HUMI-CARE EH Plus Electronic Humidifier Humidification
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HUMI-CARE EH Plus Electronic Humidifier

Set it and forget it!

The HUMI-CARE EH Plus Electronic Humidifier is the most effective electronic humidifier available. It is fully prepared to properly regulate the humidity inside cabinet or commercial humidors up to 8 cubic feet in size. Better still, it is fully adjustable to cover your needs, if your cigar storage space is of a lesser size. The large LED display provides an accurate relative humidity reading every 30 seconds for increased assurance that your cigars are being properly cared for. Additionally, both an audible and visual ’low water’ indicator alerts you when the cartridge is low. But don’t worry, it’ll be a little while before you hear or see this alert (you can refill the cartridge a few times before needing a new one anyway). When that happens, spare cartridges can be picked up here at CI to keep your HUMI-CARE EH Plus running at optimum capacity.

The HUMI-CARE EH Plus offers flexibility and simplicity in one hassle-free unit. It can be used in a smaller 200 capacity humidors or a larger, cabinet style humidor. This unit is a no-brainer - the best on the market at a superior price. Compare to similar models that cost $100+.

Features include:
- Humidify up to 8 cubic feet
- Great for 200-300 capacity humidors
- Fully adjustable
- Accurate reading every 30 seconds
- Large LED for easy reading
- Audible and visual low water indicator
- External fan ports
- Dimensions: 6" x 2" x 3.4"

Cartridge ships empty. Use distilled water only.

Pick up the additional fan kit (purchased separately), giving you the ability to hook up several exterior fans (also purchased separately) for superior moisture control.

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HUMI-CARE EH Plus Electronic Humidifier
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Overall Rating4.64 out of 5 Based on 44 Ratings

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5 out of 5
Works just like the the
Works just like the the old I replaced
5 out of 5
Humi-care EH
I've been waiting for this for a long time. I love it. No guesswork about the right humidity an 3 or more weeks between refills.
5 out of 5
Works great to move the
Works great to move the air in my humidor. It was simple to add to the Humi-Care external fan unit as the 2nd fan.
4 out of 5
The unit has been installed
The unit has been installed for a few weeks now and everything is to operating as expected.
5 out of 5
Keeping my babies comfortable
I have a three tier cabinet humidor with a Humicare Plus humidifier. The lower level cigars were always fresh and well humidified, but the top two tiers were a little drier. I added a two fan kit to my Humicare Plus unit. Now, all three levels are reading 70-72% humidity on a consistent basis. All of my cigar babies are happy.
5 out of 5
Easy to use and works great
4 out of 5
I am happy with the unit and how well it is maintaining my 7 cu ft cabinet. Surprised by how often it cycles on and by how audible it is. Can’t really call it noisy, but can definitely hear it when it is running.
5 out of 5
After finally purchasing the entire
After finally purchasing the entire humidifier it's been great in my humidor, but I have parts of this humidor that were sent I can't even use due to being sent the wrong parts and glued down...
5 out of 5
So far so good
Its been great I got 2
5 out of 5
The lighted digital display is
The lighted digital display is a great feature.
5 out of 5
Replacement for one that finally gave up
I bought this to replace a MUCH older version of the same humidifier. The fan finally gave up. This one works better and best of all it fits in my small humidor.
4 out of 5
Works well. Just what I needed
I bought a 300 count humidor and wanted something I could set and forget for a while. The Humid-Care EH Plus fills that need. It's quiet and easy to use. I took one star away only because of the instructions. Not the greatest and I'm pretty technologically competent. I think the main thing to getting the humidor to the stay at the correct percentage is to season well, or use this device for a couple of weeks at a higher setting. I seasoned my humidor but I still needed two weeks of this device in my humidor to settle down to a consistent 70%. I am able to put several boxes of my favorite cigars in it with plenty of room for the Humid-Care EH Plus.
5 out of 5
I love it
I love it
5 out of 5
great humidifier buy it you will love it
has been in my 350 count humidor for over 5 years now and still works perfectly love this humidifier..
4 out of 5
my review
simple to understand; easy to use. I am pleased with this one.
5 out of 5
Keeps humidity at desired levels
Keeps humidity at desired levels
5 out of 5
Works well in my humidor
Works well in my humidor and easy to maintain
4 out of 5
Be patient
It is quite a time saver. With the audable alert to warn you of low water, you won't have to keep opening your humidor to check. The patient part is it takes awhile for it to settle out. Took almost 2 weeks for me. I thought it was defective. The instructions are very plain with no trouble shooting. You really need to dump any excess water or you will get a false low water and the alarm will sound every few hours. That can be annoying in the middle of the night. Once I figured that out it holds steady and works like a charm.
5 out of 5
Excellent Humidifier
Not much to write about. It works it’s accurate and when it needs Distilled water an alarm goes off. It’s a cigar smokers just about perfect humidity device. Depending on how many times you open your Humidor the water lasts a long time before refills.
5 out of 5
Great little Machine
This machine is absolutely great,,,ever since I received it,,,,it has been working great,,,my humidor has been maintaining a perfect 70% and 70 degrees,,,,I really like that it's wired up,,,, trust me,,if you have a 300 count humi,,,this is the perfect humidifier,,,for the money,,,it can't be beat
5 out of 5
Only a month but worry
Only a month but worry free so far
5 out of 5
Humi-care electronic humidifier
Works great!
5 out of 5
Great buy
it took 10mins to get my 150 cigar humidifier to 70. It works great and I wish I got it sooner.
5 out of 5
Great for fridgidor
I bought this to humidify a wine fridge humidor, and it does the job perfectly inside an 8 cubic foot space. I've had no issues with the unit, it runs quietly and needs to be filled about once a week here in eastern Colorado due to the very low air humidity. The cable is so thin that there is no gap, and on the external fridge surface it was simple to cover it up with electrical tape to prevent it from even the risk of a snag. I may add more fans to it in the future, but right now it's doing a great job on it's own.
5 out of 5
Everything is good!
Everything is good!
1 out of 5
Very inacurrate. Reads 35% higher than it should so it never turns on.
Only worked for a few months. I noticed the humidity readout seamed pretty high and kept creeping higher. Then winter set in and the dry air and it still says 82% so I put in my backup hygrometer and it's actually only 50% humidity. It's off by about 35% relative humidity. I ordered another unit today and will see it this one works better. If this doesn't work it will be my last.
5 out of 5
Electric Humidifier
Excellent, replaced one that I had for many years. Really like the built in alarm that it now has to let you know when to refill resivor.
5 out of 5
Humi-Care EH Plus Humidifier
Excellent product that I highly recommend.
4 out of 5
Really like this product, fits well in the humidor, easy to setup and it is working great. Thanks
5 out of 5
Humi-Care EH Plus Electronic Humidifier
Excellent Buy!!! Easy to set up and has maintained the humidity perfectly at 68%.
5 out of 5
fantastic device works as promised
This was my first choice as I am new to the cigar world I checked ever option and for my budget this is perfect I wanted to for go passive devices but I felt cigar Lisa's was out of my league for a beginner
5 out of 5
Humicare Humidifier.
It works great. Maintains the set humidity. I am waiting for the extra fan which is back ordered. I think this will make it better if that's possible.
5 out of 5
Perfect humidifier. Saved my cigars!!!
5 out of 5
Great little humidifier
The first EH Plus I ordered had an issue with the water chamber alarm going off every three hours. CI sent me a new one and it works great. It keeps the humidity within .01% and is quiet. I highly recommend it.
4 out of 5
EH Electronic Humidifier
This unit is exactly what I needed for my larger humidor. It maintains 72* consistently, is silent and the refill lasts for weeks. Only down side is the cable that powers the unit needs to come in from the back side so the display is facing the front in my humidor...
4 out of 5
not bad
If your humidor is larger than 2 cubic feet go ahead and get the fan kit with two fans put humidifier on top shelf one fan in middle one on bottom to circulate air back up works great
1 out of 5
Small fans
What a surprise to see how small this fans are. Guess if international would describe the product better. I would have notice that they are small fans.
5 out of 5
HC EH + reviewD after 30 days
The HUMICARE EH PLUS IS A GREAT DEVICE. I have been running it for almost a month now. Wanted to review it after some time. So set up is easy, quick, no HUSS OR FUSS 5/5! It is as it claims. U know the old sales tactic of no calibration needed ready to go out of the Box. How often have u heard that and it's been true?! In this case it is. Out of the box after set-up it had my NEWAIR WINEADOR AT 69% in less then5 min. my WINEADOR would never go over 65%. Could be cause is crammed full. After setting up the EH PLUS WITH 2 additional fans all 3 of my hygrometers were reading 69. Better the boveda packs. Finally my nightmares of dry OPUSX's and PADRON ANNIVERSARY STICKS HAVE CEASED.
5 out of 5
Great service! Very kind on
Great service! Very kind on the phone and responsive
5 out of 5
Great add on
With this fan it moves around ur air in humidor must have in larger humidors
5 out of 5
Works very well. 6 weeks without a refill so far. Most Products are not made to last more than a year, will have to wait and see. But it is constructed soundly and the Fan Port works excellent. The Knob that micro adjusts the Humidity should be describe as the Plus not the size. 6 months from now will make another review. Give it five starz new.
5 out of 5
Humi care
This is for my husbands cigar box, he loves it to death
5 out of 5
Humi care eh plus
Works great. Had a different brand prior to this, which cost more, but yours works just as well for less...and quieter too. CI does it again
5 out of 5
Great sticks
Love the Diesel cigars.
Customer Testimonials
Excellent and user friendly. A quality fan and very quiet.
EW of Virginia Beach, VA
I bought this after the purchase of my wine-a-dor, along with 1 fan kit and extra fan. Very quiet and working great; very happy the digital display is very easy to read since it is a bright red color.
DC of Cameron Park, CA
I have only had it about 2 weeks but so far it is doing a good job. I have it in a 100 count humidor and seems to be doing fine. After about 2 weeks of running, I checked it last night and tried to add more distilled water. It took very little, so I have a feeling it will turn out to be very low maintenance. If it keeps running this smooth, I will end up buying another for each of my humidors. Thanks C.I.
CH of manhattan, KS
Works OK, BUT, and it's a big but. When it's running it's very good at keeping the humidity spot on. However for some reason if the power goes out the unit won't restart by itself. You have manually hit the power-switch. This happens even with a brownout so I have to keep checking the thing is on.
KM of Winchester, VA
Great product by itself - with that said - order the Fan kit with two extra fans if you are using a large size humidor. Extra fans provide even distribution of humidity through out.
PB of High Springs, FL
This a great unit and really works well in cabinets that do not have internal power outlets. However if you have a humidor with an internal outlet the power supply will heat up the inside of the humidor over time. I turned my outlet around to the outside and made a small hole for the cord.
BC of Owensville, MO
Works well, but makes a terrible VERY LOUD humming noise.
Best money I have spent on cigar related purchases, by far! Saturate the sponge with distilled water, drain off the excess and return to the humidor. Using this in a Diablo II humidor with 140+ cigars, recovery time is quick! I don't feel so bad peeking at my cigars knowing the RH will be right back where it needs to be in no time. I used this to season the humidor as well. Set at 70.0% RH and using a digital hygrometer calibrated with a Boveda one-step calibration pack, the RH is always 69-70%. The only downside is the ribbon cable supplying power needs to be longer. I secured the ribbon cable with some double sided tape and folded the ribbon cable in 90 degree bends to route around the piano hinge in the middle of the humidor and the cable was *JUST* long enough, although the Humi-Care EH Plus has to sit in the middle backwards. Although I don't have this issue where I store my humidor, this unit will not remove excess humidity. Maybe use in conjunction with some beads. Stop fighting to control the RH in your humidor and pick up the Humi-Care EH Plus Electronic Humidifier!
JJ of Houston, OH
The Humi-Care EH Plus has been working excellent since installed. Very simple and easy process to have this up and running. I have the Havana Foot Locker humidor and while its keeping RH perfect, the cable wasn't long enough to reach the bottom of the humidor....
Well I have nothing but great things to say about this. I live in so-cali with the AC never on, so I bought a 12 bottle wine cooler and this humidifier for my humidor and boxes of cigars for in the future. I have the wine cooler set to 66 and I calibrated my digital hygro. So I placed the hygro at the top of the wine cooler and filled up the water cartridge up with distilled water. I let it sit in there for a hour and I came back and the hygro read 66F/70%. Its really quiet too! And humidity sinks so that's why I put the hygro at the top and even at the top of the cooler its at a perfect 70%. Really awesome product for the price! As an owner of a wineidor, I would 100% recommend this product for it!
EF of Long Beach, CA
Yes, it is AC powered! No battery to worry about. No you don't have to drill any holes in your humidor to run the AC through. The tape is actually a very narrow ribbon conductor which carries the power to the unit. The water well is reusable and refillable. The description should be rewritten. It is better than it sounds. I am very happy with it. I have finally got my winter humidor over 45%. Up to 70%! What a difference.
TB of Dakota Dunes, SD
Wow! This unit is very nice and well worth the money! It truly is "set it and forget it"! I have had a lot of success using the crystal jars and 70/70 solution in my humidor previously but thought it was time to step up my game after buying increasingly expensive cigars...and this product was surely the answer! Not to mention I really liked the idea of a fan moving the air around over just being static in my humidor. I also use two external fans with this unit that are sold separately which help out even more to keep the moisture moving and evenly distributed. You have the option to have the fan(s) running all the time by plugging them into the "DC output" port on the EH or you can have the fans run only when the EH kicks on. The product does come pre-calibrated but I did fine tune mine (a couple percentages of rh...not bad at all) to a just calibrated (salt test) humi-care digital hydrometer. I do also agree with the other comments that my cigars now taste better! I use my EH and the two fans in my 100 count vertical desktop humidor which I got from CI as well (great humidor by the way) and the combo couldn't work better! I believe that every 100+ count humidor should have this product in it!
JR of Buffalo, NY
I've waited to give my opinion and its been a month since I received mine.To start its worth the money keeps my humidor at 70 to 70.4. I have many differant cigars like RP's, RJ's, Diesel,Cohibas,Gurkha,Gloria Cubana, Herencia Cubana and CAO to name a few and all have tasted and looked better than ever before. Stop thinking about it and get one! You wont regret it -I use mine in the 5 Vegas 100 count Humidor.
MR of Warren, AR
I put this in my 300 count humidor and hoped it would do all it said. After a quick calibration with my Humi-Care hygrometer, I have been at a constant 70% for the last two weeks. Every time I walk past the humidor, the LED gives a gentle reminder that my smokes are safe and sound. This was worth every penny!
JL of Athens, IL
This is a great system, and takes care of my 300 count humidor. In addition, I added two fans to circulate the air. Since there are no instructions that came with mine, I found myself having a difficult time taking the top off of the bottom where you pour the water. In case you run into this problem, don't pull up! The top slides off of the bottom, and is very easy to do. Just wish something had told me how to separate the two. I also don't feel the built in gauge is accurate, so I keep two hygrometers in my humidor.
DM of Taylor, MI
This this is freaking sweet!! I placed in in my humi and in 12 hours it was 70 percent and perfect. GET this now I will never go back to passive systems. Just set it and forget it. Super quiet operation, I only wish it came with a longer ribbon cable.
LR of Wilmington, OH
all i can say is wow this humidifier is a time and money saver! took about 2 days to get locked in, but now, man, it is on the money. i have it in a 7 drawer humidor and it is good from top to bottom. thanks Ci for fast and awesome service and of course a wonderful selection of fine sticks....
PG of Youngstown, OH
Yes, It humidifies, Yes its read-out seems accurate once calibrated but the ribbon cable for the power suppy isn't long enough to reach the bottom of my Havana Foot-Locker humidor and it seems to have one flaw. When power is interrupted momentarily, it turns itself off. Be careful using this for bulk storage that you are not likely to check often.
PP of College City, CA
I just love my EH already! I think the best comparison I can make for this wonderful little gadget is this. If you compare your humidor moisture level to say a needy girlfriend or wife. The EH will shut her up. The time and effort saved is well worth price.
AP of Watertown, SD
Living in the desert, I constantly fight with my humidor to keep it up to 70%. Fight, and usually fail, that is. It is difficult if not impossible. I had tried everything, and I mean EVERYTHING from the credo to the beads to the gels. I got to the point that there was no room for cigars in my box because it was full of humidifiers! I should have just started with this and saved myself a lot of cash. Since I installed and calibrated this little baby, I have been able to maintain a constant 70%. The smokes taste better, and I am not constantly throwing out crumbly sticks because I missed a day of babysitting. But here is the best part. I can finally stop worrying. My stogies are being cared for and it takes zero effort on my part. Two words ... "Buy it".
ML of Las Vegas, NV
Received mine early June 2011 the best purchase I've made. My cigars taste better now. I notice the difference between 50/50 solutions and the humi care eh. By using equipment the taste are natural with better flavors. You can taste the solution in you're smokes. Now I can really enjoy smoking different brands.
FD of Gardena, CA
Everything arrived in perfect shape but the calibration is so far off that with the knob turned all the way down it still says it's 10% higher than what it's at. That being said, I had to re-season my 300 count humi which has been below 60% for quite some time, and upon receiving my EH was right at 50%. Put it in after seasoning and let it be for the day, put all my dry sticks back in the box and when I check in the morning it's always right where it should be. Wish I'd have ordered sooner!!!
QL of Beaver Dam, WI
After throwing away too many good smokes, I bought the El Diablo humidor and the Humicare. First off, I set everything up and used the factory analog hydrometer...hahaha. Yeah after three salt test with three different results on the analog, I put it where it the trash. I bought a digital hydrometer and salt tested it. Wow the digital hydrometer and the built in one on the humicare were right on. Now the humicare is perfect, perfect smokes, perfect humidity all day every day. Again, don't trust a P.O.S. analog hydrometer even if you paid $4000.00 for it, it's not accurate...if you order this, get a digital hydrometer too.
DC of Clovis, CA
bought this for El Diablo humidor, and at first I was very dissappointed with it. My analog and seperate digital hygrometers were reading 80-85% humidity and the EH Plus was running all the time. After careful calibration, I learned that it was so far our of whack, that it couldnt even be calibrated properly. However, when I just made the adjustment to match my hygrometer (I have to set my EH on 78% humidity) it keeps my sticks at a comfortable 70% all the time. Good product, just dont trust the built in hygrometer.
WF of Beeville, TX
I bought a 75 capacity(which I found to be an understatement) cabinet humidor, and although drymistat tubes work well, nothing beats the Humi-care EH Plus, I filled it, set it and forgot about it, it keeps my humidor at about 70%, it works perfect right out of the box, I also like the ribbon cable to power the unit, I slipped it right through the door with no seal problems at all. The unit is simple to use, and well worth the money. Looking for an inexpensive humidifier? Look no further, this product does what exactly what it claims to do. A hands down winner! I keep close to about 100 sticks at a time by the way, with no problems! Thanks CI, another great product!
RG of West Chester, PA
A must-have piece of equipment for 100+ capacity humidors. Well worth the investment to set it and forget it. Gets your newly arrived cigars perfect in 2 weeks.
S of LRio Rico, AZ
bought it plugged it in placed it in my el diablo 300 count humi (which i love by the way) went to exactly 70 rh and stayed there and finally my puros have started coming into real ready to smoke condition, i could not get with the standard humidifiers with my other humis!
JR of Lake Hills, TX
I snagged this beauty as a freebie when I bought a mazo of Graycliff 1666. (Humi-Care Electronic Humidifier) What a treat! Having used Drymistat tubes in the past, I found myself constantly checking my humidor to ensure optimum humidity. This is not the case with the Humi-Care unit! I've had it for going on two weeks and my humidor is running a constant 71% humidity. No more ups and downs. This unit is the real deal and is well worth the 80 dollars it goes for. Considering you spend more than 50-60 dollars on Drymistat tubes to accommodate a meager 100 capacity humidor, the Humi-Care unit is a steal. Pick this up now!
JR of Macomb, MI