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CI Knock-Offs: Cohiba


“Pequeno” in size, “Grande” in flavor…

For those who pay attention to detail, I whipped up this review the day after CIGARfest 2012, still jacked up from the weekend’s festivities.

As we wrapped up the CIGARfest 2012 aftermath, I was embarrassed, humiliated, and appalled at the fact that I didn’t smoke many cigars. Between drawing raffles, running between the band stage and the main stage, chatting with cigar customers and vendors, striking out with the lovely CI models, and performing my alter-ego “Cornelius Quincy Corne” for 3,000 people, there just wasn’t much time for me to enjoy a fine puro.

The life-saver for me was a tiny little morsel I like to call “CI Knock-Offs Cohiba” (Note: Cohiba is a registered trademark of General Cigar Corporation.) The size I prefer in this blend is called “Pequeno” which literally translates into English as “small” or “little”. These small 4.2 X 34 pequenos provided a nice, quick burn while I was on the fly. These little guys are a great value as they come in small bundles of 30 sticks for a little under a buck a cigar. 

The Cohiba Knock-Off uses a chestnut Cameroon wrapper which exudes a hint of spice with ample sweetness. [Insert educational portion of cigar review here, Brock.] Ok folks, I’m being informed that I must “learn” you on tobacco in this portion of my analysis. The Cameroon wrapper is a rare wrapper leaf literally cultivated in small growing regions in the country of Cameroon, Africa. It is quite difficult for tobacco buyers and brokers to purchase this tobacco and, furthermore, requires a high level of carefulness during production. Due to its delicateness, only the most skillful “torcedores” (rollers) in a cigar factory are permitted to roll cigars utilizing Cameroon tobacco.

In many cases, Cameroon tobacco is used as binder due to its ugly appearance and lackluster vein structure. When used as a wrapper, numerous manufacturers use cedar or tissue paper to cover up the ugly vein structure and spottiness. However, the Cohiba Knock-off Pequeno uses no cigar band.

This Dominican treat is mellow in body but very flavorful. My only problem is the majority of these are rolled fairly loose which produces an easy, yet quite hot draw. 

Let’s cut to the chase, I like this brand because it’s cheap, flavorful and has a true Cameroon taste. The flavor presents a hint of spice with an ample natural sweetness and just a small fraction of nuttiness. No bones about it, this is a good every day, coffee break cigar.

If you’re a fan of Cohiba, Rocky Patel Cameroon, or any kind of cigarillo that comes in a tin, this value is for you.

Brock’s Flavor Rating: “80”

Brock’s Value Rating: “92”

Expert Philosophical Insightful Thought for the Day: “Guy walks into a bar. Ouch!”