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2006 - The Year of Corojo

Chase M.

This holiday season brought many joys my way. The family finally accepted that I’d prefer a bottle of booze over new undies, my Grandmother gave me my annual jar of pickles, and on the work front, I was gifted a plethora of dynamite sticks (who ever said giving was better than receiving?). 

Take that last comment how you will, all I know is my humidor is now filled to the brim and raring for the New Year. And before 2018 even arrives, I dove into a cigar that I couldn’t wait to take for a test drive, the brand new limited edition Romeo y Julieta Reserve Rare 2006. As soon as you pick this sucker up, you can tell construction will not be an issue. It’s heavy in the hand and stuffed evenly with a mixture of Criollo ’98 and Honduran long-fillers. A gorgeous, peach-colored secondary band separates Rare Corojo 2006 from the original Reserve line, but the real difference lies in the true Corojo wrapper leaf cultivated back in, you guessed it, 2006. 

A quick cut and light reveal instant hints a bright fruity notes that dominate over subtle hints of cedar, sweetness, and a tinge of spice. This combination continued until about the halfway point, at which time that unique fruity note went into hiding, and was overtaken by sweet cedar and hints of cashew. This was also the point where I had to give props to Reserve Rare 2006’s spot-on construction. No touch-ups needed with a crisp, even burn going strong. 

Heading into the home stretch, you could say I was a bit disappointed. Not because the cigar was bad, but because that initial bright fruit notes were so captivating I demanded more. Luckily, it answered my calls, and with about 3 inches to go it returned with vengeance. Again dominating the flavor profile along with the entrance of a savory baked bread nuance that together carried me through the nub. 

I can’t claim to have smoked every cigar on the market in 2017, but with my job, I’ve smoked a damn good amount. Romeo y Julieta Rare 2006 sits proudly in my top 10 for the year, and I’m confident those without a donkey palate will agree. It yields a refreshing, unique flavor profile that leaves an enjoyable aftertaste on the palate and boasts a burn that you’d expect from the brand Winston Churchill preferred. Only problem is the limited supply, so if I were you, I’d use whatever cash left over from the holidays to snag a box before they disappear for good.