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Staff Reviews

  • Graycliff Espresso

    Brandon S
    You might recall a short time ago when the Robb Report labeled this bad-boy as being “nearly hallucinogenic”. I suppose that might be an applicable description by some, but in my humble opinion it’s merely a buzz word designed to attract attention to Graycliff’s original Espresso line. Certainly the blend is enticing enough with a combination of long-fillers …
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  • Flor del Todo

    This cigar has been around forever, literally as long as my cigar memory serves me. And I can remember the first time I picked up this, um, beauty in about '98, it was a grimy, dry looking blah that tasted just like it looked. I'm not sure who schnookered me into smoking it, but I called it like it smoked and went on referring to it as "flor del doo-doo". Ya know what I mean, like doggie-doo-doo. …
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  • Don Diego

    Steve R
    Don Diego is one of those names that’s become synonymous with ‘gentle’. It’s a go-to brand for beginners – they know the name, it’s easy to say and you’ll find it in just about any cigar shop across the country. They’re consistent, well-made and make for an easy introduction to the wonderful world of premium handmade cigars. Heck, one of the first cigars I ever had was a Don Diego, given to me by …
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  • Macanudo Cafe

    Whenever I'm asked what I do for a living, I get one of three reactions: 1) a puzzled look on his face, "I'll be damned. You can make a living selling cigars?" 2) shocked look from a soccer mom who slowly backs away as if I just told her I sell arms to Syria 3) excited …
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  • 5 Vegas Series 'A'

    a·nom·a·ly, n., deviation or departure from the normal or common order, form, or rule. Let me get it out of the way 'geez Gonz, back to back 5 Vegas reviews???' Well, after my incredible string of good fortune in furthering the supremacy of 5 Vegas (in my mind at least) with my last review of 5 Vegas Gold, I couldn't resist picking up the recently released Series 'A'. I …
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