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Rocky Patel The Edge Counterfeits

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Newsflash: Rocky Patel Knocks Off Own Brand!

If you can’t beat him, join him! Or... be him already? Yes, this just in, after Rocky Patel's famous Edge brand has been knocked off more times than I can count, Rocky Patel himself decided to get in on the action. That's right, the official Rocky Patel The Edge "Counterfeits" are here. How can a man counterfeit his own cigar? Don't ask questions!

Rocky Patel The Edge Counterfeits take the same ultra-flavorful, full-bodied powerhouse blend as Edge and simply produces the cigar in Nicaragua, instead of Honduras. Sounds crazy I know, but once you try one of these, you'll soon be grinning from ear to ear. The Edge Counterfeits offer the same characteristically powerful, full-bodied flavor, with a remarkably well-balanced character. If you like The Edge cigars, you should jump on The Edge Counterfeits ASAP - same great flavor at a fraction of the regular price!

Overall Rating4.53 out of 5 Based on 15 Ratings

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4 out of 5
Great cigar, great price. Only
Great cigar, great price. Only complaint is that they are occasionally hard to keep lite.
4 out of 5
Excellent, albeit over-priced smoke
Excellent, albeit over-priced smoke. 5 stars for quality less 1 star for exorbitant price.
5 out of 5
great buy for the money
great buy for the money
4 out of 5
Good Honduran Great Price
Dark, rich and smooth. Some burn a little uneven but who's complainin'. It's an RP for less than three bucks a stick. Auright!
5 out of 5
Best value for buck$.
Excellent smoke. My go-to cigar. Flavorful to the nub. I've bought countless boxes of the Counterfeits. The experience has been very consistent from stick to stick. No gamble here.
5 out of 5
One of my favorite go-to smokes giving lots of bank for buck
The Maduro Counterfeit is a solid smoke at an excellent price. Great draw, even burn, bold flavor. Delicious from tip to nub.
2 out of 5
Waste of money
These were a struggle to smoke,lots of dead spots that won’t burn everyone i tried .dont recommend
5 out of 5
Excellent bang for buck
Excellent bang for buck
5 out of 5
This Ought To Be It’s Own Line
The Edge Counterfeits are so yummy and so distinctly different from The Edge; they ought to be their own line. I have six boxes aging in my big humidor so I can smoke ‘em when they have had 3-4 years to roast at home before I dig in. They are so smooth, so flavorful, so smooth, and really smooth.
5 out of 5
Great smoke
Really enjoyed the constant flavor and burn
5 out of 5
A Good Cigar
These counterfeits compare very well with the genuine Edge cigar.
5 out of 5
Excellent smokes
I'm a huge fan of the actual edge Maduros and I couldn't tell a difference between the quality or flavor....
5 out of 5
Great for half the price!
Some of them may not be as pretty and some are too tight or too loose but the taste is excellent. I doubt many would be able to tell a difference unless they were told. I highly recommend.
4 out of 5
Awesome cigar for the price!
As good as the non-counterfeit? No, of course not. But at half the price, it's still a great cigar that I always keep a box of in my humidor. The construction is great, the flavor is rich, it definitely feels like a Rocky Patel cigar should feel. Every once in a while I get one that doesn't burn quite right, but it's rare, and not really an issue. When I give one to friends, they appreciate it as a premium cigar. A winner!
5 out of 5
RP Edge Counterfeits
Great cigar. Full bodied. Good burn. Easy draw. Great value.
Customer Testimonials
I hesitated more times than I can count before taking the plunge to buy a box of the torpedo maduros and have zero regrets. I honestly cannot detect any difference between these and their more expensive Edge cousins. If you love the Edge, you will love these. Do not think twice and enjoy having the extra cash in your pocket.
PR of Slatersville, RI
Re visited the Edge Maduro Counterfeit after some humi time, they are fabulous, cocoa wood and caramel with a hint of pepper and leather. I'm happy I bought a box and will continue to rest them and smoke them. One of the smoothest maduros I've smoked lately. Despite all the new stuff out there.
VF of margate, FL
RP Edge Maduro in toro, medium to full bodied. Easy draw with plenty of dense smoke output. Flavors of earth, dirt, wood, milk chocolate, nuts, n.leather.. semi long nutty leathery finish. Hints of spice and raisin. No construction issues. Aside from the no band and rough appearance awesome duplicate of the original. Less cream. Cheaper also. I rate a easy 90
VF of margate, FL
Is this a life changing cigar, something you need to write home about just now? In a word, no. However, that doesn't diminish from its capabilities in any way. To dispense with its advertising campaign, it doesn't have an over the top power; it is certainly a strong cigar, but it doesn't have that cigar after a pint of liquor punch that a 5 Vegas Cask Strength does. What this cigar does have, is quality and appeal. It burns well, evenly, and with plenty of smoke. While it isn't instantaneously exciting, it is like a classic whiskey: everything you desire, expect, and love from a good cigar. If you want something new and interesting for a night or two, look elsewhere. If you want a classic, something consistent but good, then this is what you want.
NG of Essex, VT
Just picked up a box of Maduros and smoked one upon purchase decision I've made in a long time. The blend is wonderful; has a earthy sweetness with a smooth taste and an even burn. I REALLY LIKE THIS CIGAR !!!!!
TS of Corona, CA
Finally found the strength of my favorite MOW Ruination with an affordable price. I'll still keep my MOW's but this is my new every day cigar.
RC of Duncan, SC
The Edge Counterfeit Maduro is a great smoke, but I expected more. I love the original Edge, but I actually thought I'd like these better (being that they're from Nicaragua). Even so, the price is right, and these are worth your time if you're a Maduro fan.
TN of Arvada, CO
The RP Edge Maduro Torpedo is a long time personal fave of mine, as I lean toward fuller bodied's a simply gorgeous cigar as well... I'm tellin' ya guys these RP Counterfeits are a darn good smoke....The price is hard to beat, and the flavor and lots of bluish, gray smoke make me want to shake Rocky's (Patel...NOT Balboa) hand...This cigar is a definite two thumbs up!!
DC of Nashville, TN
This cigar deserves its own name because it's Nicaraguan blend, and oily, spicy-smooth Nicaraguan wrapper is sweet and fragrant. Not a 2nd rate cigar whatsoever. The "real" Edge Maduro is a go-to for me... AFTER my stock of Edge "fakes" is depleted. Way underpriced, but don't tell Joe or Rocky I said that.
EB of Woodbridge, VA
These are some fine smokes! All of the reviews are absolutely accurate. I just smoked one of the torpedo corojos right off the UPS truck and it was excellent. There was a little bite on the finish, but this will be cleared up with a few weeks in the humi. Rocky Patel is one the best blenders in the business, and has really impressed me with these fine full bodied gems.
KF of Greenwich, CT
WOW! This has got to be one of the best values in the cigar world (Rocky Patel The Edge 'Counterfeits')! Very close, if not exactly, like the original RP "The Edge". They have the blend down pat and it really doesn't matter where they're rolled. I just got my box in today and braved a muggy chilly evening to smoke the first one. It was worth it.
RT of Atlanta, GA
I too became an instant fan of The Edge, and as many of my friends know is it my go to stick (Rocky Patel The Edge 'Counterfeits'), so I grabbed 5 of these so called counterfeits, close in appearance and same great feel. As soon as I lit it I knew I was in Rockyville. For the price its a must to throw a few dozen in your humidor, I go back and forth between The Edge and these and they are so close that I wondering why I even spend the extra dough for the real deal. Thanks Rocky, as usual your keepin my wallet fatter each month!! long ashes
ME of westford, MA
A buddy of mine tricked me with this, im a regular edge smoker , so were out at a construction site, and i said damn i didnt stock my 3 finger case this morning, so im about to put a wad of dip in, and he goes ,"wait a minute there big guy" he hands me what he says is an edge. looks like it ,feels like it, so light up, first thing i notice is the trademark power, but something was a little different, not as creamy to me as usual, but damn powerful, and still very good ,about half way through the creamy undertone kicks in and im cool. so later on he says its one of those edge counterfeits, so i come straight to the to see the price, i must say im wandering what the point is. i can get 20 edge for 80 dollars, thats only a 20 dollar savings, i cant justify buying these ,personally ill just pay the extra 20 for the edge, now a one day deal that knocks 15 or 20 of of these, ill be the first in line, but if your that strapped that the 20 dollar savings is paramount, i would have no problem vouching for these ,these are pretty close, and they passed that creamy test too ,if they do have a 1 day deal on these ,i would suggest buying 2 or 3 boxes and putting down for a year or two, i felt these were even more powerful than the real deal, and might need a little more aging. but ,once again ci shows why they cant be beat, when you can buy the real thing for 20 dollars more.[4- five packs of the torpedo corojo] [now you dont think rocky would slip the real things in here and call them fake would you] i wander.
JS of hamilton, OH
Like i promised i'mmmmm back. The "R.P. EDGE Counterfeits".....Not as sleek as the original, but no so surprising, the flavor is right on. Some brands you can count on and R.P. is one of the best. If you want to save some coin..............GO FOR IT!
VB of San Francisco, CA
Holy cow, a good, tasty, FUERTE smoke. Rocky Patel The Edge 'Counterfeits' I liked the original Edge so much I found myself smoking them as my everyday smoke--thus putting a hole in my budget. Took a shot on these and came out a winnerr. Pretty sure I couldn't pass the Pepsi challenge between these and the original Edge. Be careful though--These are strong smokes. I thought I had built up my tolerance enough so that strong cigars wouldn't give me the buzz they used to--But these things knock me on my A$$ if I smoke 'em on an empty stomach. Stronger than the original, I'd bet.
PD of Denver, CO
The additional 10 free RP Connecticuts seduced me to try a box of Counterfeits, and I regretted it after completing the order. I am rejoicing after completing my first stick. What a relief and what a great smoke. Edge fans fear not. It doesn't look quite as stunning as the original, but my taste buds are perfectly satisfied. Same tight wrap. Same easy draw. Same billowing smoke. Same one hour plus to smoke it. Same fabulous flavor.
KM of Los Angeles, CA
This is one of the best cigars Rocky Patel has produced. He may call it a Counterfeit, but it is an original in my book. If Rocky wants to counterfeit his own cigars sign me up.
TK of Mesa, WA
If it's a Rocky Patel, counterfeit or not its worth a try. I'm on board. My order is next. I'll get back with the results soon. Thanks R.P. and C.I., one satisfied customer.
VB of San Francisco, CA

Edge Counterfeit Toro Corojo


After spending more than a decade in the cigar industry I’ve seen tons of cigar brands (and “Cigar Super-Stars” come & go. Don Juan, Don Smith, Don This & Don That…the list just never seemed to end. Now, long after the dust has settled from the Cigar Boom of the 90’s we’re well past the end of the Don’s & only the strong are left standing. Survival of the fittest. The way I think the world is meant to be, it’s a dog-eat-dog world out there....but I digress.

One of the fellas who's never been voted off of the island is Rocky Patel. And because The Edge is Rocky’s #1 selling cigar, I thought I’d take a look at it’s less-expensive clone. As I clip the head I’m very impressed with the oily dark Corojo wrapper on this “Counterfeit.” Not a soft-spot from head to foot, and it’s got a little resistance in the pre-light draw that opens up beautifully upon lighting producing thick, creamy white billows of smoke throughout my side of the store. Spice & leather is the primary taste that I’m picking up in the beginning & I like it. I like it a lot.   I’ve always been a huge fan of Rocky’s Edge & Edge Counterfeit maduros, but today I’m taking a closer look at their Corojo cousins. Edge was introduced right here at CI’s Downtown Bethlehem Store in September 2004 and I instantly became a fan of these full-flavored un-banded, non-celloed cigars in big boxes of 100. The current day Edge cigars have cello & a pretty band on their feet, but true-to-their-roots, Edge Counterfeits still come naked & sans cello. And speaking of the Edge Counterfeit, I’m at about the one-third mark now & the spice has given way to make for a very complex, full-flavored creamy taste & I can almost literally chew on the smoke from this cigar. So far - SO GOOD!

The Edge Counterfeit is actually no counterfeit at all. Edge’s “from-the-factory” look of raw cedar aging boxes of 100 filled with tough-looking, naked & unbanded cigars was copied by a handful of cigar makers. Not a single one of them I can even think of right now, but there were a bunch of look-alikes (but none came close to the taste of Rocky’s.) Fed up with all the Edge look-alikes these other companies were spinning Rocky decided that if anyone was going to make a counterfeit Edge cigar – it was him. So he took off to Nicaragua with the same exact recipe that makes an Edge an Edge & put cigar-roller, hall-of-famer A.J. Fernandez to work to make the same exact cigar that was being made in Honduras. After all, if anyone knows what an Edge is made out of it’s certainly Rocky himself. Using the same wrapper, binder & filler tobaccos, Rocky, along with A.J. Fernandez created their own version of the Edge & since each cigar factory implements slightly different methods of drying, aging & fermenting their tobaccos, there are ever-so-slight differences between the Original Edge & the Edge Counterfeit. I can’t really put into words the differences, but one thing I know is that the Edge is quite a bit more expensive with absolutely no difference in quality, construction, or anything other than a bit of flavor difference than the Edge Counterfeit – And I still can’t even figure out how to put that ever-so-slight difference into words. 

I’m just now finishing up this 6” x 52 cigar which has become much more flavorful with intense leather, nuts & the spice has kicked in again at the last third of the cigar. I can honestly say that I’d be in trouble if my life depended on making the distinction between an Edge and an Edge Counterfeit.