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I do believe it’s working, good

Richard M.

Cigar: Comfortably Numb by Espinosa Vol. 1
Size: Toro (6.0"x52)
Burn time: 1 hour 40 minutes

I would wager a week’s pay that no one has purchased more Comfortably Numb by Espinosa Vol. 1 than this guy. As a YUUUGE Pink Floyd Fan, Comfortably Numb has long been my all-time favorite song since being introduced to it as a young guy by my sister Gayle in the 1980’s. So when this psychedelic banded cigar hit the store back in late January 2018 I immediately picked up a fiver of these. I was either going to love the cigar or have one put in a shadow box with the CD of Pink Floyd’s the wall, but one way or another I was going to enjoy seeing this cigar frequently. Little did I know that from the first time I fired up a Comfortably Numb Cigar, it would join my number one all-time favorite song as my all-time favorite medium bodied cigar! So why am I willing to wager a week’s pay on my purchase habit of this one…well, simply it is my any-day, any-time go-to cigar. Having an hour drive from home to work and back, I often pass that time with a cigar to make the commute on Route 78 more bearable. Well, Pink Floyd Radio on Pandora and a Comfortably Numb Volume 1 is almost a routine now on my commute. So, to say that I have purchased at least a box of these every month since February 2018 would be an understatement. At my last count, I had 38 empty boxes in my basement emblazed with the trippy Comfortably Numb by Espinosa Vol. 1 branding. But enough about my purchasing trends of this cigar…let’s discuss why I love this cigar the way I do.

As I have often said, we do shop with our eyes first, and the giant band on this cigar is hiding a beautiful and delicate Ecuadorian Habano wrapper. The light tan smooth wrapper is a prelude to my enjoyment. It calms and puts me in the mood to fire one up every time I see it. I am greeted with a nice cedar aroma, and the pre-light draw offers pepper and cedar with a very smooth and even draw.

Giving it a guillotine cut and putting a few matches to the end of the cigar is where I say…”Hello, Is there anybody in there? Just nod if you can hear me…” That’s right, almost without fail, when I light this cigar I hear the iconic David Gilmore, Roger Waters, Richard Wright, and Nick Mason crescendo of notes playing in my head.  

So…”just the basic facts.” This solid medium cigar instantly delivers a smoky cedar and black pepper on the palate with a noticeable earthiness and sweetness on the smooth, short finish during the first third. During this time it can “ease my pain, and get me on my feet again.”

“I do believe it’s working, good”, as I get into the second third of this cigar. It is generally at this point I carefully peel off the oversized band as the cedar and spice increase. Almost on queue the tea and almond notes meld with a sweet bread-like taste as raisin and citrus combine with red pepper flake on the retro-hale.  

To “keep you going through the show”, the final third of this cigar is when I find intensity of flavor building almost like the iconic Gilmore guitar solo. Now I have smoked cedar, peat, and cashew notes building over dried fruit and baking spice on the retro-hale. The clean short finish makes me want to “have that feeling once again” and immediately grab another one of these and cut and light, but I rarely do (although I have a few times.)

So, in closing, reviewing an all-time favorite cigar has actually proven more difficult, because I know why I like this cigar, but putting it into words, well, I think Roger said it best…”I can't explain you would not understand, This is not how I am, I have become Comfortably Numb.”