John Cotton
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John Cotton's Smyrna

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A true American classic.

Pipe tobacco has a bizarre history, when you look into it. There’s tons of vintage blends that old-school guys rave about, which have completely disappeared from the market. John Cotton is one such brand. In its heyday, this was an overwhelmingly well-reviewed blend that was in the cellar of every pipe enthusiast. Fast forward to the mid-80’s, and it was completely gone. Poof. Vanished off the market. Well, today, Russ Ouellette has brought the brand back and it’s as good as it ever was.

Smyrna is a combination of matured Virginias, spicy Turkish tobaccos, and Cyprian Latakia. This bold English blend will capture your attention, and immediately have you coming back for more. Though the flavors are full, this is a mellow-medium bodied blend that can be enjoyed all day. William Serad, a professional pipe tobacco reviewer, called this the best and most faithful reproduction of a classic blend ever. There are big shoes to fill, but once you try John Cotton Smyrna, you’ll realize it surpasses every expectation. 

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