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The Reckoning by Oliva

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Consider this your day of reckoning.

Dramatic, maybe. But taking into account the full-bodied strength of Oliva's new, bold, and limited edition release, it turns out that a theatrical entrance is fully justifiable. Draped in a deeply darkened, sun grown Habano wrapper that’s jam-packed full of ultra-potent Nicaraguan ligeros, this is one powerhouse that’s not suitable for the weak of palate. But if you’ve been on the hunt for something to take your senses on a bona fide joyride, then your search is now officially over. Buckle up your safety belt and take a spin through intense notes of pepper, wood, leather, espresso, and sweet cedar. Eventful, power-packed, and well-constructed, The Reckoning by Oliva is anything but ordinary.

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5 out of 5
I made the mistake of smoking one as soon as I received them... It was pretty good. BE PATIENT! Then I let them rest in my humidor at 72% for two weeks. Well worth the wait. Great smoke, even burn and excellent construction. Started opening up to everything I expected about a quarter of the way in. I would highly recommend this cigar to Oliva lovers looking for something different.
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I bought a 10-pack of Robusto, mainly because it earned me free shipping on my order. I was a little skeptical of a cigar with a name and logo apparently designed to appeal to machismo, but the price was right ($3.75 a stick) and I trust Oliva. ~~~ The staff review calls this a complex cigar. Maybe my palate isn't developed enough to distinguish the complexities, but if so, I've got company in the other two customer reviews. I agree with them; plenty of flavor, but not a lot of nuance. Very forward, punchy flavor. ~~~ At the risk of offending some readers, this seems like a young man's cigar. Certainly the band and design look that way. There's nothing wrong with that; it just seems, I don't know, intended for the exuberant rather than the mellow. It didn't kick my a**, which ligero can sometimes do to me, but maybe a longer cigar would have. ~~~ The cigar was nicely finished, well made. Copious smoke, smooth draw, nice feel, held its ash tightly. No complaints there. ~~~ If these go on sale again at this price, I might pick up some more. It's not ever going to be my favorite, but it's a pretty good smoke on its own terms, and I've paid more for what turned out to be lesser cigars.
JJ of Lake Villa, IL
A "punch you in the face" full flavor stogie... One of my current favorites and reminds me of why I got hooked on cigars in the first place.. I marry this bad boy with Jameson Select Reserve (it's like magic in your mouth). Not too complex by any means, however the flavor shift is perfect and when it's down to its last third it lets you know when it's done. I feel that this cigar is worth more than what you spend and I'll always have them in my humi.
RT of Raeford, NC
Wonderful "Studio Tobac" house blend, not overly complex but a full favor cigar. Working on my third box.
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Jeff K

A game-changer from Oliva.

Jeff K
Football’s back and some things never change. Seahawks look dominant on both sides of the ball. Romo takes all the blame. And the commish’s list of friends is dwindling with every passing day. But among the constants, there’s always change. The Jags show signs of life. Johnny Football has come to save Cleveland. And the Patriots hold sole possession of last place. New year, and a fresh fight for the crown. And never does a year go by without some serious surprises and sleepers emerging as contenders.

I could sit here and offer Atlanta and Tennessee as this year’s sleepers, and I’d like my chances. But I’ll just stick to what I know best and call out a deep sleeper in the cigar world that’s a total lock. The Reckoning by Studio Tobac: a bold, newer release from Oliva that somehow stayed very quiet.
As soon as you lay your eyes on it, you’ll know this puppy looks good enough to eat. Its dark, Nicaraguan Habano wrapper is gorgeous to say the least, but it’s the ligero-packed long-fillers inside that make the mouthwatering virtually unavoidable.

At first light your palate will be bombarded by heady notes of white pepper, earth, and espresso. As I puffed my way through the first third, I began to get concerned that the delicious, intense flavors swirling about would vanish quicker than David Carr’s career. To my relief, that didn’t happen, but instead, an intriguing change in flavors took place taking Reckoning’s complexity up one notch. Entering the mix were sweeter notes of leather and oak, but the intense pepper that started it all off still remained, just a bit more subtle. As I approached the nub, even richer, more complex nuances entered the fray, including wood and a slight black cherry note. Still, until the very end, the full-bodied strength and the same pepper that got my attention from the start maintained.

Do yourselves a favor, The Reckoning is one hidden gem and at under five bucks a pop, this is a late round steal that will have your friends furious they didn’t snag em’ first. Low risk and a huge payout with no drama, this sleeper’s the safest bet around.