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Royally Good.

Richard M.

As I quickly approach a half a century on this Third Rock from the Sun, I understand that there are some brand names that have become synonymous with what they are…Xerox is now a common term for a photo-copier, Kleenex is common for facial tissues, and well…Cohiba is synonymous with Cigars in my opinion. Being the General Manager of Cigar International Hamburg, the Largest Cigar Store out there, we have many people entering our store for the first time, and one thing is always true…they have heard of Cohiba. And why not, with such brands as the Red Dot, The Puro Dominica, and now the Cohiba Royale, it has solidified itself as one of the most recognized cigars out there.

The Iconic box won package of the year in 2020 from Halfwheel, the third time in a row for Cohiba, where the Spectre II tied with the Habanos S.A. Romeo y Julieta Grand Churchill in 2019, (it is similar, wherein the cigars are arched in the box and appear to be floating), and 2018 found the Cohiba Spectre getting packaging of the year. Although we shop with our eyes, we don't light up the box, so let’s talk about the cigar...

I find this cigar to be medium to full (8 of 10), marking it as the fullest Cohiba I have enjoyed to date. I will say, although strong, I don't find the Robusto to be overwhelming, I would say it is a very approachable, yet fuller cigar.

Appearance, the cigar is a beautiful dark brown with noticeable oils on the wrapper, there is some texture to the cigar, likely from the characteristics of Broadleaf veins, and possibly from the binder as well, however the cigar is well rolled. I am going to stash a few of these for 3-5 years, because I think these oils are going to crystalize and create a great plume.

Most notable to me on the first third was a molasses sweetness on the smooth pre-light draw, and even some mild pepper. Once lit, the pepper is really noticeable combined with a strong leather note. There is a sweet red wine fruitiness to the retro-hale, combined with a woody and toastiness on the palate. The finish is medium, with an oak note most predominate.

On the second third the pepper remains, and I think I noticed earthiness, which is likely form the Honduran filler or possibly the Broadleaf wrapper. There is also a hint of espresso on the smoke, the retro has stronger pepper, and the finish is a bit longer but still a damp oak.

The final third finds the earthiness building and I think the espresso I thought I found prior turned into a cocoa or other chocolate sweetness. As the cigar drew to an end, I found the pepper become a stronger crushed red pepper and a bit of baking spice develop…muting almost all the other notes. Since I love spicy cigars, this one fits me well. Flavors are a solid 9 of 10 for me. Enjoying this cigar with a fine bourbon is never a bad idea. I poured myself a few fingers of Four Roses Single Barrel and sipped along. I found the Four Roses complimented this cigar nicely, having similar profile in both body and sharing some of the same tasting characteristics.  

I had no burn issues or touch-ups needed, but I did have to relight, because I got a phone call and had to set the cigar down one time.