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Happy 91st Birthday Mr. Garcia

Richard M.

Cigar: Perdomo Estate Selección Vintage Limited Edition Sun Grown
Size: Imperio (Toro) 6x54 Box Pressed
Burn Time: 1 hour 45 minutes

Perdomo Cigars is a family owned and operated company headquartered in Miami, Florida with growing and manufacturing facilities in Estelí, Nicaragua. As a vertically integrated cigar manufacturer, they control every process, from growing operations in the beautiful valleys of the Estelí, Condega, and Jalapa regions in Nicaragua to their distribution center in Miami, Florida.  

I have had the opportunity to spend quality time with the Perdomo family in early 2018 in Estelí Nicaragua and I can tell you without a doubt, QUALTIY is the name of the game! From the greenhouses to the fields, irrigation, curing barns at the field, sorting and categorizing the tobacco, fermentation, rolling, boxes, and more, Perdomo is without a doubt legit. Over 3000 steps, 3054 to be exact, go into making a Perdomo Cigar, with Q.C. all along the way. Every cigar is draw tested, inspected many times after rolling and again before packaging. When we went from the aging vault to the color sorting, I saw maybe three shades of the same cigar, however the Perdomo staff was sorting these into no less than nine different shades, to ensure each cigar in the box looked as good as the one to the left and the right of it.

Let’s get down to this cigar. The bourbon barrel aged, Cuban-seed Nicaraguan Sun Grown wrapper has a gorgeous reddish brown hue. The binder and filler are Cuban-seed Nicaraguan grown, and make this cigar so enjoyable. The cigar is very smooth, and perfectly firm. So, what makes this "Vintage"? Every so often the fields produce something special. This cigar uses only the top 5% of the tobacco from the expansive field, Finca Natali just outside of Estelí. This is only the third time a cigar can wear the moniker of Perdomo ESV.

As I enjoyed this cigar, there was only one logical choice to pair with it…for me at least. I grabbed a rocks glass and poured just a bit of Flor de Cana 18 year Rum, and placed a few lit matches near the end of the cigar…

The first third of the Toro I lit for this review had distinct notes of earth, oak, cedar, espresso, balanced with a very nice spice and a clean crisp finish. On the retro-hale the spice becomes quite noticeable combined with dried fruits, peanuts, and toast. In my mind I was already comparing this to past ESV’s that I have enjoyed, and in my humble but not shy opinion this is the best one yet!

The second third has an increase in the enjoyable spice, becoming a nice roasted pepper, and the espresso developed into dark roasted coffee, the dried fruit subsides a bit and the toast goes away for me, giving into more spice and pepper on the retro and keeping the crisp, short finish. It was at this point that I realized someone (me) had consumed all my Flor de Cana, so a trip to my liquor cabinet and I ensured that I would not run out again, pouring two generous fingers of this amazing beverage to compliment what was already an amazing cigar experience.

The final third became much creamier, with a hint of citrus and more subdued white pepper, and remaining with coffee notes and a return of the toast finish. As I was getting to the end, I realized right then that I would have to purchase a box of these for the old tower humidor. This was a beautiful cigar experience tonight, and although I did not want it to end, I took my last puff of the cigar, one last sip of the rum, and placed the cigar down. It was then that I realized I did not have to relight or touch up this cigar at all, it never went out, even while I was fetching a refill, and it burned straight and true the entire time. I would rate this cigar as entirely full flavored and a medium plus in body.

Beauty...The factory and fields are clean and beautiful, and that transitions to these cigars, the boxes, and the bands. Mr. Perdomo is quite proud of the appearance and presentation of these cigars as he should be, and they are eye catching on the shelf.

I enjoyed this particular cigar on April 26th, which was in honor of a special birthday. I don't think any discussion of The Perdomo Way would be complete without mentioning Aristides Garcia. Mr. Garcia has been a part of the cigar industry for nearly eight decades and his keen eye and knowledge leads a team of experts ensuring the process is met all throughout the process, and thus, I enjoyed this cigar on Mr. Garcia’s 91st Birthday!!!