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Man O' War

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Unhand the Opus, my good man.

Man O’ War is carefully blended and hand-crafted by Abdel "AJ" Fernandez in Esteli, Nicaragua. Born in Cuba, AJ began working with tobacco at a very young age, studying under some of the industry's most legendary minds. After years absorbing knowledge, Abdel moved to Nicaragua 6 years ago and began building what is now emerging as one of the finest boutique makers in the country.

Of all the cigars made in his factory – ITC 10th Anniversary, Padilla Habano, Rocky Patel Fusion – Abdel considers the Man O’ War his finest creation. Each expertly made cigar is a sight to behold. The dark Habano Ecuador wrapper is beautiful...thick, smooth, and covered with natural oils. This thing is stunning, positively gorgeous. But underneath the velvet glove is a hammer, a robust medium-full recipe of aged Cuban-seed Nicaraguan long-fillers which unleashes a bold bouquet for the senses. The opening is robust, with heavy spice and wood undertones, developing a chewy, velvety-smooth core of oak and earth which coats the palate, leaving behind a sweet array of spices. A variety of understated nuances come and go throughout the burn, including coffee, cocoa bean, and a touch of vanilla. Man O' War is simply incredible. I mean it.

The packaging for Man O’ War is suitably impressive, a presentation to match the quality of the cigar itself. 22 Man O' War cigars snugly packed in a unique, heavy cedar chest.

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Overall Rating 4.23 out of 5 Based on 57 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Man O' War”

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5 Star
4 out of 5
4 Star
3 out of 5
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Showing 1-50 of 128 Reviews
5 out of 5
Great smoky always a winner burns good,Nice easy draw and the best part about this cigar is the last half truly magnificent
5 out of 5
Fantastic cigar, goes great with bourbon
3 out of 5
Inconsistent burn
Good flavor, but burn and draw is inconsistent
4 out of 5
Good stick
Good stick
5 out of 5
Man O War Toro
A great smoke, nice an mildly flavorful. A great cigar after dinner with a glass of port.
5 out of 5
They where great.
They where great.
5 out of 5
Great Cigar at a great
Great Cigar at a great price
3 out of 5
Good Golf Course Stick
Read several reviews and decided to try a 10 pack. Only smoked one so far, but it was a good stick for the price. Initial draw was a bit strong, but it smoothed out quickly and delivered plenty of medium-full smoke throughout the burn. Burned fairly evenly, too. Developed a little bit of a tunnel in the last third. Depending upon how the other 9 burn, I'll probably buy again.
2 out of 5
Man O’ War Sample
The Man O’ War sample I bought included, Man O' War Ruination; Man O’ War and The Legend, Best to worst in that order. Man O’ War Ruination was good, Man O’ War was Ok and The Legend had an unusual aftertaste that ruined the smoke.
5 out of 5
Awesome cigar!
Complex flavors, strong, & very slow burning. Only needed a few weeks in the humi off the truck.
3 out of 5
Close but no...
Although I like it better than the Ruination, this one just misses the mark. The good points...good price point, good construction, good performance, borders on full body with ample spice etc.! What I think it lacks is...complexity, it's a one trick pony, also that touch of sweetness that can be found in other AJ sticks like the original Diesel, 5 Vegas Triple A and Diesel Unlimited Maduro. As nice as the Ecuador Habano wrapper looks on this stick, I think it lacks the complexity and sweetness factor I find in the Pennsylvania Broadleaf wrapper etc.! It just doesn't do this cigar justice!
5 out of 5
Man o war toro
Enjoyed these very much nice slow full flavored burn leaving me wanting more
3 out of 5
Peppery from start to finish
Peppery from start to finish but it does smooth out throughout the smoke
4 out of 5
Great medium body medium strength smoke
As usual any AJ Fernandez product, and this is no exception, is first rate in terms of construction, burn and draw. The flavor is excellent and has a nice spicy start that morphs into a cedar taste before settling in to a great earthiness. NOt sure what some folks are saying about inconsistent..I've been smoking the MoW line for years and that is the one thing you can guarantee about AJF cigars....consistent.
5 out of 5
A Nice Smoke
I enjoyed the Man O' War cigars. Not too hot but strong enough to leave the aftertaste which I prefer. One of my selections in the future when it is time to replenish.
5 out of 5
great smoke
In short I bought these to try and discovered a really terrific cigar. Good from light to finish. Slow burn, large plumes of smoke, notes of cedar, chocolate and a hint of spice. I will buy them again!
5 out of 5
Top Notch
Smoked one of these about 2 months ago and have been smoking them every week since then. This is one fine cigar. Taste, construction & draw are all top notch. Try one and I don't think you will be disappointed.
5 out of 5
corona trust me get the corona,
awesome stick moreso for the price, go for the corona.......
3 out of 5
latest order
not as good as expected im sorry but disappointed
4 out of 5
Will buy this one again!
only been smoking for a short while and got the Man O' War in an assortment pack. had been smoking med/mild sticks and tried this one evening after dinner. started out a little bold but mellowed out quickly. burned well and evenly, good ash. liked the smell and the taste. was a good hr smoke for me and was very happy with it, I would purchase it again.
4 out of 5
"man oh man!
Strong and full body just like I like it. This is not for a beginner. A good hour plus cigar. Burns evenly throughout.
5 out of 5
Man O War
I buy them for my father for birthdays, fathers day and Christmas. He loves them. And he doesn’t share these with anyone.
5 out of 5
Some of the best small cigars. I give them a 10
The best little cigars out there.. even burn and full of flavor
5 out of 5
a great stick
a rael finger burner would be one of my everyday stick good draw even burn everything I wanted now I just have to afford em if nyou see em on sale a must have
5 out of 5
Man of war
Love them
5 out of 5
very happy
I arrived very quickly and awesome box and awesome cigars
5 out of 5
Man O' War Toro
Loved them. Very fresh and smooth. Burnt evenly for the most part. Would definitely get them again.
5 out of 5
Excellent smoke
This has become a goto cigar. Always consistent with full flavor.
5 out of 5
Full flavored for those that like Full Flavored
Bought a 5 pack to try these out and will absolutely buy again. I would also say, if you don't like a full flavored cigar, don't buy a full flavored cigar, and then give it a 1 star rating because it is a full flavored cigar and "too strong for me". I found it to be surprisingly smooth and delicious. I have been smoking primarily Kuba Kuba, Makers Mark, and Gurkha Grand Reserve Infused smokes for a few months now and was amazed how smooth this Man-O-War was. Not too harsh, and not too mild. All 5 very very consistent for me (Toro size) and very even long lasting burn with a very easy draw. For the price, this is as good as any I feel.
5 out of 5
Great Smoke
Great smoke at a great price. While I cannot say the individual flavors tasted I can say they are delicious.
5 out of 5
Man of war
Love them wish I could buy more
5 out of 5
Torpedo can't be beat
I have tried every size and shape of the MOW and I have to say that the torpedo stands head and shoulders above the rest. To my tastes the MOW torpedo and the Ave Maria Divinia toro are AJF's masterpieces.
3 out of 5
Too much pepper and spice, not enough balance of other flavors
Blast of pepper for the first 1/2", then settles down. This is a strong smoke - almost on the harsh side. Spice was a bit too much - it was the "elephant in the room" against the other flavors. Not my favorite MOW. A better choice is Ruination - by far.
5 out of 5
One of my personal favorites of all time!
5 out of 5
One of my favorites!
Having now smoked a few sizes of this cigar, I can say for sure that this is one of my favorites. Always a good burn, nice construction, smooth draw and flavor for days. I'm not one to describe the details of the flavor, but is full and delicious! A word of advice to the uninitiated though, these bad boys pack a punch and if you're unprepared will leave you feeling green. While I'm not a huge smoker of super strong sticks, when I want one, these are the first that come to mind.
1 out of 5
No Good
Good draw and constructed well but tasted bad. Really hoped for a good experience but the entire burn was bad. Get the Ruination or the Side Project instead.
4 out of 5
Very good
I enjoyed these. From the first puff to the last it was smooth and kept me wanting the next drag. Highly recommended
1 out of 5
2 strong 4 me
2 strong 4 me
4 out of 5
yep, i liked em
Big stick tastey to boot!
5 out of 5
great smoke
great smoke
5 out of 5
Simply a Great Cigar
Great taste, even burn with a nice draw. These should be in your humidor.
5 out of 5
Christmas Gift
I gave a box of these to my boyfriend for Christmas. They are his new favorite.
3 out of 5
Decent But Lacking
It's a decent smoke for the price but unfortunately it left me unimpressed. Maybe I expect too much as my first MOW was a Ruination which I fell in love with and then the puro authentico. Construction and burn has been consistent but lacks that boom in flavor for me.
3 out of 5
Was not impressed.
I must have gotten a bad one. Although the flavor was ok, the draw was really tight. Took a lot of effort to smoke this one.
5 out of 5
great flavor, great burn, great everything. Absolutely amazing cigars !!!
5 out of 5
Enter Sandman
This is the smoke that gets you going. Could be the awesome label, could be the strong tobacco... But whatever it is, this is the stogie I grab when I need to get pumped.
2 out of 5
Man O War
Several in this batch have had a large hole down the middle of the entire length. Difficult to smoke....
2 out of 5
Too inconsistent for my taste
After having tried a five-pack, I bought a box of 22. Unfortunately they have been the most inconsistent cigars I've smoked in a while. I aged them for 6 months, and have been working through them - I'm about halfway through now. Some have been excellent as I had hoped, but others have had burn problems, harsh flavors, and plugs. Won't buy these again.
5 out of 5
Great cigar for the price
Really great cigar at CI prices. I buy them in the Progressive Jackpot Sampler and reserve them for special occasions and to reward myself. Better than many more expensive cigars. This is the perfect size for spending at least an hour out on the porch enjoying the end of a good day.
3 out of 5
These were poorly conditioned
These sticks were dry and most split when cut or punched. A pricey mistake I won't make agsin!
3 out of 5
Quality of smoke continues to
Quality of smoke continues to erode after years of success
4 out of 5
Man O’War Toro
I’m a fan of Man O’War cigars. This cigar lasts quite a while for it’s size. Construction, burn, taste, ash, smoke all very good and consistent throughout - all in all a solid cigar. This is a regular in my humidor. I would like Man O’War to bring back the Orange County Chopper - now we are talking.
5 out of 5
Mike I Long Island
Great burn lots of smoke and great flavor.
5 out of 5
MOW Figurado
What a fine cigar should be. the slow taper brings the tastiness to great heights. so well made, smooth burning, nice ash, cone shaped cherry. for me its at about the top of my price range, everyone's is different. the perfect companion with a frosty glass of amber adult beverage. all this said....I always try to keep several in my humidor.
5 out of 5
LoCo SoCal SmoKer, CA
09/18/15 absolutely superb! My 1st purchase from CI was a sampler and I kid you not, I knew this cigar (MOW) was something special the moment I grabbed hold of it. I mean it's aesthetics promptly caught my eyes. When I guillotined this Bad Boy, I couldn't help but to admire the craftsmanship of this well constructed stick. The pre lit smell was a sweet aroma to all the senses. This truly is a top quality smoke that anybody who considers themselves a cigar smoker must try. A beautiful creation that AJ has brought forth and impressive distribution means by CI. Well done by both agencies. I have many more cigars to try out but this will hands down be one of my all time favorites!
5 out of 5
Man O' War Toro
Man O' War. Burned my way through several boxes and can say with no doubt one of my favorites. If you really want a treat let them rest for 10 months or more. Every one I smoke leaves me awestruck.
5 out of 5
Great cigar
An absolutely great cigar, especially getting them at great prices in the Progressive Jackpot sampler. This is the cigar I grab when I have had a good day and want to celebrate.
Customer Testimonials
I just received my second batch of Man O' War. This a great earthy cocoa tasting stick. Full body for sure. I will let them sit in my humidor for at least 6 months between 64 and 70.
Man O' War corona is legit! Nice cedar/woody flavors with some spice up front. Hints of coffee on the back end. Overall fantastic smoke.
Wow, just got mine today and I think my taste buds got b*tch-slapped. Holy crap, this cigar is nicely made; best dang thing ever. I was an avid Gurkha smoker, but I think Man O' War just changed my mind.
I recently scored a ten pack of Toros on the Daily Deal. After reading other reviews on this cigar, I can't tell you anything that hasn't already been praised over and over. This cigar is fantastic; I've been a long time fan of the RYJ Aniversario, but folks, we have a new champion in my humidor. I will have more of these coming very soon.
Too much hints of black pepper, not very complex for a premium cigar, lacked consistency, as well as an uneven burn all the way through, totally obnoxious. It was a decent cigar with a well constructed toothy wrapper and a beautiful sticker. I enjoyed it as a full bodied cigar, but if I had paid full price I would be pretty mad. Going to let it age for 6 months and see if it blooms into something noteworthy, I give it an 83.
Got my box of MOW Toros and WOW Man, the exquisite taste of Heaven left me utterly speechless. Great with my scotch. Made for the perfect evening on the porch indulging in smoky smoothness that knocked my socks off. Cannot wait to age these beauties a little and see what happens.
Love the blend, but be careful which size you get. The normal Toros burn well and taste good. Got a box of ten of the 6.5 x 58 and they didn't perform as well as the more "normal" sized Toro. Don't really knows why everyone is crazy about these monster sized ring gauges. I've invariably encountered burn issues with every one I've tried.
This is in my top 10 of all time best toro EVER! It was a light draw but HUGE smoke that never changed. It NEVER got HOT even at the very end. The only thing I didn't do is eat the butt when it finally want out..... DAMN! This is a true treat of a cigar! Treat yourself! Then send me one for turning you onto one of the best cigars you will ever have.
In a word...Awesome. I've gone back to the well a few times on these bad boys!
The MOW Figurado is a beautiful cigar that has the best balance of cocoa, vanilla, and spices. It's a classic cigar with modern taste. I like to stare at it because it's truly a beauty with great taste. I hope CI never run out of these jewels. It ranks high in my humidor, right next to the Gurkhas, Toranos, 5 Vegas, and many more top of the line cigars. This one is a keeper! It is very smooth too. I love it.
Man-O-War is impressive, to say the least. Alongside its brethren blends, Ruination & Virtue, it represents the art of blending, at the highest level. Medium bodied/full flavored, Man-O-War delivers scads of smoke & a flavor profile best described as complex & extremely delicious! Downright addictive, I find myself reaching for one as often as any other blend in my humidors. The 3 Diesel blends would be a close 2nd. I only wish AJ Fernandez would discard the fancy box for a more mundane container & bring the price down to that of the Diesels. Not that these are too expensive when compared to many boutique handmades, but they do fall on the North side of my strict $5.00 per stick limit. Thankfully Man-O-War can often be found in samplers or on discount. I always stock up when these opportunities arise, assuring an adequate supply is kept on hand at all times. The 2nds can be had for much less than the banded version & deliver an eerily similar smoking experience. Bottom line is that Man-O-War is a gem of a vitola, meant to be enjoyed by almost anyone & just affordable enough to imbibe in on a daily basis. I have previously rated Man-O-War at 91/100, but it is truly deserving of a 92 or 93, if only the box prices were a bit lower. Highly recommended to medium lovers & fullheads alike. Even mild smokers should find them as a good gateway for beginning to enjoy more robust blends. I have said it before, yet it is most true for this blend. If you don't like Man-O-War, what do you like?
5/10/2014 -- Have smoked two Toro (6 x 50) size rec'd in CI samplers. The "regular" run Toro is a 6.5 x 52. Also have had one Ltd Toro Grande (6.8 x 56). All three have been silky, creamy medium bodied gems. Good burn, slightly snug draw (not a problem). Plenty of smoke, good mouth feel, nice flavors (I don't identify flavors other than "nice" or "not nice"). Smooth and no strength until the end when it gets hot. No problem here either because the end comes around the 1 1/2 hour mark. The stick is very enjoyable for that length of time. Wouldn't hesitate to buy them at full CI prices, but if they go on sale I'll buy a boat load for my cooler-dor. One of my favorite A.J. Fernandez blends
I am so impressed with AJ Fernandez & his line of superior cigars, but I may be most enamored with the full bodied full flavored Man O' War. So much so that I recently purchased a bundle of the Man O' War Robusto 2nds & a 10 pack of regular production Double Coronas. This massive 7.5" X 52 vitola has Presidential dimensions to go along with its impeccable credentials. Draped in a dark, oily Habano wrapper, the construction is flawless. Burn time is close to 2 hours. The entire time is a pleasure, as this blend is among Mr. Fernandez's best. Delicious flavor that is delivered in a full bodied fashion. Notes of oak & caramel mingle with black tobacco. You feel this one in your gut, yet it is never cloying or overpowering. A shining example of the highest level of tobacco blending. Truly a masterpiece to be savored over & over. With the recent deals I have found thanks to CI, I will be savoring 35 of these gems in 3 different sizes. All top notch & hard to pass over when I go to my humidors for a satisfying smoke. Man O' War Double Corona. 93/100
Cigar was complex, but had a bit of a "bite" early on....very easy draw, burn was uneven at times and the ash was "ok" smoke...not my first choice, but certainly not my last..
Man O' War (toro). Wow, what a fantastic cigar!!!! I could write pages saying how good these are, but just let me say it's like a 2 hour visit to heaven. Everything good you're looking for is in this cigar. Well done AJ and CI!
A recent episode of "Ancient Aliens" suggests ET came down from the sky & gave AJ Fernandez "special" blending knowledge & skills. Man O' War is the proof! I giggled as I read report after report singing the praises of this flagship blend. How good could it actually be? Then I smoked one. It didn't take long before I realized it was all true. Every superlative, every testimonial describing a near religious experience, was true. So good in fact, is this AJ Fernandez masterpiece, that it may be worth the asking price & so essential to my cigar well being, that I will pay that price, just to keep them in stock. I'm giggling now because I am puffing away on a Toro that only set me back 2 bones! Now that's livin'! You have heard all the hoopla about Man O' War before so I will just give it my rating & say that it & AJ's Core are me two favorite cigars. Right now, at least. Man O' War 6" X 50 Toro Rating 93/100
Man O War and Man O War Ruination.......nothing else seems to satisfy me anymore. Construction, burn and flavor are unsurpassed. Beautiful to hold. Nice weight, smooth and solid. You won't find a bigger bang for your buck. I'm stocking up.....just in case they become hard to find.
Had my first Man O' War today and believe me, these sticks are for real. After I post this review, I'm gonna order some more.
Wonderful smoke. Smooth and spicy. Not as strong as the Armada. On my list of favorites.
Don't tell anyone..... looking over my shoulder before I speak..... this is what Santa smokes.
Disclaimer: I am a BIG fan of AJ Fernandez as a blender. With that in mind, here we go.... First looking at this cigar, it is beautiful. (Like random friends that don't smoke have commented on its appearance beautiful.) Always a good start in my book. Oily and, to my mind, serious looking. (If you don't know what I mean, I can't explain it.) When you light this cigar, it hits you from the first puff. Horsepower in large quantities combined with flavor to match. From the toast and light to the nub, the cigar keeps your attention. In the many I have smoked, I have never had any issue with burn or draw or anything. If you enjoy a powerful and flavorful cigar, you owe this one a try. (For reference, Camacho, Tatuaje, Flor de Las Antilles, and Romeo by Romeo are among my favorite cigars that I would rate as comparable to this.)
Nice smoke. No complaints here. Med-full body and flavor is close to what the description says. Definitely starts out spicy, but cools down very quickly. I also got a hint of dark chocolate in there too, but that's just me.
Special Edition Figurado ...Having smoked several of the Toro, this cigar is hands down, a better blend. Size does matter in this case, much smoother. Would rate it just behind the Diesel.
A true masterpiece, my favorite cigar
Straight to the point. Man O' War is a cigar that on a scale of 1 to 10... I'll give it a 15 easily!!!!! It's not a 5 pack buy, it's a box buy, YEAH!
A perfect 10, this cigar is a slice of heaven. Its wrapper dark and oily. The construction marvelous offering that perfect draw. The naturally sweet and creamy tobacco with hints of cocoa are inviting yet rich. This is a cigar that will fit anyone's palette. It's the best cigar I've had the pleasure of experiencing by a country mile. AJ Fernandez, you sir, are a modern miracle worker.
I go back and forth with this one and the Ruination for an ever day smoke. The Ruination is so developed, I save them for a sit down cigar. The original Man O' War is my on the go cigar. Spicy and full flavored, it burns great with a perfect draw. The flavor is up front with nothing to pay too close attention too. Satisfying with a kick.
Been wanting to try these and finally got the chance. Got 5 of the salamon's and all I can say is this cigar lives up to it's reputation! Excellent in everyway, it has now taken the top spot in my rotation. AJ has done it again!!
Midway through one of these in the box pressed toro form. Second rum and coke and damn is this thing tasty. The first few tokes felt like the smoke went running into my mouth specifically to slap my taste buds around like a good ol arse kickin. It has since mellowed out a bit. Consistant burn, huge plums of smoke and full flavor. All in a nice firm stogie. I am definately going to try the others from the sampler and hope the others are just as awesome if not better. My wife is going to kill me for adding another brand to my already extensive collection. Honey, you look absolutely gorgeous in that outfit.....
Man O War is a one of my all-time favorite med-full cigars. The best cigar in my rotation is the MOW Ruination and has been for a few years. The original line has the same all around quality, with the main difference being less pepper and more sweetness. It is very rich and earthy like the Ruination, but is more gentle in the strength department. Both of these cigars are among the best I have ever smoked and maybe the best available. AJ Fernandez's blending ability is amazing and he produces the richest, smoothest, and most entertaining cigars that I have ever had the pleasure to smoke. Amazing taste and the best quality you can find anywhere!
What can I say about these cigars that hasn't already been said? They're big, stinky, and taste like leather. I love them.
This is an amazing smoke! Got my box of coronas and just couldn't resist digging in. The shipment was well packed, humidity was right on and the box was in great shape. Unwrapped and there they were - the richest little oily sticks I've ever seen. Honestly, after reading the reviews they were a bit intimidating - and I like strong smokes. In any case, I grabbed one, made a quick cut revealing a flawless draw, and KABOOM! Instant hard pepper flavor with a current of cocoa. The first third nearly sent me reeling in retreat. Right at the point where I thought, "what have I got myself into?" It laid back and went smoother than a flat cream soda. What a flavor rush. Cocoa and coffee came right up front, and pepper nearly disappeared. This is how it went for a few minutes and then the pepper came around again. Into the final third, there was a bounty of cocoa, coffee, wood, vanilla, crunchy caramel and wry leather. Just as I began the nub process - a big toke carried a hit of the cleanest flavor I've ever experienced in a cigar. Like it was telling me "stop here." I did. Great finale. Personal rating - a strong 90. (one week prior to this smoke, I had a cuban Partagas Serie D No. 4, and the Man O'War was IMPRESSIVE)
As my interest of cigars has been growing I have decided to help others pick the right cigar for them by rating every one in my collection. These are my opinions and are not meant to be taken too critically. Scale 1-5 Wrapper: (4) Just makes you want to smile Taste: (4) Pretty strong, but it hits the spot Burn: (4) Nice and smooth Feeling: (5) You might wanna have a seat because this baby's a trip and a half One of those cigars that should be on your bucketlist even if you don't smoke
The name of this; "Man O' War", is a very proper description, since it is one that does battle with you. While they have the ruination as being the full one, I think the they should swith the description of the two cigars. While I don't want to take anything away from this great cigar, i prefer the Reunionation and Virtue over this one. That being said, I can still see that I wouldn't mind having a few of these on hand. The construction as all Man O' Wars is really good, so is the dram and the even burn. This is why I purchase so many samples, it allows me to try cigars that I would never order before smoking them. Because of the samples, I have boxes of Gran Habano, Morrow Castle, Calle Ocho, Mark Twains, and severl others in my 300 count humidor. CI does a great job in offering differnt cigars you can try in a sample, that will lead you to purchasing a box of many of the ones you try.
A cigar that rates a 90 or more just because of the band that is on it. This has to be among the best designs of all the cigar on the market. It didn't stop there, due to the remarkable construction, billows of smoke, even burn down to my fingers. Not once giving up it's flavor all the way to the end. While the Man O'War Ruination is the one I like the best, I haven't smoked a bad cigar from this company. The only think I know to say; If you like great draws, well constructed, full of flavor, and plenty of smok, Then order a few of each kind they offer, because the Virtue is another great cigar from Man O' war
Of all AJ's fabulous blends, this one remains my favorite. Great off the truck, or with a year humi-time like the double corona I smoked last night. Subtle complexities, smooth velvety smoke and solid construction. An amazing cigar!
Heaven in a stick! So awesome! So tasty! I was hooked from draw one!
Let me start by saying I've smoked a lot of cigars but none that have prompted me to write a fan mail before even finishing the first one. I am smoking my first Man O' War from my sampler pack right now and it is incredible. As soon as I go back inside I will be ordering a box of these. Don't be scared by the price. When you smoke one, it will be worth it.
Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus. Where has this cigar been all my life? I am a mild-medium smoker, but there is nothing here to scare me away. Just an intensely flavorful smoke with perfect construction and burn right down to my singed fingernails. How can so much flavor be so smooooth?!
Got me a 5er of double corona. Smoked 1 OTT, got me a box soon as I was done.
Smoking my first Man o War as im writing this and all i have to say is WOW!! Just buy them now and you will not regret it, i sure didnt! Thank you CI for the best deals around!
This is as good as the "Big R" so don't think otherwise. It has a great flavor, draw, burn and finish. BUY SOME NOW!!!
The Man o' War....earthy, woody, spicy......... done right
=) Just buy them =) Awesome =) Worth the Price =) Taste like Butter =)
Everything about Man O’ War just flat out turns my crank. From the artwork of the band to the artisanship of the cigar itself, this is a uniquely pleasing and flavorful cigar. While I do enjoy a number of good cigars, this is the one and only that I never, ever allow myself to run short of…
No comment needed. This cigar speaks for itself.
Strength and flavor - you can't always find this in a cigar. Man O' War has both. It starts out strong and spicy. Then mellows into a nice flavor. It stays enjoyable to the end. Can't wait to taste the Ruination.
I just finished one of these, and it's a great smoke. burns pretty even, even in the wind. I loved the coffee and spice that this cigar had. Finish was smooth with a bit of spice and vanilla. I definately need more of these
....You owe this to yourself if you have not tried this one.
Just smoked my first "MOW" last nite, and what a great cigar. I like my cigars M-F body which the "MOW" seems to be. I waited to long to order this cigar because i was afraid of it being a massive full-body cigar,but it was a great smoke. Has a nice white ash, even burn, and solid construction with plums of smoke. I also noticed hints of vanella with a sweet finish. You can't go wrong with the "MOW."
Very good medium bodied cigar. Excellent construction, burn, and leathery flavors. But, in my opinion, it's simply not the powerhouse in-your-face flavor that I keep hearing. I'd give it a solid 87 and keep a few in the humidor. After all, it is a very well made, good tasting cigar that won't knock you down.
Man O' War is aptly named, bold... and in-your-face. This is not one to taken while "chillin" this is an eyes wide assault on your senses. Strictly cigar talk - very few manufacturers can make a stick with as much consistency as you get with M.O.W. the draw is tight and robust. The leaf has just a drip off sheen to it as the oily has balance to it. The bouquet is awesome! This is a great "man" stick... it has a chompy heft to the draw and flavor. These are treasures for sure, I really like this stick - I hope you do too. My rate, this stick: 92
I smoked my first Man O' War. I can describe it with one word, WOW! Do yourself a favor and get one. The hype on these is real.
Quite simply the best cigar I've ever had, including Havanas. So complex, with a veritable strength that is overabundant, not overpowering. Truly, truly delicious body with spice, wood, and a sweet, dark-honey flavor. Gorgeously constructed and worth more than its hefty-ish pricetag. I'm a fan of variety, but if I had to be stuck with one cigar for life, this would be it.
I'm glad I was siiting down when I smoke my first Man O' War cigar. Full Body and than some, what a cigar! rich, creamy,spicy, and flavorful just to name a few, if you love full body cigars don't look any futher than this Baby right here, it's on the money!!!!!!!!
Nicaragua seems to produce my favorite cigars these days. “Man o’ War” has distinctive, unique character and aromas, and is truly one of the most gorgeous cigars I’ve ever seen, before and after lighting, with a beautiful, chocolate Ecuadorian habano wrapper which produced an attractive white ash. It starts off great from first puff and a bevy of flavors float by as you move down, moist cedar, white pepper(!), and a hint of maple and mocha sweetness. Full flavored, but positively pleasant throughout, with large volumes of white smoke. The only disappointment was having to relight it about halfway through, and it lost something the process, but I chalk that up to a too-moist humidor. It tastes like it has extensive aging. AJ, bravo and keep up the great work in the decades to come!
I am one of those people who is not articulate enough to express the various flavors and tastes that are sensed when smoking this fine cigar, but I do know what I like when I experience it. Like most, I was a little skeptical, but threw the dice anyway and bought a sample pack. Man I'm glad I did!!! This is one great smoke. I will definitely buy again, and again. I say to all smokers who love fine tasting cigars, this one ranks with the best of them.
The hype is real. these are truly great medium-full bodied smokes (Man O' War). great feel in hand, nice wrapper, plenty of volume of smoke. very even burn and draw. you will not be disappointed.
Wow! Where do I start about This cigar(Man O' War). I was a little iffy about buying a box of these labled full flavor guys. I would label them a medium-full. Bold oaky burst up front, followed by mellowing cashew nut flavor. Next comes the peppery hint on the back of the tounge, finished by a vanilla ish nub. What a well ballanced smoke. Even better with a strong dark beer. You won't be dissapointed with this brand! Thanks CI.
The (Man O War) Double Corona is one of the best looking cigars I have seen in a long time. The wrappers on these cigars are gorgeous. They are a deep brown with reddish hues and very slightly mottled. The veining is super fine. The cigars are solid and uniformly rolled offering a real nice draw. The burn is razor sharp leaving behind a white as snow solid ash. I find this cigar to be medium bodied with nice flavors. I get some chocolate, nutmeg, vanilla, a bit of black pepper, and some earthiness. The cigar starts out good and builds in flavor as I smoke it. The cigar is also very well balanced with the perfect combo of strength and flavor. The Man O War is one of the tastiest medium bodied cigars, I have had in a long time. The tobaccos used in making this cigar are surely super premium and cured just right. The blend is awesome! AJ Fernandez and CI working together is obviously a force to be reckoned with. The portfolio of brands from the AJ/ CI combo is one I truly enjoy and will buy and smoke for years to come. Great job. Thanks folk, Cheers :>) I look forward to what you guys come up with next.
WOW!!!!!! I seriously underestimated this cigar(Man O' War). Purchased it as part of the sampler pack (to get some cheaper shipping to APO), and WOW!!!!!! Good stout cigar, nice oak flavors that aren't too harsh, but remind you of just how puny you really are. Good tight wrap, easy draw, and even all the way down, it never screamed of Sparta!!!!!! If you get a chance, pick one (or a box) up and try it, you won't be disappointed.
I recently received the sampler special on these beauties(Man O' War), and they did not disappoint! I loved the earthiness and spice the most, followed by the undertone of coffee. The cigar looks great, burns very evenly, and has a very smooth draw. My wife even tried the cigar and commented how she could taste the vanilla and coffee! A great cigar, highly recommended!
I ordered these bad boys,(Man O' War) with one thought in mind it has to be "wow" i missed the ups guy so i gave my boss a false but true story "my wife is Sick" and in all honesty she was probly sick of me talking about these cigars. they came i opened up the box like a fat kid on cake smoked it the cigar was complex with a spicy start thick white creamy smoke to a surprising finish i mean i took one to work and just chewed on it thats how good these things are.. you heard it once imma say it again put the opus down man
Man O' War is a full-frontal assault on all of the senses. Perfectly constructed with a seamless wrapper and heavy in-hand. Just a glimpse of good things to come. Sniff the pre-light aroma and get a wonderful slightly spicy tickling in the nose. Spark up this bad boy and the flavor bomb explodes on your palate with all oak/cedar/earthiness you can handle. Alternating with those is a pantry full of different spices. Not overpowering, but very pleasant. This cigar is more complex than the Dead Sea Scrolls. Do yourself a favor, put the Opus down and try this one, you absolutely won't be disappointed!
The Man O' War is one of those meat-n-potatoes cigar. Thick, spicy with woody notes that has some oomph to it. Very nice all around.
Where do i start? The "Man o' War", Just a super tasty stick. All the different flavors....spice, oak, vanilla, a slightly woody note and they are all right on. Intense and just dee-lish. I will rate it a 90. Enjoy.
keith's review was right on the money, Man O' War. i love a full body cigar, without charcoal flavor , first thing u notice is how the cigar is a work of art, that wrapper looks like it was sculpted my michaelangelo. very smooth first inch ,coffee and leather, then a meaty beef brisquet note ,it also seems creamy smooth along with the coffee overtones, truth is it seems cigars in general are at an all time high, i even smoked a drug store cigar it think it was called national brand maduro, for buck and half ,that was damn good smoke. maybe ci will carry that one in the future.i think camacho might make that budget priced cigar.any way, that man o war cigar is easily in the class of the padilla cigars i smoked , reminded me a lot of the punch grand puro , very meaty in flavor,smooth.
Quite a nice cigar, indeed. Man O' War, The first one I smoked, the head unravelled, possibly due to an improper cut. This was a bit annoying, but did nothing to disguise the excellent flavour. This is a slow, even-burning cigar with excellent flavour. Excellent draw and a lovely pre-light aroma.
bought (Man O' War) one of the torpedo size 6.1x54 in the CI singles and could not wait to try it.i lit it up up right away and could not believe what a good tasting cigar it was all the way down to the harshness at all. this is going to be one of my favorite smokes.good draw with nice plumes of thick's more of a medium to full body cigar.a must try.
The presentation on the Man O War is outstanding. Great looking box, almost Humidor quality, I would say. The flavour of the cigar is outstanding. Not harsh at all. Lots of complex notes for me to ponder as I enjoy. I employed a "V" cut, so as to minimize the chance of overheating, as coronas are wont to do, and what I found was a nice medium draw that lent plumes of smoke that lingered around the tip. The smell of the smoke as it lit was pleasant, to say the least. The cigar started off mild, and then became more complex as I passed the 1 inch mark. As it neared the center, rich cocoa undertones greeted my taste-buds. Add a hint of sweet black walnut and a touch of vanilla, and the rest of the cigar was a decedent treat. I smoked it until there was a mere half inch left. Then I sat and pondered my good fortune.
Just got my box of Man O' War, which shares the same name as the greatest race horse of all time. Although I don't believe thats why it was named so as the logo is a roman type helmet with an African motif. Also the box is INSANE its a Great Display Its a bit large so I wouldn't place it I'm my humidor but I'll definitely keep it maybe use it for a small storage box. Now to the meat of the issue the cigar inside the box. Most people have this conception that good looking packaging is there so make you not notice the shortcomings of the cigar inside (like that bald fat guy you see on the road driving a Ferrari) but this cigar could have come in a bundle for all I care. I don't claim to have some kind of super pallet or something but this cigar is tasty. It has a nice and easy draw but its packed well. Give it a squeeze and it comes right back. No lumps the wrapper has great color and some veins but nothing too big. Long white ash, very firm. This cigar has a great balance of spice and flavor and has a little bit of a sweet aftertaste. Over all I'll give this an easy 89-90 being very conservative.

Man O' War


I don’t want to overstate it but quite simply, Man O’ War is special. Let me count the ways.

First, the maker – AJ Fernandez. His Esteli, Nicaragua-based Tabacalera Fernandez factory boasts a surprising list of quality blends; in fact, he’s the best maker you never heard of. His list of clients includes Ernie Padilla, Rocky Patel, Kaizad Hansotia and others. He was introduced to tobacco and cigar-making at a tender age and has been in and around cigars ever since. Born in Cuba and having spent the first 25 years of his life there, he had the fortune of learning at the knee of Alejandro Robaina, the veritable Cuban Godfather of cigars.

Next – before getting into the cigar itself I must say a word about the packaging. Glorious. Man O’ War is packed 22 to a box, actually less a box and more a massive chest; each chest boasting beautiful artwork and rustic, antiqued detailing throughout. A glorious presentation foretelling the dazzalicious cigar to come.

On to the cigar – each time I reach for a Man O’ War I find myself gazing, saucer-eyed, at the wrapper leaf. This leaf is downright sultry....a dark (super dark) Habano wrapper grown in Ecuador that’s thick, leathery, and oozing with juicy oils. Oilier than anything I’ve ever seen. The filler blend is a Cuban-seed recipe of choice long-fillers from Esteli’s black soil. Overall it’s medium to full-bodied in strength, beginning with a searing rush of spice that instantly tingles the taste buds followed by a core of crisp tobacco flavor that is undeniable. About an inch in it becomes velvety and heavy on the palate, dusting your entire mouth with a disarmingly smooth core of earthy goodness. An array of spice lingers following each draw. To say this cigar is complex is an understatement. The veritable potpourri of unique flavors include dark roast coffee, mocha and leather.... expertly delivered on top of a backbone of sweet, oaky magic.

If you’re wild about ‘boutique’ cigars and/or complex blends – you will have a jones on for Man O’ War. Trust me. This cigar is epic.


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