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Staff Reviews
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  • Dry better.

    Jeff K
    As more and more ‘Cool Sh!t’ has been piling up around the office, I managed to snag one that I could really make some daily practical use out of. Over the past few years, I’ve seen commercials and infomercials for technologically-advanced drying systems that were similar to this one. They’ve always intrigued me, but a towel is a …
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  • Tovolo Sphere Ice Mold

    I like booze. Not just any particular kind of booze…all of it. You name it - beer, wine, spirits, and even spiked homemade punch. In fact, if it has alcohol in it, you’re bound to find me enjoying it at some point or another. No, I’m not the town drunk, but I could probably pass bar tending school with my eyes closed. So if you’re …
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  • Ladderball Pro Steel

    Erick V
    Let me tell you, I have been to my fair share of tailgates…Go Phillies...and I have played just about every game in the book while under the influence of certain intoxicants. Washers, Quoits, Corn Hole, KanJam, Flip-Cup, 500, Chandelier, Beer Pong, etc…I’ve done it all. And no matter what, I always find myself partaking in a few rounds …
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  • Alta Gracia Natural Cigarillo

    Commitment is a challenging part of life. For me, this whole notion of committing to one thing means a painful, unappealing obligation which commonly ends with dejection and despair. Perhaps I am off-base with this whole idea of commitment. Maybe commitment is a virtuous trait that should be revered. Having said …
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  • Latitude Zero

    If there’s one thing you need to know about me it’s this: I have hair on my face and I sell cigars. Allow me to entertain you for just a few measly seconds about the mysterious cigar that is, Latitude Zero.  Before I swan …
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