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Casa Magna Dominican

Posted , by Steve R

Apparently you guys like beer. I received a lot of feedback on the beer portion of my review. While I don’t want these reviews to lose their focus, I’ll gladly toss in some sidebars on craft beer from time to time. And since I just had two new (to me) IPAs this past weekend, I might as well tell you about …

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Don Pepin Garcia Legado de Pepin

Posted , by Steve R

The other day I received two scathing emails from the same person. He took the time to tell me how wonderful my reviews are, how much he agreed with them, and how awesome my palate is. Seriously, both emails made me all warm and fuzzy inside. After the insults, in his most charming and classy way, he then told me to go back to drinking Bud Light and …

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Dunhill Aged Dominican

Posted , by Jeff K

I’m bad at this. It’s been too long since my last review, but I’m making a promise to do better.  So expect more this year, and if you’re bored, shoot me a request on a cigar you’re interested in and I’ll write something up. Dunhill. It’s a brand you’ve likely heard of, but not …

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Oliva Saison

Posted , by Steve R

Oliva. I’ve always loved the brand. Back when it was lesser known, and the Serie ‘O’ cigars came in felt bands and the maduro variety came in toilet bowl shaped boxes....yeah, I loved them back then. Some of you might remember the days I’m harking, some may not. Either way, most folks know the name Oliva, and the brand has been …

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Tabacalera Zapata

Posted , by Brock

Roughly five years ago, my hair was longer, face was cleaner and midsection was smaller. Moreover, I couldn’t refer to myself as a cigar connoisseur or aficionado, but rather, a cigar groupie. I was fascinated by anyone who worked in this great industry and it didn’t matter if it was a cigar maker, rep, roller or anybody else who does this for a living. Hell, the …

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