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Burley,  Latakia,  Oriental,  Perique,  Turkish,  Virginia
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Things to Know About Pipe Tobacco

Pipe tobacco is a finely cut tobacco traditionally made from either a blend of different types of tobacco or a single type of it. It comprises several ingredients and has a certain moisture content that varies among brands and varieties. It typically contains anywhere from 13%-22% moisture. Pipe tobacco is available in several forms, such as a loose-leaf, ready rubbed, and ribbon cut. 

How to Keep Pipe Tobacco Fresh

To keep it fresh, every jar of pipe tobacco needs to be tightly sealed and kept in a cool, dry place so that its moistness does not turn it stale. Something like the Cigar Jar Humidor found here can be used to store pipe tobacco. A container with an airtight seal is the best option for storage. A clean, resealable plastic bag with a zipping closure may also do the trick.

Can You Freeze Pipe Tobacco?

No. Pipe tobacco should never be frozen. 

Is Pipe Tobacco Meant to Be Inhaled?

Inhaling pipe tobacco is not recommended, since this type of tobacco is cured for longer than other types of tobacco, making it more alkaline and, therefore, harsh to breathe in. Nicotine in alkaline-rich tobacco absorbs through the mouth and palette.