War Horse Ready-Cut  1.75 Ounce Tin
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War Horse Ready-Cut

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This steed will charge at your taste buds full speed.

In the early 20th century, War Horse enjoyed great popularity in Ireland and the UK. Unlike other tobaccos of its day, War Horse was known for its spades of flavor. In the 1930’s, this blend disappeared off the market, but now the Standard Tobacco Company of Pennsylvania acquired the brand, and wants to share it with a new generation of pipe enthusiasts.

STCP plans to release a variety of lines under the War Horse name, and at hand today we have their first. A ready-rubbed hearty blend, War Horse’s first offering is packed to the brim with top-quality tobaccos. The base is a hearty Burley tobacco, with smoky Dark Fired Kentucky added in, mixed with matured, dark Virginia leaves and just a dash of Orientals to add some spice. There are some top-flavors added, but they are all light, making this a standard non-aromatic blend. Once you taste this one, you’ll be racing for more. The only disappointment you’ll have when you choose War Horse is that feeling at the finish line where you realize your tin is empty, and you need more of this delicious new brand.

Overall Rating2.5 out of 5 Based on 2 Ratings

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3 out of 5
Nothing to see here
Tried a tin of WarHorse Ready Cut and so far I've worked my way thru about half of it. It's a good smoking tobacco that burns well with no bite, but that's where the love ends. I don't see anything special about this blend and there's no(for me) standout flavor or room note. After all the initial hype, I came away disappointed.
2 out of 5
Horse REview
Well, I guess I was thinking this would be like some of my favorites that have burley and macedonian tobaccos blended. It is supposed to be kind of strong. I just didn't think it was smooth at all. I shared it with some other GKCPC members. I just thought it was okay.