Oro Cubano Aniversario Cigars
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Oro Cubano Aniversario

A tasty, Dominican-made lovely. For just a buck each!

Don’t judge this book by its mottled-looking Indonesian wrapper alone. The filler blend is 100% Dominican, offering a medium-bodied, smooth blend and delivering bang for the buck in droves. Pick up this 2-fer for as low as a buck and chuckle to yourself as your buddies think you just handed them a $5 cigar. Oro Cubano Aniversario is an affordable, and delicious, way to keep your humidor stuffed to the brim.

Note: Each 2-fer deal includes (2) boxes of 25 cigars.

PackIn StockMSRPPriceQtyCart
Churchill 2-fer (7.0"x50)
Pack of 50In Stock$205.00
save $125.0161% off
Robusto 2-fer (5.0"x50)
Pack of 50Backordered$170.00
save $100.0159% off
Toro 2-fer (6.0"x48)
Pack of 50Backordered$185.00
save $110.0159% off
Overall Rating3.88 out of 5 Based on 56 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Oro Cubano Aniversario”

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5 out of 5
Much better than expected
I was very surprised by these cigars. We took a chance on them, looking for a cheaper price for our everyday cigar. They are much better than I anticipated. I expected them to maybe be decent, but I actually really like these, especially at the price! I look forward to smoking these instead of treating them like a cheap alternative to higher end cigars. Once these are back in stock we will be ordering them again and again!
4 out of 5
Delicious Cigars
good quality, nice and delicious cigars. thanks.
5 out of 5
Churchill is the best...
I Love em...
4 out of 5
entry level cigar
The price is reasonable. entry level cigar.
4 out of 5
These are amazing for the price. I have smoked 8 and each one has burned perfectly.
4 out of 5
Lots of smoke!
Nicely packaged! First thing I noticed was the scent, seemed more full body than medium. They have a single cap so I punch instead of cut. The foot wasn’t exactly square but not bit off. This is a very smoky cigar, reminds me of a Nica Rustica, just a mouthful of smoke. I didn’t need these in the humi at all just opened and smoked. Two days and 5 gars later I like this cigar so I just placed another order!
5 out of 5
Excellent smoke for a great price
Got these to top of my hand out stock but after trying one these became my everyday stick. Was really surprised by the quality and taste. Will definitely be picking up more of these.
4 out of 5
Good Cigar
Good Cigar for the most part
4 out of 5
Not bad
Good golf cigar or every day stick... it had an easy pull, taste wasn't bad, nice ash. Only down side was that it burn fast and wrapper did come apart during the cut but overall an average smoke.
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
My husband enjoys them and he does ship half of the order to a soldier buddy overseas.
5 out of 5
Grandma likes them
These are great cigars. These cigars taste great are easy on the draw and have a real nice burn. They are well worth the cost. I will keep buying them.
4 out of 5
oro cubano
very very nice
4 out of 5
Inexpensive, mild and tasty
These days I roll a lot of my own cigars, but this is a nice break from the norm. It has a taste that keeps me occasionally buying these. Also good for newer smokers. Great value for the $$.
5 out of 5
Oro Cubano Churchill
Great value for the cost. Good cigar.
1 out of 5
cheap cigar
has little filler, burns fast, comes apart before it can be fully smoked
5 out of 5
Nice cigar for the money
Nice cigar for the money
3 out of 5
An ok stick
I experienced some construction issues. Overall not bad.
4 out of 5
Try it, you'll like it.
Tried this one in the Po Boy Sampler II pack. I am more of a mild to medium blend smoker. Great flavor and enjoyed smoking it very much with some cognac.
4 out of 5
Good Deal, nice 'everyday' cigar
They always arrive VERY dry, so i recommend rehydrating in your humi for at least 60 days. consistent texture, taste, burn, and predicable smoke flavor sequence through out the burn. well balanced flavors, earthy over-all 'tone' to smoke, excellent deal for the price. when cigar is hydrated = enjoyable; when cigar is dehydrated = harsh.
4 out of 5
Oro Cubano Aniversario
Decent smoke, I'll buy them again.
5 out of 5
Oro Cubano Aniversario Churchill 2-fer,
Good price and good deal but I still like the factory throw 49's better.
5 out of 5
Oro Cubano Aniversario Cigars
Good quality and taste for the money.
1 out of 5
I got what I paid for.
These hand made cigars are a bit rough. Life is too short for cheap cigars so I vow to never go cheap again.
4 out of 5
Nice daily smoke for not
Nice daily smoke for not much $ I take them to work for a good hour smoke
1 out of 5
A good example of how not to make a cigar.
Don't waste your time & money. These are the most poorly made cigars I've ever had the misfortune to try and smoke. They're not so much rolled as mashed into a cylinder. Unless you enjoy wasting your time trying in vain to get a cigar to burn evenly while it chimneys and runs its way here and there, stay away.
5 out of 5
Oro Cubano Annivesario Churchill
This is a very mild and tasty cigar. I would definitely order again.
5 out of 5
Nice, especially for the price.
These are my every day cigars. For the most part, they burn nice and last me about an hour or so. Every now and then I have one that seems to unravel, but for the price you cant beat it. I will def buy these again.
5 out of 5
I have purchased cigars from Cigars International many times and each time is just as awesome as the last. The prices are low, the turn around time is quick & the freshness is better than if I bought them from the local shop with a humidor in it. Have turned several people onto CI & they're all loving it too! Keep up the great work.
5 out of 5
Great smoke
This is my 2nd time ordering. Love them for everyday smoke
3 out of 5
Good for a buck a stick
Didn't expect much but good smoke when mowing lawn or playing golf. You won't want to sit and savor these. Main problem is draw and lack of full leaf filler.
5 out of 5
Oro Cubano
I find the Oro Cubano cigar to be an decent medium bodied everyday cigar. As a 2-fer, you can't beat the price.
5 out of 5
Makes mowing the lawn seem easy
I only smoke cigars and I only smoke outdoors And being able to smoke while I mow my yard makes my 1 acre plus not such a chore Thanks
3 out of 5
decent inexpensive cigar
For a cheap smoke, these are good. I use them as a change of pace from my regular smokes. The mid range rating is due to some wrap issues, a few sort of came apart, some were soft. Overall i will do these again, but the won't be my regulars...
1 out of 5
Won't draw
Second time buying these. Second back that won't draw. Never again will get these
2 out of 5
Oro Cubano Aniversario Toro 2-fer
poor construction, won't stay lit. flavor not ad
5 out of 5
Nice for the price.
A good everyday smoke for the price.
2 out of 5
a bit disappointed in the quality of the wrapper....may improve with humidification.
I have in the past had good cigars from this producer...not as happy with the present bunch.
5 out of 5
Nice relaxing cigar. Price is good
5 out of 5
Nice for the price.
For me these are a luxury. I enjoy them as an everyday smoke.
5 out of 5
Great vale
Sometimes the cigars can be a little dry but my humidor can bring them back
3 out of 5
For the money hard to beat working cigar
OK working cigar, doesn't burn equally, some are very dry and hard stuffed makes me wondering how old they are. But for the price hard to beat working around house cigar, would buy again! The cigar box is worth half of the price...
1 out of 5
save your money
Horrible cigar can't get a good draw.
4 out of 5
Very good taste
Very good taste
5 out of 5
Honest value and good taste.
I really like the Oro Churchill a lot, a good honest value, good taste and I haven't got a bad one yet. Twice a month, I take a 90 minute drive to visit relatives and fire one up in the Driveway upon leaving. I get the pleasure of enjoyment for the entire trip, plus another 15 minutes after arrival. I let them chill in the Humidor for 2-3 weeks when received before smoking and they're ready to go!
5 out of 5
Oro Cubano Churchill 2-fer
I like the Oro Cubano for its great taste and even burn and the best part about it was the price.
3 out of 5
A perfect value
We all seek the perfect cigar.....this isn't it...But these baby's will keep you busy while you engage in that search, and won't break the bank.
1 out of 5
one of the worst ever
One of the worst cigars ever.
4 out of 5
Daily Smoke
Perfect for after work. Just don't expect to impress with this one.
3 out of 5
godd for give-aways
godd for give-aways
5 out of 5
Needed for a cruise
Best deal for a large stash to take on a cruise. Boxes pack neatly and can be used for trinkets when empty. Flavor and consistent quality of Oro Cubano match my needs. I try other cigars but always come back to the Oro Cubano. My only concern is that my latest transaction is on backorder.
5 out of 5
Great cigars
Great cigars
5 out of 5
great deal
Good every day smoke
3 out of 5
Fine for Everday
The Oro Cubano Aniversario Churchill were fine for an every day cigar. At times a bit dry and burned unevenly but for the most part was worth what was charged.
1 out of 5
Stay Away!
I have bought these in the past many times. They were always a very good everyday smoke, NOT this time Terrible! some even tasted of plastic. They will not stay lit, the filler is very inconsistent. Something happened at the factory and they ruined a good smoke.
4 out of 5
Fresh firm flavor able
Customer Testimonials
I have bought 2 boxes of these cigars and have smoked 6. Nice cigars for the money with no problems. A little loose....but overall a cigar I would buy again. I would tell my friends that smoke cigars.
DD of Hanover, MA
Good taste and flavor. Construction not so good. Out of a bundle, maybe 7 smoked clean without issue. Great yard cigar and chewing piece.
AU of Leesburg, VA
Scored a couple boxes of the Oro Cubano Anneversario Churchills the other day....this is a good non-complex everydayer that is perfect for those times when you have other stuff to do besides kicking back deciphering a flavor profile. Gotta work in the yard, garage, or office (if smoking is somehow still allowed in your office), grab one of these and puff away while you work! Great deal, keep it up CI and I'll be a customer for life!!!
AM of Winnsboro, TX
....Taste awful, and the short filler falls into your mouth and tastes nasty.
smoked 4 so far...1 good,2 okay & 1 terrible...going to let them rest & hope they become more consistant...for a buck each it is what it is!!! a cheap cigar!!! smoke em if u got'em...
CH of Philadelphia, PA
Very nice smoke for the money! I bought a box of these on a 2 fer deal and was pleasantly surprised. Carefully stored in a proper humidor, these are an excellent everyday cigar that you won't be ashamed of sharing with friends.
MH of Front Royal, VA
A nice everyday smoke once you let them set for a few weeks. The bundles I got were dry, but a few weeks in the humidor, they had a delicious oily wrapper and a nice smooth, even burning smoke for everyday knock around.
CM of Clintwood, VA
One of the best for the price. I'm a fan.
DB of Weatherford, TX
Rough looking and uneven, fast burn, but tastes great. Worth every cent!
JG of Waxahachie, TX
Not a bad daily smoke. A little loose on the roll, but I liked the taste and I thought it had a more even burn than more expensive Gurkas I bought.
RK of Athens, AL
Been looking for years for a decent, affordable everyday smoke. These are the best I've come across yet. To be picky, they're slightly on the loosely-rolled side. But they taste pretty good, burn fine. Hard to beat at this price!
TB of Whiting, NJ
I really haven't had any problems with this cigar, most 2fers deals are undesirable but this one has surprised me so far. Seems to burn evenly but no notes of anything but tobacco for me. Would I smoke this after a $30 steak no, but if I'm working in the yard I'll grab one of these all day long.
RG of Hudson Falls, NY
Tried these on a whim and now I've just purchased my 3rd box. Definitely a nice smoke for the money. This is my choice smoke for hangin' around the garage tinkering with the cars.
DB of Millville, MA
Well I've always been a sucker for a good deal. I already have 3 large humidors full but I got a deal on these and figured, what have I got to loose. The fan mail has been half and half, so I gave them a try. Honestly they are not too bad. Obviously they are not even close to the best I ever tried but they certainly are not near the worst either. For the price they are a pretty good deal for something to tide you over till your next good stick. Between you and me I would be a little embarrassed to give them to my friend, not because they are aficionados but because I figure even they would know a cheap cigar when they smoke one. But still for the price they are a decent lawn mowing or ice fishing cigar.
LG of Columbia City, IN
Got this in a sampler and I must say that these are a great, mild dominican. Very surprised at the mellow tobacco flavors these give off. Perfect everyday smoke with consistent taste and quality. Flawless draw that burns so well.. Only bad thing was that the wrapper was pretty fragile.. All in all, will definitely be buying a box or two on my next order.
DK of Ellicott City, MD
I usually don't expect a whole lot for a smoke this cheap..but CI comes through again, this is a great everyday stick! I'll be getting more of these on my next order. Thanks Guys!
CD of Bristol, CT
Depends on how to smoke and care for your sticks as to how these will work for you. If you square cut the cap, smoke fast, prefer a mild smoke, or don't keep them at 60/60 plus you are not going to like them. OTOH - if you treat em right - you will probably love em as your everyday stick.
RP of Waleska, GA
Good flavor for a cheap cigar. Bad burn; bad draw and wrapper fell apart about 2 inches into the burn. Bought it as part of a sample pack but wont be choosing this in the future. Basicly you get what you pay for.
GB of Stuart, FL
I have tried a lot of the 2fers and most are crap. This is just one step above crap, if you can get over the tunneling, uneven burn, and tobacco in your mouth it is really not bad. Buy at your own risk.
DA of Bozeman, MT
"This is a good cigar, barely." Even burn and consistent taste, almost boring but it is there. I had about 5 in 50 that had very poor draw, but then again I only put them in the humi for 2 weeks before giving them a try.
JJ of Tecumseh, MI
Not a bad cigar at all for the price. I wouldn't say it is the best cigar I've ever had, but it is definitely not the worst. Construction, burn, and draw are all 'ok.' Just make sure you don't try and suck them down too fast... The hotter any cigar gets, the worse it will taste.
AG of St. Louis, MO
I was amazed at the quality and smoke-ability of this cigar for such a low price! Say what you want, but these are really decent cigars. Easy to light, good draw when punched, nice pre-light taste, plenty of smoke, very smooth from start to finish. Very nice everyday smoke and very tasty while working in the yard. I am proud of my purchase and WILL be buying them again!
DB of Mt. Juliet, TN
"You Must Be Kidding" How fortunate was I to get the 2-FER on a cigar that is this superb? Couldn't wait to give them a try when they arrived and after doing that it was confirmed I had made the right choice and gotten quite the deal. Two boxes of Churchills with a great taste. Unbelievable price for and unbelievable cigar. Thanks !!!!!!!!
JD of West Salem, WI
I'm back little over thirty days later. There very sweet I've order 150 cigars since December now I'm down too 28 cigars. I notice many changes just on the taste nothing else.The burn, aroma an the draw are great. I wasn't planning on buying any more. But now that all changed. I'm very happy CI has them an gives awesome deals.
F of DGardena, CA
I received my robusto from ups next day air. I never ship ground or standard just because it's not in the humidor that would take longer too recover. Burns pretty good an smells great. As for the taste. It's pretty consistent the main thing your humi always at 70/70. Thanks CI for this great bargain.
F of DGardena, CA
I smoked one of these (Oro Cubano Aniversario) and I was greatly pleased by what I had. I got the Robusto size which is perfect fo me on these very long and cold New York Nights, but I am able to get out and smoke a cigar every so often.I have to say right off that the prices these are going for could easliy become 2-3 times as much and only end up getting half.Where else but CI can we all go and get (2) boxes of Great cigars for the price of one? I have looked around and a deal like this is only going to be found here at CI! You guys are my new Number 1 To go to fo all of my cigar needs. I Listened to many of the reviews and I found the good statements way outdid the unhappy statements. All of you that sent in comments about the Oro Cubano were right on the money. I unfortunately live around no other cigar smokers at this time and this is were I go to get feedback about all the good and bad cigars. These have rightly earned a good spot in my humidor and will make sure it is always stocked full. Thanks very much to everyone by helping me find an excellant smoke at a great price!!
MS of Avon, NY
I am a regular of the buck a stick or unsmokeable section of CI, and the Oro Cubano's are one of my favorites. After a couple weeks in the humi they are much better than off the delivery truck. I have also found the wrappers on these to be superior to other cheapies. I am getting ready to place my third order, nice boxes too. Thanks CI!
MD of Bedford, PA
Great bargain for a daily smoke. I've been trying a variety of cigars for under $1. I'd rate these churchills a close second to the Churchill Deluxe by Caribe. These have decent taste and most importantly, wont break the bank.
TP of Lima, OH
If you are looking for a poorly constructed cigar, this one is for you!
BR of Peoria, IL
Buyer Beware: The Oro Cubano Aniversario was the worst cigar experience I ever had. The wrappers came undone, they had to be relit to keep one side from burning down and the draw was near impossible. They only sat in my humidor for three weeks, maybe they needed longer? A bargain is not a good deal if they’re not smokeable! The only consolation was, they do come in a great looking box my kids liked. I do Love the CI Nation - SALUTE !!! Good Luck!
TG of San Diego, CA
I bought a couple of boxes of these. I did not like their taste right out of the box that much. I stuck them in the humi for a month and bang, their taste improved tremendously. These are a good buy and a good tasting smoke.
ME of League City, TX
A nice smoke for under a buck. They draw well and burn pretty evenly. Goes well with a brandy on the rocks. I will order this one again.
RH of East Grand Forks, MN
One word for you on these smokes. NASTY.
BN of Westminster, CO
This is a fine smoke (Oro Cubano Aniversario) at a fine price. Very tasty very smooth it's a good cigar that can easily be mistaken for a $5 stick. A must buy
MH of Phoenix, AZ
....The flavor is very mild, with an earthy-tobacco taste. Good for the yard, but prob not much else.
TA of Quincy, MA
Wow! A good cigar, Oro Cubano Aniversario period. Then, when you realize how cheap they are , that's just amazing. Had a 'Cigar Burn' for a bunch of new smokers and they all rally loved them. This definately golf course material. Great taste, great flavor, but mild. I will be ordering more.
JO of tucson, AZ
Thought I would try these (Oro Cubano Aniversario) and guess what?? They are a dang good smoke for the money. A great set on the deck and relax cigar. I will be buying more of these for sure.
DM of Driggs, ID
This is a very well made cigar (Oro Cubano Aniversario). Smokes smoothly, and burns even. Should be sold at a much higher price--shhhhhhhhhhhhh--I didn't say that.
MH of Denton, TX
Hands down one smooth smoke (Oro Cubano Aniversario). Very mild and flavorful. A great value for the money.
LD of Chicago, IL
Tried them (Oro Cubano Aniversario)for the first time as part of one of the deals. I was pleasantly surprised at the good taste and burn. Only have had one that didn't burn right but other than that I've been very happy with this one. Clean taste, great aroma.
RB of Ellington, CT
PP of East Meadow , NY
Got it (Oro Cubano Aniversario) on the 125 cigar deal and gave them a bunch out to my friends before I tried one. Didn't get one complaint. Very tasty cigar and well worth the deal. Comes in a box too!
GJ of Metairie, LA