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  • The best you've never had.

    Jeff K
    If you haven’t met him, Ernesto Carrillo is one of our industry’s biggest assets. Hardworking and innovative, Ernesto is a true tobacco man whose cigar and blending knowledge ranks easily side by side with anyone who’s every walked this planet. Additionally, he’s a genuinely great guy who’s building his eponymous family business and brand alongside his son and …
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  • One Village, one helluva good coffee.

    Jeff K
    When I got the call from Woody at One Village Coffee, a local company, asking if we’d be interested in carrying their line of coffees, I was skeptical…after all we are a cigar company. He grabbed my attention though with his passion and enthusiasm about coffee and by explaining the similarities between growing coffee beans and growing tobacco, and it didn’t hurt that he was a …
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  • They had me at Bourbon...

    Jeff K
    Cigar makers are always seeking out ways to innovate and bring new experiences to the cigar smokers. Some of these work well, while others, ehh not so fast my friend. Camacho successfully capitalizes on the ever growing popular trend of barrel aging by utilizing a blend of tobaccos placed in Kentucky bourbon barrels for 5 months with their new release, Camacho Barrel Aged.   My love for …
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  • Relic by AJ Fernandez

    Steve R
    Don’t ask how the sausage is made, son, just feast. Relic hit us by surprise. As strong as our relationship is with AJ Fernandez, he somehow kept this beauty out from under our nosey noses. Probably a good thing, otherwise we surely would have bought every Relic cigar produced on the spot. It’s just that good. So yes, I will be giving this cigar a very strong rating. And yes, this …
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  • Does length really matter? You be the judge!

    Jason B
    Honduras is located in Central America, just northwest of Nicaragua, and is another major cigar producing country. Because of how fertile the soil is, and the amazing climate conditions, tobacco seeds thrive. The history of cigars being produced here is fairly similar to its southern neighbor, Nicaragua. Both countries share a history of civil unrest and have had their share of natural …
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