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Alta Gracia Natural Cigarillo


Commitment is a challenging part of life. For me, this whole notion of committing to one thing means a painful, unappealing obligation which commonly ends with dejection and despair. Perhaps I am off-base with this whole idea of commitment. Maybe commitment is a virtuous trait that should be revered. Having said this, I’m just not into it.

Anyway, I’ve grown quite a reputation here in the retail division for being a connoisseur, aficionado, maestro and all around master of the miniscule entities known as “cigarillos”. The aforementioned “cigarillo”, or “little cigar” in Laymen’s terms, burns easy and goes down fast.

Having worked in every single retail store CI has to offer, whenever a store employee sees Brock walking through the doors on an off-day, they immediately conceal the display racks which respectively present the cigarillos out of fear of running out. Whether it’s a natural wrapper, maduro, flavored cigar or simply dirt cheap, I am willing to smoke any and all cigarillos placed in front of me. I love them so much!

I recently realized something about myself and the type of cigars I like. I’m typically a corona and/or robusto smoker with a heavy emphasis on cigarillos. This makes complete sense now! A little cigar such as the Alta Gracia is a tasty, satisfying morsel of tobacco which literally consumes a maximum of FIVE (5) minutes of my time! Little commitment! I am cigarillos. Cigarillos are me. We are intertwined in the forces of life, thus, producing a beautiful union of two entities!

While the Alta Gracia is offered in either Natural or Maduro, along with being featured in three (3) distinctive sizes (all of which I have smoked), it should be no surprise to you that the size I’m choosing to smoke in droves and review today is the cigarillo.

The Alta Gracia Natural Cigarillo is a small cigar which has roughly the width of a pencil and the length of a…um, golf pencil. The size is 3.1” x 23 if that helps.

In copious boxes of fifty (50) little cigars, you can basically fit an entire roll of them in your hand with ease. If you’re one of those weirdos who like to stick the entire foot of the cigar up your nose before sparking them up, you may want to reconsider this practice with the Alta Gracia. It’s too thin and you will have a high probability of getting it lodged in your nasal cavity. On second thought, go for it. Upon igniting this delightful treat, you will notice how smooth and mellow it is right away. Flavor-wise, I’m getting hints of tasty, natural mellow tobacco.

In the middle third of this cigar, the Alta Gracia Natural is holding the same flavor but is burning slightly hotter due to its size.

When this little guy gets down the nub, it burns hot as hell. Having said the aforementioned, I love these things so much that I literally smoke them down to my fingers, reluctant to put it down.

Just like Christmas, the cold weather is coming. Invest in some of these scrumptious little sticks if find yourself smoking outside often. 

Listen, I’m not going to write an elaborate review for an inexpensive, value-brand cigarillo describing it with industry buzzword descriptors such as coffee, nuts, almonds, vegetal and whatever else the literary masters have to say these days. It’s small, quick, mellow, tastes like tobacco and only occupies roughly 5 minutes of your time. More importantly, it’s damn good and damn cheap.

Expert thought of the day: Don’t you love when a “good Samaritan” does an unseen good deed, then proceeds to tell EVERYONE they know? These fake philanthropists slay me!