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Don Pepin Garcia Cuban Classic

Pepin Garcia, a man on fire!

Ready yourself for the strongest blend from 'Don Pepin' Garcia to date. The Black label is as inviting as it is delicious. Coated with a caramel-colored Corojo wrapper, this eventful blend of Cuban-seed tobaccos hails from the black, fertile soils of Nicaragua. The result is a full-tilt array of flavor swirling throughout your palate with undeniable hints of earth, toasted cedar and black pepper. The aftertaste and aroma are sweet and pleasant, completing an interesting experience that will leave you satisfied every time.

Rated '92', the Cuban Classic blend - otherwise known as 'Black' - from Don Pepin Garcia has been named one of the Top 25 Cigars in the world: "A lovely cigar that has an elegant draw and burn. The blend is pleasant, with a toasted almond flavor, notes of wood and touches of leather on the palate."

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1950 (toro) (6.0"x52)
Box of 20 In Stock $157.50
save $23.5115% off
1950 (toro) (6.0"x52)
Pack of 5 In Stock $35.00
1970 (belicoso) (5.5"x54)
Box of 20 In Stock $161.50
save $17.5111% off
1970 (belicoso) (5.5"x54)
Pack of 5 Only 5 Left $38.00
1979 (robusto) (5.0"x50)
Box of 20 In Stock $146.00
save $22.0115% off
1979 (robusto) (5.0"x50)
Pack of 5 In Stock $32.00
2001 (6x60) (Gordo) (6.0"x60)
Box of 20 In Stock $178.00
save $25.0114% off
2001 (6x60) (Gordo) (6.0"x60)
Pack of 5 In Stock $40.00
Overall Rating 4.81 out of 5 Based on 42 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Don Pepin Garcia Cuban Classic”

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5 out of 5
Excellent cigar
One of my favorites!!
5 out of 5
Service was fast and product
Service was fast and product was good.
5 out of 5
My staple, always have these in my humidor, I can never think of a time that this is not the cigar I would reach for, just good all around smoke.
5 out of 5
Great Smoke
5 out of 5
Wow! What a pleasant surprise
I've enjoyed a couple of My Father varieties and figured based on that I might enjoy other Don Pepin products. Through past experiences with other manufacturers though, I'd learned that's not always true. Anyway, with this one I'm glad I pulled the trigger. Very pleasant smoke that instantly reminded me of the Arturo Fuente Hemmingway line. Not over-powering, not too mild. It just struck me as perfect. Construction was flawless, burnt great, and based on the 10-pack I have enjoyed, I'm sure a box will be living in my wineador soon!
5 out of 5
These are the cigars you have been looking for.
I ordered a 5-pack, smoked 2, and knew I needed a box. If you like corojo wrappers and rich flavor without being overwhelmed, this is your perfect match.
4 out of 5
5 out of 5
Very enjoyable
Very enjoyable
5 out of 5
Some of the best that
Some of the best that we've had.
3 out of 5
Not great
Very ho hum cigar
5 out of 5
Great sticks
Bought these before and they were fantastic. When another deal came over the wire I didn't hesitate. Really great smoke. Buy them.
5 out of 5
Jose Garcia truly a Don
Amazing consistency year in and year out.
5 out of 5
Don Pepin Garcia Cuban Classic 1979 Robusto
This is by far my favorite cigar of all the different ones I may smoke there is no better satisfaction.
5 out of 5
great build quality, silky-smooth smoke and leaving you desiring another and another and another.....
5 out of 5
Great smoke
Enjoying this little stick at the moment. Great from start to finish.
4 out of 5
solid cigar.
Strong but not overbearing. Well balanced. Well made. Would have preferred a Churchill for this blend and a touch easier draw but minor points.
5 out of 5
Don Pepin Garcia
Whatever Don Pepin seems to touch is worth smokin. Great taste, burn, smoke, everything. This was a nice deal.
5 out of 5
Excellent Smoke
I have yet to taste a Pepin Garcia cigar that I did not like. The flavor, construction and draw is so top notch. Even better than some Cubans that I tried.
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
This is a tasty gem, ful of rich flavor and satisfying.
5 out of 5
Great stick! Smoothest draw.
Made the top of my list! Definitely will be buying again
5 out of 5
Really great cigar smooth, nice
Really great cigar smooth, nice burn.
5 out of 5
Great smoke, great price! Will hut again!
5 out of 5
Creamy full flavored
Creamy full flavored
4 out of 5
Nice smoke.
Nice cigar. Got at a good price will buy again when I can get the right deal on these.
5 out of 5
Reminiscent of The St. Luis Rey (Cuban Exclusive). I had the absolute pleasure of enjoying the SLR (Cuban) in 60 ring. Each puff reminded of DPG Cuban Classic. I tried the belicoso and toro, but discovered the Gordo (6 x60) was the best. I discovered with corojos the larger the ring gauge, the smoother the smoke. The Gordo tones down the traditional Garcia Pepper Blast. Which allows you to enjoy flavors that normally get muffled. This corojo in Gordo does provide cocoa, leather, and spice.
5 out of 5
Pre- Embargo
For me.... The 60 ring is the closest on USA soil to a Cuban. Reminiscent of the Saint Luis Rey (which is exclusive to Cuba). I had the privilege to smoke the 60 ring as well. I prefer the 60 ring over the other sizes b/c it mellows out the traditional Garcia PEPPER BLAST. The smooth character allows the palate to enjoy the other flavors that get muffled by the pepper. Like cocoa. Love this stick. Garcia is that Guy.
5 out of 5
Great cigar
This is one of the best
5 out of 5
Good deal
Very good and I will be buying again.
5 out of 5
Happy wedding guests
I bought these to pass out at my daughter's wedding, and they were very well received. I am a big fan of Mr. Garcia's work, as the quality of his cigars is superb.
5 out of 5
Age well
Smoked one last week that I had in my humidor for about seven years. Absolutely phenonemol. These age incredibly well.
5 out of 5
Pepin's Cuban Classic
Is one of my favorite cigars, always a good draw and the peppery flavor is always there.
5 out of 5
I've always like them
They are great I've always like Don Pepin good taste
5 out of 5
Love that cigar
Consistently fine smoke and very affordable.... One of my go-to cigars you can't go wrong....
5 out of 5
The Best Blend Master there is
Never Disappointed with Any Pepin Blend
5 out of 5
Great cigar
Don pepin doesn't disappoint with this stogie. Great flavor and construction makes this cigar have a permanent home in my humi!
5 out of 5
One of my favs
Very good cigars one of my favs!
5 out of 5
Always great
I've been purchasing Don Pepin Cigars for 15 years. These Cuban Classics never disappoint. I also like the My Father collection.
5 out of 5
These were even better than I remembered them to be. As a fan of full bodied smokes, this for me was medium strength at best & there's little doubt I'll be ordering the Cuban Classic (Black) again. Winner!
4 out of 5
1st order
Loved the sent of the humidor.
5 out of 5
Aroma de cuba
3 out of 5
Garcia Cubans
They are good but I like the blue label Garcia's better.
Customer Testimonials
Purchased a box. Have to agree with some of the reviews. So so. Medium at best, no flavor profile 1st one I smoked. Let sit in my humidor and did a blind smoke when my friend came over. He said "pretty bland and no flavor" disappointed in the value vs price when disclosed cigar. Smoked another one tonight and same outcome. So So. Medium at best , no real flavor profile. Will give to my friends who don't smoke much.
Has good Corojo flavor much like the Camacho Corojo. This cigar also has a red pepper taste that stays with me in the smoke and doesn't seem to change much. I think these need a year in lock up to smooth out.
The Don Pein Cuban Classic is a full-bodied smoke. It starts off peppery then smooths out to an earthy flavor. Lots of smoke, not hard to draw at all. It burns a little fast. Overall a decent smoke but for sure not a 92 rated cigar. If you like Partgas Black, you will like this one as it is a touch smoother.
I usually don't write reviews however this cigar is terrific. I smoked over 10 of these babies and this is the real deal, great value. I love the taste, it burns great, smoke it to the nub and the price is right. I gave one to my neighbor [cigar snob] and he loved it and bought 10 from me. So I purchased 30 more for myself. A must try for around $6 a stick. I smoked 1970 robusto & 1950 toro, love them both.
Bought a box about 3 months ago and smoked 3. Very well built, it burns great with a lot of smoke. Maybe I'll buy again because I like to smoke different brands so it's hard for me to keep buying the same thing. This cigar is very tasty with a lot of flavor....
I love everything Don Pepin makes. Don't know why it took me this long to get around trying these out. All I can say is, what an amazing cigar! The taste is very reminiscent of a Cohiba Siglo VI, but without the hassle of trying to get Cuban cigars. From now on, I will continue to buy these any time Joe decides to feature them on the daily deal (hint, hint).
What a great stick. From the first easy draw this cigar was great. I am not a fan of overpowering spice and this fits the bill nicely. Very well constructed very pleasant smoke. Big, but not overpowering.
This is a nice cigar...looks awesome and smokes well, but IMO it is overpriced...not worth $6+ a stick.
I happen to come across this cigar by chance, in fact it was my girlfriend who picked it out for me based off the gold band at the foot of the cigar. Although I am still in the process of finding out which cigars I enjoy, this one stood out to me. It is a full bodied cigar that is smooth throughout the smoke. I smoke this cigar all the way down to the nub and keep wishing there was just a little bit more of the cigar. This cigar is definitely one of my favorites and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys a flavorful, but smooth cigar.
Yum yum...
Wow This Cigar is Awesome! A powerhouse loaded with so much flavor You will crave more and more. But for how strong this Cigar is it's very smooth. Prelight aroma is beautiful, You'll know Your in for a treat. I Guarantee You will Love it.
I think this Cigar may very well be the best Cigar I ever smoked. It's That Good! The prelight aroma is unbelievable. Visually it has a beautiful shine to it.Light it up and Wow! You are hit with manny flavors that will leave You craving more and more. You have to try it! You will Love it!
The Cuban Classic I just had was great. Had it in the gordo size, and I have absolutely no complaints about it. Tons and tons of flavor, lots of Vitamin N, but super smooth on the draw and on the palate. Never got harsh, burned evenly. Only potential downside (it wasn't for me because I don't have hours to devote to smoking a cigar) is that it's a fairly quick (but not hot) burning cigar; don't expect much more than 45 minutes out of it.
One of the best cigars on the market today. Consistant in all respects; flavor and construction are remarkable. Mr. Pepin knows how to make a great cigar. I'd recommend "black" to anyone.
Just sparked my first Don Peppin cuban clasic, and man what a great cigar. The burn is perfect and the draw is very easy, pepper greats you up front then mellows into a spicy-sweet taste the whole time never loosing the pepper tast which is there all the time, but not overpowering. If you like full body cigars like I do then you cannot go wrong with this cigar; gonna pick up a box for the humi seeing that I only have a 10 pack of the robusto!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
As a earlier post said. "Who needs Cuba?" I have lost count of how many of these gems i have smoked,and the one thing that always blows me away is (just like Cubans) the taste of EARTH that the DPG Black provides. Hands down my favorite stick!! Always has been,always will be. Thanks CI and thanks Don Pepin!!
This is an excellent cigar....consistent burn and draw.....Gobs of flavor right now to the nub.....Try it , you will like it.
This is a box purchase without a doubt. I don't look for essences of nuts or coffee. I look for great tobacco flavor, a perfect draw, and a perfect construction with a little natural sweetness. This cigar answers the call for the perfect smoke. Without a doubt the perfect cigar. Highly recommended.
Very enjoyable smoke, but it went by too fast. I think I finished the Robusto in half an hour. That fast. Nice construction, very easy draw, and smooth down to the nub. I didn't notice any spice in the smoke, but the wrapper has a spicy flavor so maybe that's why people mention the spice. Overall it was enjoyable, but I think at $6 a piece you might be longing for a cigar that lasts a bit longer. Try to buy these with some of the other deals CI has going on. You can get 'em at half price and its very much worth it for $3 a stick.
This cigar is awesome. That is all.
A very good cigar. I would rate this a 91 in MHO. It is a Pepin no doubt.
DPG Cuban Classic (Robusto). Lucky for me the fella that owns my local auto detail shop is a fellow herfer and smokes in the garage and allows me the same. While the crew was detailing my truck, I had one these (DPG Cuban Classic (Robusto) ). Great smoke in all categories. It is everything you'd expect from one of the Zen Masters in the game, Jose 'Don Pepin' Garcia. Not as strong as some reviewers have indicated, but a perfect cigar with that signature DPG pepper. DEE-lish!
These are one of my favorite cigars. The taste, burn and construction is always great! Nice flavors I smoke these to the nub.
One of my first smokes and still one of my favorites!!! It's a strong spicy smoke. It might not be for anyone. It's strong but not over powering. I've had greycliffs and hated them. These are still something I come back to everytime. I'd consider it my base cigar. I always stock these the most in my humidor. If you like most medium Rocky Patels or Alec Bradleys, then you'll love these. Usually the only cigar I'll order a box of for myself without splitting with a friend.
I got a couple of these in a CI Don Pepin Garcia sampler. Ordinarily I am a mild-medium smoker. This cigar's flavor is so rich and yet so smooth that the fuller bodied smoke didn't bother me at all. This one is a keeper. The glistening appearance of the wrapper is in itself worth the price of admission. Light it up and you are in for a unique and rewarding smoking experience. With cigars like these available, who needs Cubans anyway?
I like my cigars smooth and creamy without any bite, so needless to say, I hated this cigar. Nevertheless, I'm still going to recommend it very highly, because I know there are plenty of folks who like their cigars peppery. The pre-light draw tasted wonderful. It had that smooth creamy taste that you only get from the very finest tobbacos. I actually puffed on it for about half an hour before lighting it. Once you get past all the pepper (and there's tons of it), the flavor was great. If you like peppery cigars, I'm certain you will love this one.
I bought these last week on a Sunday supprise, I did not know what I was even getting. Right off the truck I tried one, I couln't wait. Wow, what a nice supprise, they are awsome,strong but not over powering. I got a good cigar for the $17.50. I would buy these and I would recomend for anyone to try.well made and top notch.
I just finished a 5.5" x 38 ring DP Cuban Classic. What a great little smoke. I usually smoke Toro and Torpedo sized cigars, but this cigar rocks! Tons of pepper, with cedar, spice and sweet all rolled up into one. I highly recommend the Corona!
It's a very good strong Corojo. Is it worth $6+ a stick?... Nope not IMHO
One word---overrated. Don't get why it is rated so highly.
Wow, this is one strong flavorful cigar (Don Pepin Garcia Cuban Classic). I had the hick-ups after smoking this stick. The after taste lingers and lingers and lingers.
Dam, this is one fine cigar. The "Don Pepin Garcia Cuban Classic", the only thing i can add.... "one fine cigar".
I recently bought a box of the 2001 (Don Pepin Garcia Cuban Classics). As soon as they arrived at my door I smoked two of them. Wow, the classic Pepin flavor hits you in the first half-inch, then it mellows to a nice, almost food-like taste. I swear, I almost ate it. This cigar is almost perfect. Great construction, great taste and great burn. Nobody does it better than Jose!
This cigar has been in my humidor for five months. The time has done it no harm! Don Pepin Garcia Cuban Classic Pleasant, though faint, pre-light aroma. The ash was not as firm as I might have expected, but there was no messy flaking. The burn was quite even and the flavour was...well....about as you might expect from Don Pepin. I'm not one to find all the flavours some chaps manage, but it tasted to me like a fine, well-made cigar. I'd recommend it highly.
Wow!!! If you love to smoke Cubans, you will absolutely love this cigar! I've been searching for a while now to find a more affordable Cuban cigar alternative, then I got a CI sample pack which included two of these babies! So far I've smoked several of the cigars from this package, and none of the rest hold a candle to these! Thanks CI for putting together this package and turning me on to the Don Pepin black labels, you've earned yourself a loyal customer!
The best of best, Don Pepin Garcia Cuban Classic
One of the Best. Period. Over the years I've tried almost every label, shape, size, price-- you name it. Nowdays it takes something special to capture my attention and the Don Pepin Garcia Cuban Classic has done just that! Construction, draw, flavor, aroma-- they nailed it on this cigar. I get tired of great smokes like this always being compared to Cubans-- maybe it's time for the Cubans to be compared to cigars like this....
How can one consider a '92' rating an injustice to a cigar...but that it is. My favorite stick on the market (Don Pepin Garcia Cuban Classic) (even over the '64 and '26 series Padrons, though they are more refined). Mounds of black pepper greet the palate and hit through the nose, but the flavor has wonderful balance and complexity. The perfect cigar to finish a night of wonderful smokes. It is rereshingly original yet refined, and it's never say it is an eventful smoke is to understate it's impact. This one's in a class of it's own.
Wow the name says it all. Cuban Classic is true to its name. This is the closest thing to the real Cubans i have ever smoked. It is a powerfull cigar with a great flavor. This is one of my top five cigars. I recommend this one to be smoked with a nice glass of scotch or whisky.
Hey CI crew!Just got my first box of "pepin" black label-great pre-light aroma and taste (just like my other favorites of pepin garcia i.e.legends yellow label,pepin garcia blue label, padilla achilles...)In other words,true cuban corojo excellence!Sit down when you spark it up this one's a firecracker.Just plain delicious. Very peppery upon lighting but flavors of cream, cashews,cedar,and leather swirl together for the whole smoke bringing that "rainwater"taste so often talked about.It also tingles the nose like no other.Perfect integrity from start to finish, even the nub doesn't "punish" you,it just calls you back for the next one!Thanks CI!
This is my first attempt at a cigar rating. I have been wanting to try the Don Pepin line for a while. I finally got the Don Pepin black label and lit it up the next day. The outer body of the cigar was a little veiny, toothy, and oily with firm construction. I cut the cigar and breathed its essence in from the foot and sensed nice spices, peat?, with a little cedar. The first quarter inch was cedary, nice spice with a hint of pepper on the palette. The cigar had a nice medium to bold body. Especially when I breathed out smoke through my nose. The flavor stayed the same throughout most of the cigar with a little bit of smoothness towards the end. When I was finished with the cigar there was about 1/2" left. All in all it was a good smoke and I would highly recomend it to people who like CAO MX2, Cusano Carojo 1997, Gran Habano #5, 5 Vegas Alpha's, Partagas Black,Opus X, etc.. Not a bad price for the cigar either. I can't wait until I meet Mr. Garcia Friday April 20, 2007.