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Five Brothers Pipe Tobacco

Burley, through and through.

5 Brothers is a classic blend of loose cut Virginia Burley tobacco. It's powerful, but that's intentional. And thanks to minimal casing, the flavor is almost entirely pure tobacco. If you're looking for a straight, no-nonsense tobacco (at an extremely affordable price), 5 Brothers is calling.
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Overall Rating 4.67 out of 5 Based on 3 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Five Brothers Pipe Tobacco”

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4 out of 5
My Only Smoke
...for the last five years, after 25 yrs of cigarettes. Nothing else I've tried comes close. It gets a bit lost in a large bowl, so I stick to medium sized pipes. Great taste with no apparent wet, smelly stuff added. No tongue bite for me, and no metallic taste like I get with Grangers. When inhaled, it will knock you off your feet at first. The only reason I can't give it five-stars is that there are always lots of birdseye and large pieces of sliced stem material in the pouch. You have to sit there and root through the bag to get the twigs out. Great stuff otherwise. Almost always in stock at CI, unlike my local store.
5 out of 5
Five brothers, The Classical Tobacco.
If you do civil war living history, or just love the 1800s era culture, this is a good tobacco to smoke. I roll this tobacco into hand rolled cigarettes, But it also is equally good in the pipe. Definitely my go-to for hand rolling.
5 out of 5
Five Brothers
I found it just as potent as stated. Used it to beef up a nice, but lesser blend that I wanted as a nic kick for occasional smoking.
Customer Testimonials
For the times when you don't want to put up with any nonsense.
Great tabacco its very strong I wouldn't suggests this to a beginner. But anyone I say go for it. Is great.
"Real" tobacco - For a "real" smoke. Great flavor, consistent burn, goop-free, and a price that can't be beat.
This is a love it or hate it kind of blend. It's strong. STRONG! Yet, somehow, it maintains a mild-medium flavor despite the high nicotine. This is a shag cut pipe tobacco truly meant for the pipe. The lack of additives and the extremely fine cut means it can burn fast, burn hot, and dry out in the blink of an eye. If you handle it carefully, it can offer a flavor similar to your standard Prince Albert or Carter Hall type blend, while offering a strength more like Irish Flake and a burn time much less than you'd expect. My only complaint is that it comes painfully dry more often than not. If you want to smoke from the pouch, throw in a humidifier disc. Personally, I usually have some on hand (I love strong tobacco whether in my pipe or as a cigar), and when I open a pouch I rehumidify it slightly and jar it up in a mason jar to keep it springy. In this state, it will keep indefinitely and dry to desired level of moisture in a matter of minutes. This is an exceptionally simple and monotonous blend, often compared to cigarettes (though oddly despite the flavor and cut, I think it makes terrible cigarettes). As a pipe tobacco I enjoy it, but many do not. At this price, I suggest taking a gamble. For those trying to get away from smoking cigarettes, it can be a great way for a quick nic fix without inhaling. Just make sure not to overheat it, and smoke it slow to avoid bite.
The description is dead on! Great full-flavor, very clean burn. The lack of casings means a goop-free smoke. Reminds me of the old-style "Drum". Tobacco flavored tobacco...gotta love it!
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