI-CARE Power Stick Humidifier Humidification
HUMI-CARE Power Stick Humidifier1 Option4.44 out of 5Ratings161 $8.99 
HUMI-CARE Seasoning Wipes Humidification
HUMI-CARE Seasoning Wipes2 Options4.62 out of 5Ratings108 As low as $2.99 
HUMI-CARE Slimline Humidifier Humidification
HUMI-CARE Slimline Humidifier1 Option4.58 out of 5Ratings77 $9.99 
HUMI-CARE Turbo by Cigar Oasis Humidification
HUMI-CARE Turbo by Cigar Oasis1 Option4.87 out of 5Ratings15 $99.99 
HUMI-CARE XG1000 Pro Humidifier Humidification
HUMI-CARE XG1000 Pro Humidifier1 Option4.26 out of 5Ratings27 $149.99 

Hygrometers (3)

HUMI-CARE Black Ice Round Digital Hygrometer
HUMI-CARE Black Ice Round Digital Hygrometer1 Option4.51 out of 5Ratings101 $19.99 
HUMI-CARE Blue Round Digital Hygrometer
HUMI-CARE Blue Round Digital Hygrometer1 Option4.71 out of 5Ratings55 $19.99 
HUMI-CARE Rectangle Digital Hygrometer
HUMI-CARE Rectangle Digital Hygrometer1 Option4.53 out of 5Ratings96 $22.50 

Travel Cases (1)

Herf-a-Dor Travel Humidor Travel Cases
Herf-a-Dor Travel Humidor5 Options4.71 out of 5Ratings1151 As low as $18.50