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A little Green for your pocket!

Richard M.

Macanudo originally was a name for a size of Cuban Punch cigars. Macanudo roughly translated means ‘magnificent’, Inspirado translates to inspired, and this cigar holds up to this moniker of Inspired Magnificence. I will tell you it has become my all-time favorite Macanudo Blend by far. This is partially due to the fact that I love Brazilian tobacco, and the cigar is draped in a gorgeous Brazilian Arapiraca wrapper, golden brown with plenty of oil and character. It has a nice texture and a magnificent spicy and sweet aroma on the wrapper. Under this lies an Indonesian binder and Columbian and Dominican fillers. A unique four country cocktail that immediately delivers on the pre-light draw. I found the Toro to have a sweet citrus note and a very mild spiced cold draw, but I wanted to fire it up and see what it is all about.

Lighting this cigar with matches was a return to my old ways and it only took my pair of struck matches to toast and get this one ready to enjoy. Coffee bean, cocoa, licorice, and a sweet spice were most noticeable to me. Since this differed from many Brazilian wrapped cigars I have enjoyed in the past, I noted it right away. It began medium body about a 4 out of 10 and the first third of this cigar remained with the calm notes and a very pleasant short finish. Laurel Tilley, Macanudo Brand Ambassador was in the Cigars International Hamburg Superstore prior to the release of this cigar and she teased a bit of the blend. As we discussed this cigar, she hinted that it would be quite a bit different from what I had in mind for Brazilian tobacco, and she was not wrong.  

As I was enjoying the second third of this cigar, I was on the store Facebook page doing a live video review, just after finishing a shift. Several other manufacturers were in the chat and we were discussing the Brazil tobacco and what it can contribute to a cigar. It was then that I noted the body building to more of a 6 out of 10, and I was able to pick up more of the spice and even a black and white table pepper note. The coffee and cocoa had subsided, and that’s when the sweetness transitioned into a cedar spice. In addition, there was very little pepper or spice the retro-hale, just noted natural tobacco goodness. The finish remained very short, and had a pleasing cream and caramel note, which if I had to attribute to one of the tobaccos I would pick the Dominican.   

The final third is when the citrus I noted on the pre-light had returned and was very noticeable on the retro. I found the cigar body to move back into a solid 5 out of 10 medium. I also found much of the spice was on the front of the draw only, and as the voluminous smoke rolled across my palate that the coffee bean and cedar returned and rounded out each draw. Since this was after work I was enjoying this cigar with a Blue Steel Vodka on the rocks. One thing I love about a vodka is there is generally no adverse effect on the flavors of a cigar, since it is typically neutral. I will say I find Blue Steel Vodka does have a slight vanilla note, and could very well be where I was picking up the cream and caramel note on the middle third finish, but I still think the Dominican tobacco could be contributing to that as well.  

I will close out by saying this is a definite departure from past Macanudo cigars yet is also different enough from other cigars containing Brazilian tobacco that a 5’er is never too far from my frequent purchases. Even more interesting to me is the difference in the three sizes. I have enjoyed all of them and will say I find the Robusto to be similar in notes with slightly more intensity and the Churchill to be the opposite, almost muting or mellowing out the notes. This cigar earned a spot on my staff pick at the store for several weeks, and I find myself still recommending it frequently. I did have to relight and touch up a few times, mostly because I was doing a live video review and talking more than concentrating on pufferating on the cigar…