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You hear that rumbling in the distance? The Motherlode samplers are coming, and this time, you're in the driver's seat. Not familiar with the Motherlode? It's hands down the BEST way to transform your humidor into an overflowing, insane, cornucopia of premium handmade goodness. You can pick ANY combination of 7 different 5-Packs from the star-studded list below (featuring 90+ rated blends), for one ridiculously low price.

Step 1: Gaze longingly at the list of delectable gems below
Step 2: Select SEVEN unique, tasty 5-packs from the choices available \
Step 3: Add to your cart
Step 4: Realize you just saved up to $470 instantly
Step 5: Wipe the drool of your chin, clear out space in your second humidor, and repeat.

35 Cigars. Just $109.99. I think we finally outdid ourselves.

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5 Vegas Gold Toro (6.0"x50) Pack of 5

Solid gold.

Despite the pomp and circumstance surrounding full-bodied, powerhouse cigars these days, smooth cigars still rule. Without a doubt, the uber-popular 5 Vegas Gold is the perfect example. This gorgeous creature is crafted by industry legend Nestor Plasencia with extensively aged tobaccos, including a beautiful, almost shimmering Ecuador Connecticut wrapper leaf with a rich satiny texture. This charming blend is the big easy. I’ll recite the reasons chapter and verse. Top quality tobaccos? Check. 5 year aged long-fillers? Check. Seamless wrappers? Check. Made in one of Honduras’ top factories? Check. Handsome packaging? Check. 

Toast the foot and take a draw. You’ll see some spirit up front: a slight nutty taste followed by some zesty peppery notes on the back of the palate. A feisty sucker! But instantly it mellows into a polished smoothness with ample creaminess. It stays utterly consistent from here on out, well-balanced with a sturdy creamy foundation, and booms out thick clouds. What a charmer! Right around medium it is, not super-mellow, but just shy of a middleweight. The fantastic “gold bar” style packaging and an astonishingly reasonable price point round it out. 5 Vegas Gold is a positively delightful blend.


Ave Maria Immaculata Belicoso (6.0"x54) Pack of 5

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The "Immaculata" conception

Another instant hit from master cigar blender AJ Fernandez, a man whose portfolio of hits reads like the All Star Team of cigars....if such a thing existed. This is a kinder, gentler, mellower Ave Maria, and is well suited to most any taste preference. Only take this on if you’re in the market for delicious, smooth flavors from start to finish.

Ave Maria Immaculata is awash in splendor. At hand, a golden brown and silky-smooth Ecuador Connecticut wrapper ensconces a well-aged blend of Cuban-seed Nicaraguan long-fillers for a taste that will satisfy your every whim. Mellow to medium in body, this high-end handmade caresses the palate gorgeously with notes of cream, cedar, white pepper, caramel, toasty tobacco, and a rich, aroma of baked bread. The taste of this masterpiece lingers long after your last puff.


Brick House Maduro Robusto (5.0"x54) Pack of 5

Maduro in the house!

Surely you’ve heard of Brick House, a 93-rated gem that managed to work its way onto the “Best 25 Cigars of 2010” list. Well J.C. Newman is back with the Brick House Maduro. This cigar is darker and spicier than its predecessor. An oily Brazilian Arapiraca Maduro wrapper houses a blend of premium Nicaraguan long-fillers and a Nicaraguan binder. The bold, full-bodied flavor profile is punctuated by notes of cocoa and sweetness. Slow-burning, firm in hand, and deliciously tasty, it’s a fitting follow-up that will easily work its way onto your top ten list.


CAO Brazilia Gol! (Gordo) (5.0"x56) Pack of 5

CAO Takes Over the World

Released after five meticulous years of research and planning, the CAO Brazilia is a full-flavored cigar made from one of the finest Brazilian wrapper leaves we’ve ever seen. It’s a fitting tribute to the country — for centuries, Brazil has been celebrated for its art, and its creation of all things beautiful. And Brazilia is most certainly beautiful. 

Extensively aged, the long-fillers here are all Nicaraguan tobaccos of the highest caliber. Though Brazilia performs well in every size, most notable here are the 54 to 60-ring options. The complexity offered from these wider vitolas keeps the cigars smooth, burning cool all the way down to the nub. In short, Brazilia is a classic blend, well worth your consideration.

In addition to numerous 90-ratings, Brazilia has an esteemed 91-rating, noting: “complex, with an earthy, floral flavor and a toasty, nutty quality. Full bodied, with a long, toasty finish.” 


Cohiba Red Dot Robusto (5.0"x49) Pack of 5

The result of five intense years of research, the famous Cohiba brand is now available in limited quantities in the US market.

Often called "red dot" Cohibas due to the markings on the band, this exquisite smoke offers a medium-bodied flavor and a strong, smooth and incredibly rich character. Handmade with a toothy Cameroon wrapper and aged mixture of Dominican-grown Piloto Cubano tobaccos, this highly regarded blend sets the standard among today's premium cigars.

Cohiba received a well-deserved '91' rating, noting: "Well made with a good draw, this cigar has a solid core of distinctly nutty flavors that have an underlying creaminess. French peanut notes and a touch of caramel on the finish make this a very tasty medium-bodied smoke."


Gurkha Beauty Beauty (Gordo) (6.5"x58) Pack of 5


Gurkha Beauty — a phenomenon that many of you cigar lovers have surely heard of. One of the finest examples of the ultra-premium wares in the Gurkha house of brands, Beauty reigns supreme as the smoothest, most luxurious Gurkha on the market. Each patiently crafted cigar in this box comes attractively packaged inside a heavy glass tube, but the presentation is just the beginning. 

Expertly showcasing an ultra-rare blend of 5-year-aged tobaccos and a superior Connecticut-seed wrapper of only the finest grade, this cigar might just bring a tear to your eye. A divine experience is offered on each and every cigar that’s deep in rich and luxurious flavors. A sweet mixture of cream, toasted nuts, and slight cedar gently greets the palate with each sip, inviting you to continue indulging until the nub. Pick up Gurkha Beauty today, and experience cigars at their finest. 

Note: Only box purchases will come with the cigars in glass tubes. Five and ten pack purchases are simply packaged in cellophane.


H. Upmann Perlado Robusto (5.0"x52) Pack of 5

The true hidden gem

After the success of the new fan-favorite Romeo y Julieta Perlado and Montecristo Perlado, it was natural there’d be a successor to the throne. Today, we welcome that new cigar… sort of. Feast your eyes on the H. Upmann Perlado, a new blend that’s sure to get some attention. The bad news? This cigar was crafted in a single size, without boxes, meant to be used only for promotional purposes and special events. The good news? We got our hands on a ton of them, and in true CI fashion, we’re delivering them straight to the people. 

Featuring a Sumatra Java wrapper leaf overtop US and Dominican fillers, this ultra-smooth Perlado comes in a little fuller than its brethren. Things never dip above a medium-bodied profile, though. The flavor is excellent, delivering a smooth sipper of a cigar that’s charming all the way down to the nub. In short, if you loved either of the last two Perlados, or just appreciate a good, Cuban-esque blend, you’ll find plenty more to love here.


HC Series Habano Pigtail Perfecto (5.3"x60) Pack of 5

​Get on up on this Habano!

The HC Habano Colorado is the HC line’s piece de resistance. Boldly leading the way, this impressive cigar comes equipped with an oily and stunning chocolate brown wrapper from the Jalapa Valley of Nicaragua. Underneath awaits a core of tobaccos from Costa Rica, Jalapa, and Honduras. These well-aged tobaccos work seamlessly in creating a medium to full-bodied delight delivering truckloads of flavor. The smooth and rich experience is further accentuated by notes of pepper, leather, and a tad of sweetness. The HC Habano Colorado has garnered much deserved praise: earning an impressive '92' rating, as well as 'Top 25 Cigars of the Year' honors.

Here’s what the critics had to say: “A dark, oily, gorgeous cigar that shows its strength from the first puff. It is a peppery, leathery smoke with a black cherry note on the finish.”


Macanudo Cafe Hyde Park (Robusto) (5.5"x49) Pack of 5

Ask any Tom, Dick, or Harry what his favorite brand of cigar is, and chances are he’ll blurt out, “Macanudo” before you can even finish asking the question. Sure, there are fancier, more limited edition, and more snob-approved cigars out there on the market. Sure, it’s unlikely to impress Mr. Snooty Pants. But when it comes to consistently subtle and pleasant offerings with exceptional pricing, Macanudo is just what the doctor ordered. And with a wide variety of sizes from Ascot cigarillos to Gigante gordos, there's a Macanudo to please the masses. Plus, my prices are unbeatable, so daily enjoyment is practically a prerequisite.

Well-constructed using Dominican and Mexican filler and Connecticut shade wrappers, Macanudo handmades have built up a fine reputation for quality, which is part of what makes them so damn popular. These are the top-selling cigars in the world, and it’s hard to argue with a statistic like that. Take a chance, light one up, and see for yourself why these Macs are where it’s at.

Macanudo Cafe has earned a well-deserved 90-point rating, noting: "Full of bright and zesty tobacco, this lonsdale offers plenty of earthiness and nutty notes as well."


Macanudo Inspirado Red Box-Pressed Robusto (5.0"x50) Pack of 5

Get Inspired. Get Macanudo. 

Macanudo has been around longer than most of us having been enjoying cigars, and for good reason. With its roots in Havana, Cuba, this decades old brand is the gold standard for consistency and excellence — especially if you love mellower blends. But a few years back, a new contender from Macanudo entered the ring: the Inspirado line. If Macanudo Café is made for the everyday cigar lover, Inspirado is made for the true cigar aficionado. That’s why today we’re more than happy to welcome the newest addition to the brand: Macanudo Inspirado Red. 

Before you dive into this one, let me give you a little advice: this ain’t your daddy’s Macanudo. Inspirado Red is a full-bodied flavor bomb, possibly the strongest blend to ever wear the Macanudo name. Born from the rich, volcanic soils of Nicaragua, Red features an Ecuadorian wrapper leaf, complemented by Nicaraguan binder and Nicaraguan and Honduran long-fillers. Each puff reveals loads of dark fruit, red pepper, hints of cedar, and slight notes of leather. Complex, delicious, and affordable, Inspirado Red is an absolute must-have. 


Punch Pita (Toro) (6.1"x50) Pack of 5

Smooth with some spiciness, a Punch cigar will fit everyone's palate.

With an excellent range of flavor but not overpowering, Punch cigars are superbly constructed and consistently delicious. Honduran, Dominican, and Nicaraguan filler, Connecticut binder and a dark wrapper. Robust and full-flavored - Punch is a world class cigar.

Punch cigars have received countless 90+ ratings, including several 91s and ‘Humidor Selection’ honors, noting: “This attractive, oily cigar has a rich leathery aroma. It’s full bodied and balanced. Flavors include leather, wood and earth. The finish is long.”​


Punch Signature Robusto (5.0"x54) Pack of 5

An industry leader in innovative, high-end tobacco blending for 175 years, Punch remains one of the most recognizable brands in the biz. Once the face of the Cuban cigar market, Punch found a new home in Honduras in 1969 with the nationalization of Cuba, and they have been refining their craft ever since. Their newest release may be their proudest, tastiest work of art to date.

Dubbed Punch Signature, a combination of rare and extremely refined tobaccos are at play. At first glance, you are met with a spotless Ecuadorian Corojo wrapper leaf with an updated and eye-catching white and black-colored Punch band. Lying just beneath is a feisty, one-of-a-kind Nicaraguan binder cloaking vintage long-fillers from lush growing regions in the Dominican and Nicaragua. Rich, full-bodied notes of aromatic spice, cedar, and leather, along with a slight cinnamon nuance all enter the fray giving way to a complex blend with unwavering balance. 

Punch Signature also received an impressive 91-rating noting: "Bold impressions of smoked meat, leather and mesquite are elegantly interwoven with sweet touches of dried stone fruits, caramel and a raw cocoa bean finish."​


Romeo y Julieta 1875 Bully Belicoso (5.5"x52) Pack of 5

The most famous of the Romeo y Julieta cigars: 1875.

From their humble beginning making Cuban cigars, to their more modern blends made in the Dominican Republic, RyJ cigars are always in demand. And none more so than 1875. With a slightly oily Indonesian wrapper and Dominican binder and long-filler, this pleasant-tasting cigar offers perfect balance. Not overwhelming, yet very satisfying. Toast the foot, and you’ll find a medium-bodied profile of cedar and earth, with an easygoing draw and nice, slow burn. And after you try just one of these, I guarantee you’ll find that this ever-popular offering from Romeo y Julieta is one of the finest in the business. Around here, 1875 cigars go quickly, so order soon. 

Good news! With an esteemed 92-rating, 1875 is officially one of the best Romeo y Julieta cigars around. The review states, “It has a heavy aroma and a clean, white ash. Strong, toasty flavors smack of wood and leather. There’s a sweetness to the long finish.” 


Drew Estate Undercrown Robusto (5.0"x54) Pack of 5

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A high-end cigar for the working man.

Normally known for their infused cigars, Drew Estate’s made a huge splash with their traditional Liga Privada #9. A favorite amongst the factory’s rollers, Drew Estate had to tell the rollers to stop burning the blend because of the high demand of the cigar. So the working man had to adapt…

And adapt they did. Created by the rollers of the Drew Estate factory, Undercrown uses tobaccos similar to the Liga Privada #9 but that are more readily available. While the Liga Privada #9 is full flavored treat, the Undercrown is a notch down in strength. Wrapped in a dark San Andres maduro wrapper, Drew Estate Undercrown starts with notes of coffee with a slight hint of spice that becomes more prominent as the cigar progresses. Even as it progresses, the cigar still manages to round out as a medium to full-bodied treat.

Drew Estate Undercrown received a well-deserved 91-rating, earning a spot in the Top 25 Cigars of 2017. The reviewers noted, "shows a strong oaky, leather character finessed by hints of vanilla and a roasted coffee bean finish."


Gurkha Beast Robusto (5.5"x54) Pack of 5


La Aroma de Cuba Robusto (5.2"x54) Pack of 5

The new La Aroma de Cuba.

Now made by Jose ’Don Pepin’ Garcia in Nicaragua, La Aroma de Cuba is a bold blend of Cuban-seed Nicaraguan long-fillers insider a dark Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper. The flavor is zesty throughout with a smooth core of deep, earthy sensations balanced by a rich core of tobacco flavors. Medium to full in body and complex, La Aroma de Cuba is a flavorful, well-made, and aesthetically pleasing handmade.

La Aroma de Cuba received a 93-point rating, noting: "Impeccably made with a dead-even burn and consistent draw... full of bold, woody, nutty flavors that leave smoked almond and leathery notes on the palate."


La Perla Habana 1515 Robusto (5.0"x52) Pack of 5

A tribute to Cuba.

Created to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the founding of Havana, Cuba, this new La Perla Habana is truly something special. Handcrafted in Nicaragua by AJ Fernandez, La Perla Habana 1515 combines a dark Habano Ecuador wrapper, Sumatra Ecuador binder, and a rich blend of Cuban-seed long-fillers from Esteli, Condega, and Jalapa, Nicaragua.

This combination delivers a classic, Cuban-esque profile that’s met with amped up strength and complexity. Notes of cream, pepper, earth, wood, coffee, and more meld perfectly to deliver a delicious, elegant, highly-memorable experience. A perfect tribute to Cuba’s rich cigar history, and a hellova cigar you’ll savor down to the last puff.


Nub Dub by Oliva 460 (Gordo) (4.0"x60) Pack of 5

Twice the Maduro in one tasty Nub.

Nub Dub marks the second installment in a series of limited edition releases from Studio Tobac (the new umbrella for Oliva’s side projects - Nub, Cain, etc.). Utilizing the same blend as the acclaimed Nub Maduro, the Nub Dub employs two dark Maduro wrappers to deliver a rich and satisfying bouquet unlike anything you've tasted from the top-selling Nub family.

Nub Dub combines the traditional Nub Maduro blend of aged, Cuban-seed Nicaraguan long-fillers, but swaps out the binder for a top-notch, wrapper-quality Brazilian Maduro leaf. Indeed, the same leaf used to coat this beast, giving you two amazing wrappers for one amazing array of flavor. Expect a richer, fuller, but smoother bouquet. A rich and toasty core of flavor yields dark chocolate, nuts, and spicy-sweet nuances on the finish. Medium to full in body, Nub Dub just might be the finest Nub ever assembled.


Padilla Habano Artisano Figurado (6.7"x56) Pack of 5

Padilla Habano is an unsung hero. This Oliva-made, 90-rated jewel is medium-bodied and complex, with rich, toasty flavors, including nuances of coffee and cocoa, with a touch of pepper. The blend consists of a 5-year old Habano wrapper over vintage Cuban-seed Nicaraguan fillers and a zesty Nicaraguan binder.  


Rocky Patel The Edge Habano Torpedo (6.0"x52) Pack of 5

Didn't lose an 'edge'.

Edge Habano cigars represents the next chapter in Rocky Patel's 91-rated Edge saga. Known as some of the industry's most full-tilt, yet well-balanced blends, the Edge Habano had some pretty big shoes to fill. But the good news is, it doesn't just fill them, it stomps around in them like no tomorrow. Marking the first Edge to utilize purely Nicaraguan tobaccos, each Edge Habano shows up well-equipped for a full-flavored ride.

On the outside awaits a dark and feisty Nicaraguan Habano wrapper, patiently aged and fermented. This leaf conceals a rich and powerful core of long-filler tobaccos hailing from the volcanic black soils of Nicaragua's most fertile regions. Together this recipe strikes up a bevy of bold yet refined flavors. Notes of cedar, spice, black pepper, cocoa, and earth mingle in this uber-smooth, full-bodied blend. Put this one in the books - Edge Habano cigars are winners.

Rocky Patel Edge Habano received Top 25 honors for 2015 (#7 overall) and a well-deserved 94-rating noting: "The countrified blend is spicy and woody, smacking of hickory and leather."