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Rocky Patel Sun Grown

Another smash hit from Senor Patel.

Sun Grown by Rocky Patel cigars is one hell of a cigar. Though the follow-up hit, Sun Grown Maduro, receives all the praise these days, Sun Grown was one of the original 90+ rated Rocky blends. And the best news? Even though this cigar delivers top-shelf quality, it's priced for everyday enjoyment.

The rich blend of choice tobaccos light up your palate with a combination of complex, rich flavors while the 5 year old Ecuadorian Sun Grown wrapper delivers a spicy sweet element that you’ll savor until the very last puff. Aged to perfection, and masterfully blended, this smooth burn starts with a bang and finishes with a long, full-bodied finish. A serious cigar for any true connoisseur.

Great news! Sun Grown has been named one of the 'Top 50' Cigars in the world along with solid '90' and '91' ratings! Here's what the panel had to say: "A good-looking cigar that performs well. It's earthy and spicy, with a cedar base and a tangy finish. Medium- to full-bodied."

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Juniors (Corona) (4.0"x38)
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Petite Corona (4.5"x44)
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Petite Corona (4.5"x44)
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Sixty (Gordo) (6.0"x60)
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Sixty (Gordo) (6.0"x60)
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Toro (6.5"x52)
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Toro (6.5"x52)
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Torpedo (6.1"x52)
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Torpedo (6.1"x52)
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Overall Rating 4.44 out of 5 Based on 34 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Rocky Patel Sun Grown”

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4 out of 5
Mild cigar!
I’m glad I made this purchase!
5 out of 5
if you like sun grown maduro give the OG sun grown a try! I think I like them better!
5 out of 5
Like Rocky's line these are
Like Rocky's line these are a nice smoke
5 out of 5
When it comes to Rocky, its a good SMOKE! When it comes to where to get them, its Cigars International. CI.
4 out of 5
RP sun grown robusto
1st 3rd earthy mild, 2nd 3rd smooth fuller, 3rd 3rd not as smooth full flavor, went well with my rye whiskey
5 out of 5
Smooth slow burning cigar
Smooth slow burning cigar
5 out of 5
Nice half hour smoke
5 out of 5
Rocky Patel Sun Grown
Can't go wrong with this smoke
1 out of 5
Not impressed
Not impressed. No flavor, tasted like a cigarette. Don’t know how this smoke scored anywhere near a 90. Will never order again. Only reason I gave it 1 star is because 0 stars wasn’t an option. Yuck!!!
4 out of 5
good smoke. even burn. nice flavor
5 out of 5
Truly awesome smoke current favorite
4 out of 5
RP has some great cigars.
I always enjoy RP cigars. Some are better than others. The RP Sun Grown Robusto is not their best but it was good.
4 out of 5
Great value
Have liked these from the first time I tried them years ago.
5 out of 5
Great smoke!
Great smoke!
4 out of 5
Solid medium smoke
Solid medium smoke
5 out of 5
Awesome cigar
Rocky Patel sungrown, nothing left to say
5 out of 5
The best Rocky Patel cigar
The best Rocky Patel cigar for the money. Great burn
5 out of 5
My favorite cigar!
I only buy from CI and they have great specials but every once in a while I get some of my favorites on special or buy a box as a treat. Rocky Patel sun grown is number 1 in my top 5. Thanks Rocky!
5 out of 5
3 out of 5
Rocky Patel Sun Grown Torpedos
I usually enjoy all Rocky Patel cigars but the sun grown were just average. Tobacco was dry and somewhat bitter.
5 out of 5
Rocky's sungrown
I got this stick in a sampler from CI, I'm a Rocky fan but I don't fall in love with all of his cigars. Because the sale was so good, I used them as everyday smokes. I smoked the sungrown after dinner on a Sunday night, Wow!!! Loved the flavors, super smooth, burned even, held a 2 inch ash. I will buy more of these and keep them in the humidor. Great smoke.
5 out of 5
Two old buzzards enjoying a great smoke!!
My friend and I enjoyed this cigar yesterday on a layed back sunny afternoon after tennis. We found this to be the best smoke we've enjoyed in a very long time. Cy Bogumill and Britt Faszoux of Atlanta Ga. (Two old buzzards enjoying retirement!)
5 out of 5
Rocky Sun Growns
The Rocky Sun Growns are still a stellar smoke. Top 5 on my list.
5 out of 5
Rocky Patel are the best
love the selections & flavors
5 out of 5
Well balanced and reliable
Review based on Toro's and Sixty's RP Sungrowns are a regular part of my humidor. Those of us who smoke several cigars a day understand that if you're going to sacrifice flavor and construction for value, you'd better be covered in sweat and holding a weed whacker. Otherwise, cheap smokes just aren't worth it. In the RP Sungrown, you have a reasonably priced cigar that is consistently well-constructed and possesses remarkable flavor balance. As for flavor, the RP Sungrown stands solidly in the medium-full range. In other words, the flavor is complex enough to be interesting; but not so overwhelming that it cannot be paired with a good cup of tea, coffee, bourbon, or whisky. As the stick burns down, richer notes begin to develop but they never veer away from the core flavor profile. Go ahead and burn it down to your fingers. They are that good. In my opinion, most Rocky Patel cigars are very well made, lacking in wrapper defects and possessing a nice even draw. This, from what I can tell, is quite rare. Most other producers seem to have bad days more often than Rocky. Although the price has risen considerably since I started smoking these eight years ago, they are still a decent value at ~$7 per stick. I strongly recommend keeping them in the standard rotation. If you have never smoked a Rocky Patel Sungrown, buy a box of toro's and thank me later.
3 out of 5
Rocky's Sun Grown Toro
I like Rocky's collection very much. These I found to be fine, but nothing special jumped out at me. I had various different sun-growns and as a rule, I'm a fan. Maybe for these a torpedo would suit me better ??? My score isn't meant to be low. Just non-descript.
3 out of 5
Sun grown
This is not what I ordered, I was not impressed. I like olde world reserve madero.
4 out of 5
Always nice
I'm not a big Rocky Patel fan, but I really like the Sun Grown. Good smoke, even burn and a well balanced flavor. Never harsh.
3 out of 5
Last order
The humidor has multiple problems. It came with a corroded battery in the humidity indicator. That piece has since fallen off the case and is now just laying in the bottom of the box. It was not an expensive humidor but it was a birthday gift. =( Cigars were all fine and the lighter is nice.
5 out of 5
Great consistent strong smoke
I love strong cigars and sun grown wrappers and this is consistently strong and flavorful the whole smoke. Enjoy!
5 out of 5
Fun in the sun!
What a great cigar. Hits all areas of your taste buds evenly. Be careful not to over heat it and you'll love it. Wouldn't be an every day smoke for me but man when I do smoke them I am in heaven! The burn is perfect the draw is medium not too loose not too tight. Sun grown is quite heavy on the nicotine so expect a good buzz as well. Tingled the tongue licking it to cut it. The finish is medium with a lot of cedar. The actual smoke is very hard to pick out distinct flavors blended so well.
5 out of 5
Good Cigar
it is a very nice evening cigar especially around a fire.
5 out of 5
Great Smoke
Tasty Stoogie. Never want it to end
5 out of 5
Great small cigar. Burns like a corona. Great to give to novices
Customer Testimonials
I've been chewing on one of these I got in a sampler from CI for a couple of weeks now. I finally lit it up and to my surprise it is burning slow and even and tastes very smooth and rich. Definitely one to have in the humi.
The cigar was a real treat. It has pepper and cedar tones and although it is medium-full bodied, it is truly a smoke anyone would thoroughly enjoy. Don't hesitate to try this one!
Best cigar Ive had in a long time, got it in a sampler. I love sun grown cigars but this one is by far the best Ive had. Very complex medium to full strength more on the full strength meter. This cigar is guaranteed to wow you. Very oily wrapper very heavy in the hand. The pre light aroma lets you know just how potent this cigar is. Easy draw and very slow burning. My biggest pet peeve is having to relight and open up the draw, this is a perfectly made cigar! WOW!
My first thought...this is a medium body version of the Ashton VSG. I picked up the same sweetness and spices but without any bite. The heavy nicotine content wasn't there. I really enjoyed this smoke very much for it being ont he medium side. Excellent burn. This cigar yielded large quantities of smoke with a perfect draw, coated the palate very nicely. The spice was perfect, it lingered but was not at all overpowering. The burn line was very clean and required no tough ups. I would definitely purchase this smoke again. It paired very well with a glass of Blanton's Single Barrel Bourbon.
Very well made and a great little smoke when you're short on time.
Being a big Rocky Patel fan, this is a real stand out. The shorter it get, the better it gets.
As a guy who's not much for writing reviews, and frankly not much for Rocky Patel, I kid you not that within the second puff I was compelled to write this review. And all I'd like to say is, wow, a monumental cigar. Personally, from just the inch I am into it, the Ecuadorian is the star here. I think the tobacco that comes out of that country often does not get due credit. Rocky Patel Sun Grown. Buy them.
The smoke I refuse to run out of. I keep a subconscious "loose" tally of what sticks I have in my box...I keep an EXACT number when it comes to my RP Sun Growns. By far my go to cigar. It was the first RP I ever tried, and has remained my favorite RP offering. Smooth and creamy running toward a spicy ending. A must have.
I've been smoking these Rocky Patel Sungrown in Toro size for a little while now and they're stunningly rich and quite satisfying. Pretty much pushes me to the limit on their cost, but when I've got the extra dough, I'll treat myself to one these !
Got a ten pack of these on the daily deal a couple of months ago & finally took one out of the humidor today. Tasty cigar, smooth draw, but the wrapper was breaking and falling apart though out the smoke. My humi is well maintained, hopefully some more time in there will help the others from doing this.
Rocky Patel makes some of the best smokes you will find, and out of them the Sungrown tops my list, Period. Solid taste of pepper, earth, and a bit woody, from start to finish. Perfect draw, perfect even burn, once it is lit, you never want it to end.
As my intrest of cigars has been growning I have decided to help others pick the right cigar for them by rating every one in my collection. These are my opinions and are not meant to be taken too critically. Scale 1-5 Wrapper: (3) Good hold, adds to the taste Taste: (3) Smooth and vibrant Burn: (5) Perfectly perfect! Feeling: (4) Whoah, why am I so happy? Amazing cigar, well worth the money, but I wouldn't buy a ton
My all-time favorite cigar!! I am a huge fan of sun grown wrappers, and this is by far the best one that I have had. Even burn, great construction, smooth draw, and a slight peppery bite on the palate. The flavor is just spectacular. I love this cigar!!!
I've been collecting and smoking cigars for over 10 years and have tried all the other RP blends and must say I wasn't a big fan of RP until I purchased a box of sungrown torpedos. By far, one of the best, if not the best smoke currently in my arsonal. From first light to stub, an amazingly well rounded cigar with complex flavors. I give it a solid "A". Purchase a single or a 5-pack and try one on for size, you will be pleasantly surprised.
I've been collecting and smoking cigars for over 10 years and have tried all the other RP blends and must say I wasn't a big fan of RP until I purchased a box of sungrown torpedos. By far, one of the best, if not the best smoke currently in my arsonal. From first light to stub, an amazingly well rounded cigar with complex flavors. I give it a solid "A". Purchase a single or a 5-pack and try one on for size, you will be pleasantly surprised.
Got a 10-pack daily deal and sure am glad I caught it!1st time trying RP Sungrown toros after 27+years cigar smoking-WOW!!!!One of the fullest-flavored(and full-bodied)sticks I ever had.Very,very,VERY rich and complex cigar with an aroma that stands alone.It took 20-25 minutes for the 1st inch or 2-this was a 2-hour sensory overload.Just about every puff put a smile on my face because the combination of strenght,flavor,and aroma is almost too much pleasure at once.How does Rocky do it?Thanks C.I.
Holy $%@&! a hell of a cigar! Kinda reminded me of eating a snickers bar. Chocolate,nuts,caramel and nouget. Alright, no nouget but everything else with a good dash of pepper on the initial light. This one's a legend already. So complex its like smoking 3 different cigars at once. I dont know how RP does it but he does. Thanks ROCKY!
A very nice RP. A great medium sun grown (smoking the torpedo)comparable to the Montesino sun grown (around $5). A bit pricy though. Best to buy in a sampler or on special. Don't know if it is worth paying full price of $7 to $8.
Just received a RPSG in a bonus 5 pack with my purchase of RPCR and it was awsome,cant wait for my next fix. Smooth and mild, goes great with a game of horse shoes.
I'll buy a five pack, try one, if I like it I'll save the rest for later. If I don't I'll just smoke through them or give them away. Some cigars surprise me the longer they sit and age. This RP Sungrown was memorable the first stick smoked. The latest, after sitting over 8 months, was a beautiful smoking experience. Very distinctive flavor profile I could pick out of a line up blind folded. If you haven't tried one you owe it to yourself to give one a go.
Just tried my first ever Sun Grown by Rocky. It strongly reminds me of a Cuesta Rey Centenario, also a sun grown stick. The strength is mild, the flavors subtle but amp up a bit to a delightful finish. I like well constructed smokes that burn evenly which this does. Rocky keeps hittin' the ball out of the park!
Very enjoyable cigar. One of Rocky's best creations. And I have tried most of his cigars.
This cigar rocks! Great burn, great draw, great spicy taste...perfect!
The first one (Rocky Patel Sun Grown) I had I was very disappointed because the draw was so tight I couldn't smoke it. Then again, I thing my humidor was too humid at that time. I just tried another one I was greatly surprised. It had perfect construction and draw. It's a strong, consistent, earthy, cedary smoke. I didn't read this in any other reviews but, I also tasted some cinnamon, yummy! I don't have anymore room in my humidor but when I do, I'm getting a box. I enjoyed this more than the Ashton VSG and it is a whole lot cheaper. Great work, Rocky!
This cigar is like smoking butter (Camacho Triple Maduro). It is so smooth and silky. Like all truely balanced smokes, it is powerful and at the same time wonderful to puff. It will take you a while to smoke the '60' or torpedo. It is more than worth the time. It is very complex with layers of burnt wood, aged tobacco, and of course cedar. All RP brands are top shelf. To me this cigar is on par with the decade rated at 95. Such an excellent product and always well worth the money. Par excellance for the knowledge smoker.
I have yet to have a "RP" that I didn't enjoy. They always burn, draw & taste great. I bought a sampler because it had Vintage in it, the (Sungrown) was included & was my first time trying it. I will now change to be looking for samplers with Sungrown....WHAT A WONDERFUL SMOKE!
The Rocky Patel Sun Grown has this nice oily, slightly toothy wrapper that just glistens. Excellent toasty notes with a bit of spice upon lighting. Excellent taste and burn. The complexity of this cigar is amazing!
magnificent, I must confess (Rocky Patel Sun Grown ) is an adjective patel cigars seem to always bring to mind. for me, the edge corojo is the top of the heap. but this bad boy is in the running. the sun grown toro is an earthy cigar with a round sweetness on the palet , in fact, it has a mellow character in the first inch ,not unlike the sneaky edge that ultimately kicks you in the ?. the sun grown never quite reaches edge strength .but it is full bodied in the second half. a slow cool burn,the toro lasts me over an hour and close to 90 minutes.on the finish, it turns to coffee and light charcoal , at the nub it gets bitter sweet . this is a 1st class cigar ,by a first class blender.
Apparently if your last name begins with a "P" your destiny is in cigars. ie, Patel, Padron. Rocky's greatest will always be the vintage series in my opinion, but let's discuss this little sweetheart the 'Sungrown'. I personally love a robusto size. Fits the hand and mouth perfectly. And you don't have to puff half the cigar to get to the good stuff. So I smoked a 'Sungrown' robusto. Just the appearance is impressive. Great color and craftsmanship and terrific sheen. Lit her up and great body right from the get go. This cigar is a must try. Smoked it down till my lips and fingers made me stop. Rocky has a great product, so if you haven't tried this your surely missing out. I'd give it a strong 95!
Got this cigar(Rocky Patel Sun Grown) in the Blue Chip Combo #6 and it is definitely my favorite of the entire sampler. Worth every penny if you have a little bit extra for your cigar budget. Patel sure knows how to make them.
just finished off a Sun Grown by rocky patel and boy what a cigar! i remembered the first time i had it that i was blown away and now after several months of aging, i had yet another and guess what? i still fit the skid marks i made the first time (geez, i thought i had lost some weight since then...). anywho, let me tell ya about it. this medium-full bodied cigar will gently lift you to the stairway of heaven cause the flavor is out of this world. smooth, earthy, cidery and full of vanilla (and with an aroma to match), this cigar is a sure winner. it burns evenly and feels great in the hand. if you arent intrigued yet get your vision checked. and if you like 90+ cigars great cause i give this one a 91/92 (i cant decide! : )
I was very pleasantly surprised by this cigar (Rocky Patel SunGrown). I've been smoking cigars for the last 10 years or so, but only seriously for the last year. I think that this is definitely a cigar for both the beginner and the seasoned afficionado alike. I got as part of an RP mixed 5-pack, where I was more interested in the Edge Lite and the '92 Vintage that were included, but this one was the first one that I smoked and it made my night. Copious amounts of smoke, nice even burn and draw, a firm ash, and just a touch of spice to complement a slight hint of sweetness and cocoa. A nice medium-bodied cigar. I have to give it a 90. It's made my short-list of favorites along with Carlos Torano 1916 and 1959 as well as Perdomo Lot 23. Thanks to Rocky Patel for another great cigar and to CI for offering it.
What can I say about this cigar, first of all it is my favorite Rocky Patel I have ever had. The only one I haven't tried is the new Fusion which I might like because I don't love the vintage blends but I like them so I bet I will at least like it but I really dont think it will come close to a Sun Grown. This is my "go to" cigar whenever I want to smoke a cigar I know I will really enjoy I always go with a Sun Grown and it never lets me down always the same great taste. I am not a fan of a lot of spice but this is the perfect balance what can I say. I always keep at least five robustos in my Humidor at all times Right now I am down to three so it Looks like its time to pick up another box. I almost forgot to mention it has one heck of a good price.
I had the (Rocky Patel) Sun Grown just a couple days ago and it was a mini but this was a cigar I really enjoyed!
This was a great smoke (Rocky Patel Sun Grown)! It was one of the more complex in terms of flavor I have ever had the pleasure of indulging in. Some cigars, even one of my favorites like Carlos Tarano's Exodus 1958, are one trick ponies...they give you the same taste or two during the whole smoke, getting spicy at the end. This cigar was peppery almost immediately, then mellowed to a real nutty sweet vibe. Then about two and half inches in (with ash still in place) it burst into full glory with lovely aromatic smoke (a hint of citrus as well, which I was surprised at). The cigar burned down halfway before it ashed of the best rolled cigars I have ever seen. If your in the mood for a great rolled cigar, complex in flavor, yet medium bodied, this one is for you. A must have!
My first taste of "Rocky Patel Sun Grown", and I knew on was in for a ride. Loaded with spice the first third (I thought my tongue was a blaze) it quickly mellowed out to a nice medium to full bodied stick. I also noticed some hints of cocoa and what I can only describe as espresso with a sweetness, very nice. Loads of grey smoke (like a foggy night in San Francisco) beautifully constructed and as close to the perfect cigar you can get without going broke. If i may, I rate it a 90. There is NO WAY you can go wrong with this stick. So guy's sample it and you'll definitely be back for more. Enjoy this labor of love. Later...a thanks to R.P.
WOW! What a cigar (Rocky Patel Sun Grown). Wonderful flavor. I was looking for something "different" then what I smoke on a daily basis and this cigar was perfect. Everyone I have shared this cigar with has wanted to steal a couple more. This cigar is great. RP has never dissapointed me with the draw or construction and this is no exception. Not an everday cigar but if you are looking for something that will blow you away this is it. Awesome cigar.
Sun Grown (Rocky Patel Sun Grown)is another hit for Rocky! Heavy in the hand it's creamy tasting wrapper compliments it's medium body fillers that are smooth and nutty with ever so slight spice and a delish finish. The first inch or so is almost the same taste as at midway - very consistent throughout. Excellent construction, firm ash and I now have another favorite. I understand that CI stuck by Rocky before his star status and now we are all benefactors of their excellent taste in cigars and judgement of talent.
I really enjoyed the Sun Grown by Rocky Patel... I had it sitting in my humidor getting all nice ripe and when I pulled it out, it had a beautiful oily sheen on the wrapper... The draw and burn were nice and perfect... it started out with a slight spicy bang and then evened out to a smooth medium to full bodied jewel... definitely some hints of cocoa and a slight sweetness. It was fantastic.
What can I say to make myself as crystal clear as I can. These along with all the other RP smokes I have tried in the past year have become without question my favorites. CI's grace in making it possible for us to buy the seconds or mistakes or leftovers has also made it so well worth the money I am shocked at the quality of the cigars I now call, my everyday Gars. Thank you all at CI for making my tastes improve, and making it possible to not feel like I'm wasting a thing in the process. I love these cigars and you will too. Now back to shopping to try all the RP and aligned cigars I havent yet tried.

Rocky Patel Sun Grown

Steve R

Today has been a crazy cigar day. At 10am, I embarked on a daunting task of testing nine blends. However, I had to burn these nine cigars at the same time in an effort to find the best of the bunch. I’ll be honest....some were horrific. Those were sent home from the island with haste and pleasure. However, a few did stand out, so I had to cleanse the palate, grab some fresh air, and re-light a second batch of three cigars to pinpoint the winner. By 1pm I was done and in desperate need of food and coffee....after more fresh air to clear my swimming head. I’m now in the clear and about to dig into something from home – a nicely aged Rocky Patel Sun Grown Robusto.

I received this cigar on June 18th, 2005. I know this because the date is laser engraved....just below ‘Kevin and Maureen.’ Sorry guys, I’m about to burn your wedding cigar. I’ve held onto it long enough – probably much longer than the rest of your guests (even you Kevin!). It’s time for this cigar to succumb to it’s inevitable – and long overdue – fiery death.

The cigar is dark and leathery in appearance with a nice, oily sheen. The foot smells of sweet cedar – a product of sleeping on the top shelf of my desktop humidor for nearly 4 years. I’m excited to enjoy this cigar. I haven’t had an RP Sun Grown in almost a year, and I’m interested to see if it still contains the hearty array of spices I’ve always picked up from this cigar.

Instantly upon puffing I knew the spice was still there. However, what I really notice is a rich, leathery element dominates with each draw. The wrapper promotes a nice sweetness on the finish, which is quickly muted by a series of bold spices. To be honest, I’m surprised by how much spice is still present considering how long this cigar has been in the humidor. Through the nose it’s quite powerful and the aroma is zesty to say the least. I feel pretty relaxed. This cigar was a nice choice and my spent palate is still receptive of the complex flavors at play. Behind the leathery, spicy core I am able to detect sweet (but toasted) cedar and earthy tones. I’m now past the band and in the final stretch. This cigar still has legs....the finish is even spicier than the red pepper hitting all sides of my palate. Man, what a treat. I don't recall RP Sun Grown being this strong, but who am I to complain?

Rocky Patel Sun Grown has been hard to come by lately due to a shortage in the Ecuadorian sun-grown wrapper leaf. We received a few boxes here and there, but it’s nothing to write home about. However, I highly recommend you try this cigar if you haven’t already. Considering the ever-increasing size of the RP legion, I’m sure you have. If so, try it again. And again after that.

Sun-Grown by Rocky Patel

Brandon S
Unless you have been wandering the Gobi Desert for the past few months without food or water, chances are you are becoming increasingly familiar with name Rocky Patel. Rocky is the brilliant founder behind the Indian Tabac brand and after a few tough years in the beginning, Rocky is really coming in to his own with a recent string of releases that have quickly become some of the hottest and most highly rated cigars on the market. If ratings are your game than you surely couldn’t have missed the huge 92 rating the Vintage 1990 Robusto received just a few months ago outscoring the Opus X with ease!

Everyone seemed to stand by waiting to see if the Vintage rating was a fluke or at best, a one-trick pony. Then came a few more fantastic editions to the Rocky Patel label including the Edge and the Sun-Grown by Rocky Patel…

So let’s get down to it. The Sun-Grown is the newest edition to Rocky Patel’s lineup and is produced with a beautiful and oily Ecuadorian Sun-Grown wrapper. In the past it has been my experience that most Sun-Grown wrappers tend to deliver an overpowering and spicy smoke. Not so with the Rocky Patel. The 5 years of aging these wrappers undergo really tones down the spice without sacrificing that rich buttery flavor that you expect from a quality Sun-Grown wrapper. Upon lighting up a Sun-Grown you will first be greeted with a mellow and woody flavor followed by just a hint of spice that develops on the back of your tongue. As the cigar continues to burn you will quickly notice a slow and even change happening as the Sun-Grown gains complexity and trades spice for an intensely rich yet smooth smoke that will keep you guessing as to what will come next. Since their release I have smoked roughly 75-100 of the Rocky Patel Sun-Growns each time putting the cigar down between the half-way and three-quarter mark where the cigar becomes so complex that it just boggles the mind.

Truly a cigar fit for the most discriminating of connoisseurs, the Rocky Patel Sun-Grown achieves a new level quality and consistency that previously could only be found in cigars costing upward of $8-$10 each.

Rocky Patel Sun Grown

Jeff K

Over the last couple of years, Rocky Patel’s been a busy man. Decade, Patel Bros, 1961, Renaissance, and now, the upcoming 15th Anniversary…in addition to the innumerable private labels that are popping up all over the globe. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing, it just takes a little bit of luster off of the old. And if you’ve forgotten, his older stuff is exceptional.  Take Rocky Patel Sun Grown, a prime example of his early work that just made its way back onto my radar…and I’m glad it did.

Well over 5 years ago, Rocky Patel Sungrown hit the ground running with a set of highly favorable reviews and a tremendous buzz. But as the years passed, demand was usurped by the never ending stream of Rocky’s next release. And a little over a year ago, an issue with wrapper shortage left Sun Grown out of stock for numerous months, and led to Sun Grown’s even further backburnering. Don’t get me wrong, Sun Grown has its fans…and there’s plenty of them. But this is a cigar that deserves more. At least in my eyes.  

Rocky Patel Sun Grown is draped in a dark, ultra-oily, 5-year-old Ecuadorian Sun Grown Sumatra wrapper. This namesake piece is a truly gorgeous leaf and the crux of this handmades flavor. Inside, robust Nicaraguan and Dominican long-fillers are contained within a rich Nicaraguan binder. On paper, Sun Grown sounds pretty…and the real thing ain’t bad either. It’s firm, heavy in the hand and well put together as a whole.

At first light, Sun Grown will grab your attention. A generous dose of hearty spices are paired with a cedary note for a bold introduction. Initially it’s powerful, but the heat dies down quickly. As it burns, it mellows out nicely a flood of complex flavors come forth. Notes of rich tobacco, bread, sweetness and leather are backed by a peppery finish.  It’s smooth and the aroma is warm and rich. Towards the end, the flavor builds and the cigar never gets hot or harsh. The flavor is bold, balanced and complex, a hearty, traditional tobacco taste that’s interesting from start to finish.

Overall, Rocky Patel Sun Grown is the complete package. Ample good qualities and very few bad. If you’re looking for a quality, medium to full-bodied handmade that’s pure, flavorful and refined, Sun Grown fits the bill. And I’d suggest trying the torpedo size first, it’s far and away my favorite.

Rocky Patel Sun Grown

Steve R
The 2004 RTDA in Vegas showcased a slew of great offerings from some great makers, and of all the makers, it seems Rocky Patel was the busiest. His booth was utter madness, spilling over with onlookers trying to catch a glimpse of his new releases. The Edge, Java, Royale and Sun Grown – each one causing what seemed to be a riot, only less gunfire and more flashbulbs. But don’t worry, Team CI was safe, Brandon was “packin’ heat” that day. Sun Grown seemed to be the favorite among the masses, probably due to the amazing success of the RP Vintage line. Although samples were given out, the blend has since changed, becoming a better balanced display of flavor and strength. Since the show, I’ve only had a few, and they were fresh off the factory floor – we smoked them while visiting Rocky’s operation in Honduras. Indeed, the blend was perfected and the Sun Grown is sure to build upon reputation of the RP brand.

It’s 3 in the afternoon and I’ve got a craving for a good smoke. Brandon was kind enough to give me a Sun Grown from his employee purchase, and although I’m on an empty stomach, I think it will fit the bill. Smell, snip, light and away we go. Right off the bat I am hit with an assortment of unique flavors. The dark sun-grown wrapper leaves a slightly sweet aftertaste on my lips while I pick up a subtle nuttiness, almost like toasted peanuts. Surprisingly enough, I’ve yet to receive any spicy notes and the strength is quite tame. I’m about 2 inches in and the flavor is quite mellow – a creamy earthiness dominates, while that subtle sweetness lingers after each puff. The burn is slow and true, and the cigar seems to ‘breathe’ relentlessly as it sits in my ashtray. Side note: when you see smoke coming from the head of a cigar, it’s ‘breathing’. About 75% of the way through my head starts to swim a bit. The strength is building, and the spiciness I expected up front has shown itself. The earthiness has grown richer, while the sweetness has been replaced with a definitive peppery flavor. Although this transition was gradual and balanced, it didn’t sneak up on me. Rather, the richness developed nicely, and then BAM, the spice kicks in towards the nub. The ending was phenomenal – robust and flavorful – a great way to finish a complex, well-made cigar. Good choice Brandon, and nice work Rocky. I’ll be gettin’ me some of these.