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Cuba Libre

A scrumptious blend from Nestor Plasencia.

Cuba Libre is a positively delicious Honduran premium layered with robust yet balanced flavors. Its toothy Cuban-seed Corojo wrapper conceals a feisty recipe of Cuban-seed, long-leaf tobaccos grown in the fertile soils of the Jalapa Valley. After 8 months in Nestor Plasencia’s aging rooms, this flavorful mixture exudes a hearty core of earth and leather with a toasty influence. Each vitola pumps out voluminous, soft clouds of voluptuous, silky flavor that linger pleasingly on the palate before dissolving into a peppery-sweet finish with pronounced notes of pleasant spice through the nose. Buttery smooth and perfectly balanced, it’s medium in strength but a few clicks shy of full-bodied. I love this cigar. Not to get too far over the top, but Cuba Libre offers the ideal juxtaposition of disarmingly lush, intense flavors with classical, finely-tuned structure.

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Chairman (Churchill) (7.0"x52)
Box of 20 Out Of Stock $120.00
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$69.99   Notify
Chairman (Churchill) (7.0"x52)
Pack of 5 Out Of Stock $21.00   Notify
Club Corona (5.5"x44)
Box of 20 In Stock $90.00
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Club Corona (5.5"x44)
Pack of 5 In Stock $16.00
Epicure (Toro) (6.0"x50)
Box of 20 In Stock $110.00
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Epicure (Toro) (6.0"x50)
Pack of 5 In Stock $20.00
Magnum (Robusto) (5.5"x55)
Box of 20 In Stock $100.00
save $40.0140% off
Magnum (Robusto) (5.5"x55)
Pack of 5 In Stock $19.00
The Brute (Gordo) (4.5"x60)
Pack of 20 In Stock $120.00
save $70.0158% off
The Brute (Gordo) (4.5"x60)
Pack of 5 Out Of Stock $21.00   Notify
Unico (torpedo) (6.2"x54)
Box of 20 In Stock $120.00
save $50.0142% off
Unico (torpedo) (Toro) (6.2"x54)
Pack of 5 Out Of Stock $21.00   Notify
Overall Rating 4.47 out of 5 Based on 51 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Cuba Libre”

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5 out of 5
Nice Smoke!
Great walking cigar
5 out of 5
Excellent smoke!
Great taste and burn is consistent. One of my favorite cigars!
4 out of 5
3 out of 5
The Brute
The pros: price, flavor and they don't fall apart in your mouth. The cons: a little too thick for me, about 1/2 the time you have to relight two or three times to get to the finish line. Great everyday cigar or one for the golf course will last about 7 holes which is nice.
5 out of 5
Simple Excellent.
Simple Excellent. I have tried this cigar in two different sizes. The Brute of which I purchased a mazo of 20 and the Magnum of which I purchased a 5 pack from CBid. The cigar is so smooth and creamy, I believe any size would be a good choice. The next one on my list is the club corona size. This cigar is box pressed, has a good draw, great construction, its smooth, its creamy, its amazing. This is a great offering, buy them while you can.
5 out of 5
Awesome for price, taste and smoothness!!
These are really great and the price can't be beat. I love the Toro and Robusto sizes. If you can age them in your Humidor for at least one year they are Premium Cigars. They are somewhere between medium and full but Very, Very Smooth. What a wonderful Deal
4 out of 5
Simply Smooth
This cigar burns slow and even. Great for the price!
5 out of 5
One of the best
5 out of 5
Great flavor
Great flavor, burns perfectly every time. Wonderful full bodied cigar.
4 out of 5
Good and mild, stays lit
Good and mild, stays lit more then none.
4 out of 5
good cigar!!
In my opinion, If you like Cohibas you will probably like theese beauties. They have a slightly fuller, rounder taste, with an earthy finish.
5 out of 5
Shhh...they are under priced
A very well balanced tasty cigar. I haven't found a better stick for the money. I smoke it down to the nub every time. Chewy smoke, great flavors, mild-med strength. Not complex but great construction, and consistent flavors. I've given them out and everybody that I expose them too loves them as much as me. I prefer the brute which is box pressed.
5 out of 5
Great fullbody cigar..
Love the full strength of the Brute. It has become one of my favorite everyday cigars. They burn even and finish as well as they start.
4 out of 5
My go to batch
Always a good burn and draw. My go to batch for a great price.
4 out of 5
Every Day Cigar
Good flavor and good value. Not the best, but pretty darn good for the money.
5 out of 5
Price and Quality
A really nice smoke and the price is great! Let them sit a year or two and you will have a 92 in the Pocket. Just great!
5 out of 5
Love them
Smooth ,great flavor
5 out of 5
Simply Devine
Excellent draw and a well crafted smoke.I enjoy it's great effect on my Pallate
5 out of 5
A wonderfully fine cigar
One of the mildest enjoyable sticks I've I have smoked in twenty plus years!!
2 out of 5
Cuba Libre vs Cuba Libre One
A bit harsh for my taste Cuba Libre One's, although strong, are also way more flavorful.
5 out of 5
Very good cigars.
5 out of 5
the "brute" is mediocre
Flavor, just ok, not outstanding, to me , price is too high for an average "stogie" could be a great everyday cigar but it gets soggy too fast!
5 out of 5
Great cigar
Got the Brute for turkey hunting with 3 friends. They all thought it was one of the best cigars they have had. I managed to keep a few hidden from them. Highly recommend that folks give it a try.
5 out of 5
Great cigar
Have friends who cherish this cigar, along with myself. We are off turkey hunting and will enjoy this long lasting stogey, probably more than hunting.
5 out of 5
Cuba Libre
Great everyday smoke.
4 out of 5
Value packing
A great robusto for the $
5 out of 5
It is the best of CI
It is the best of the non big brand cigars CI sells. I fell in love with it five or six years ago. It is my favorite cigar. The big brands are fine and all but the Cuba Libre just tastes right. Will have to get more soon.
4 out of 5
Cuba Libre Club Corona - A Solid Smoke
The Cuba Libre Club Corona is a nice-sized cigar and gives you a solid smoke every time. Firmly packaged with an easy draw and a smooth taste of pepper and toast. This is an even-burning cigar and gives out a nice smoke and ash. I like to smoke one in the morning and/or the late afternoon and it always provides me with an enjoyable event.
4 out of 5
Good cigar. Love the prompt
Good cigar. Love the prompt service.
5 out of 5
Great cigar.
Great cigar.
5 out of 5
Perfect Outdoor cigar!!!
Cuba Libre has always been a favorite of mine-the Brute is no exception. This cigar is perfect for outdoor activities--raking leaves, hitting a golf ball or just enjoying the weather. And for the price its tough to beat!!!!
5 out of 5
Great Cigar
Great cigar with very pleasant flavor. Slow smoke with no bitterness all the way down to the nub! I really enjoy these cigars.
5 out of 5
good smoke the Cuba Libre Epicure
2 out of 5
Great Promise, Little Delivery
I was looking for a smaller cigar for when I have less time for a smoke. Cuba Libre has, in the past, delivered a great smoke, so I purchased the Brute.What a disappointment. Flat taste, kept going out (like a pipe), burned at an angle. Box shaped to the extreme, the cigar just did not fit in my mouth. I will be trying some other cigar for my short smoke.
5 out of 5
My favorite!
Well constructed, great taste, burns well, meaty both in size and flavor, an all around excellent find!
5 out of 5
Cuba libre the brute
Great value, good burn.
5 out of 5
MIld, consistant flavor with no surprises.
5 out of 5
Perfect cigar!!!
Cuba Libre is my everyday cigar after work. When I play golf, mow etc. But when I have a short period of time to enjoy a cigar-I never have time to finish!!! The Corona is the perfect solution, great taste,even burn and just right with any cold adult beverage!!!!
5 out of 5
Always great and prompt service.
Always great and prompt service.
5 out of 5
A must try!
Underrated in so many ways! This is a superb cigar from start to finish. One of my favorites.
4 out of 5
Best little everyday smoke!
I can easily smoke 3 a day. I don't alway do that but this definitely the best little everyday stick!
5 out of 5
Cuba Libre "The Brute"
It's the one I keep coming back to! Nice slow burn, rich full flavor.
5 out of 5
Top Shelf
A fine smoke, well worth every light.
2 out of 5
Quality has gone down
ive been buying these cigars for years now the price has gone up and the quality has gone down.
3 out of 5
good smoke for the money
good smoke for the money
5 out of 5
Cuba Libre
I really enjoy this cigar. It has a nutty taste and nice aroma. A thick and meaty cigar with great flavor. Very nice. I think I like it more than the Cuba Libre One.
2 out of 5
cuba libre is average
A so so cigar with a not so tasty- taste!
5 out of 5
Cigars International
In all the years I have been dealing with CI I have never been disappointed. The deals are great, shipping is always fast and quicker than advertised. Long may it last.
5 out of 5
Alex Weaver live sound engineer
I have been buying cigars from CI for a long time now, of always liked the ordering Process, easy. and the minimum delivery time.And I have told many of my cigar smoking friends about CI Site.Great cigars and good deals,Its always all good thanks. AW
5 out of 5
My "Go To" Cigar
I enjoy trying new things. Sometimes I am disappointed with my choice. When that happens with a cigar, I think to myself that I should have stuck The Brute.
4 out of 5
Decent Smoke
I like these, I had been smoking other Cuba Libre until I discovered these, nice burn
Customer Testimonials
Nice burn, gobs of smoke, nice lingering taste of toast on the pallet. I keep coming back to this great everyday cigar at an excellent price!
I've enjoyed other cigars with fillers from Jalapa Valley. I was eager to try Cuba Libre. It exceeded my expectations. The flavor was amazing. I was impressed when I put it down for a couple of minutes and it didn't need to be relit. This is now one of my favorites. There were a couple of drawbacks, though. As with most box pressed cigars I've smoked, there was a bit of an uneven burn. This was easily fixed by rotating the cigar as I smoked it. I would also like to see a Presidente size, round cigar made as I'm not normally fond of the box pressed. I highly recommend Cuba Libre as it is a premium at a great price.
The reviews are split on Cuba Libre, but for the life of me I can't understand why. Most of the naysayers point to the somewhat one dimensional flavor profile as a problem. Sure, it doesn't have the complexity of a Prensado, but you can have four of these for the price of one of those. I am not complaining. As a matter of fact, I cannot imagine a more satisfactory bundle cigar than the box pressed Gordo Rothschilde, The Brute. It has firm & heavy construction, burns like a dream, delivers plenty of full-bodied goodness, lasts a long time & makes a great everyday go-to vitola, that won't break the bank.
Out of 10 I give this cigar a 5.
Very Tasty. Great for gifts also.
Bought these after smoking the Fat Camp Sampler. Great little chubbies.
Well, nice packaging, although most of what I smoked were lackluster with no flavor...
So so cigar
Great smoke!
Beautiful cigar; visually as well as taste. Ordered my first bundle of The Brute and I enjoyed it so much that after two, I dove right in for another bundle. Smooth, billowing smoke that starts spicy but finishes earthy toward the end. Great cigar!
Love to have one of those everyday in the morning. Great after breakfast cigar!
I have never had to purchase these cigars due to receiving them on certain CI specials. My first impression was not very good to say the least. They had a bitter taste, harsh, and nothing I found appealing in flavor. Having just relocated to another state I am still unpacking a great deal of my boxes. My main humidor is one that holds 300 so it wasn't difficult to locate this one. However, after opening a dresser drawer I found a 50 count humidor that was full of San Cristobal's and 5 of these Cuba Libre. Keep in mind that these had been resting in my humidified humidor for around 6 months. WOW!!!! What a difference it makes in allowing these to rest for a while in your humidor prior to smoking them. This is now a cigar that I would purchase, and one that was a sleeping giant. The only problem I have had with them is keeping the burn even, but even this wouldn't prevent me from making a purchase. Please give them some time in the humi before putting a match to it. You will be doing yourself a huge favor that will make your smoking experience much more enjoyable.
I purchased the sampler to give these guys a try and I'm glad I did. Nice medium body flavor, well made, lots of smoke, and an easy draw. Price is right too. Had a few minor burn issues, but I'm sure that going from their cozy humidor to my garage where the humidity is probably 30% doesn't help. Whatever the case these are nice smokes for a guy like me: champagne taste on a beer budget. I will be ordering a box soon.
Darn good cigar for a reasonable price!
The Brute is my current go-to Gordo Robusto. Factoring in price, taste, construction, burn, & availability, Nestor has put together one fantastic value. The gentle box press of The Brute makes smoking such a large ring gauge cigar a pleasure, instead of the jaw stretching exercise chewing on some Gordo shapes entails. I recently purchased a mazo of the 4.5 X 60 monsters at a reduced price & couldn't be happier with the purchase. They burned great right off the truck & have only improved with a few weeks in the humidor. A tasty medium/full bodied corojo treat you can afford to spark up on a regular basis. Just another example of CI's penchant for bringing us top quality blends at Joe six-pack prices. Thanks!
My favorite wrapper is the Corojo.... Welcome a new vitola to the mix: the Cuba Libre box pressed gordo robusto. I love the square press when a cigar has a very large ring gauge. It makes it easier to smoke & this is one cigar you will want to smoke down to the nub. A juicy reddish hued Corojo wrapper is married to a long filler blend of Jalapa tobaccos, resulting in a smooth medium bodied experience, filled with spice & dried cherries. Volumes of smoke fill the room with the pleasant smell of black tobacco & light white pepper. Grabbing a bundle of 20 on a special deal. This massive robusto burns long, cool & slow, making it one of the best buys in recent memory. Do yourself a favor & pick up a fiver & see if you agree that this is the kind of cigar us Corojo junkies are looking for.
Taste was first rate but the construction was not. Perhaps other shapes would be better. My suggestion it to try a five pack and see for yourself before committing to a full mazo.
This was one of my first buys on CI and it is still one of my favorite cigars on any market. The day it is discontinued would be a sad day. I would hold a wake and invite anyone who considers themselves an avid cigar enthusiast. I would force them to smoke these with lots of bourbon and fatty foods. Then ridicule them for letting them go away.
The sheer volume of reviews tells me that Cuba Libre enjoys some measure of popularity. I ordered a bundle of box pressed Brutes, a 4.5" X 60 gordo rothschild shape. After sparking one up, I can see why. This is an excellent example of a bargain priced offering, that smokes like cigars costing twice as much or more. Corojo wrappers grace some of my favorite cigars, the Camacho Corojo being the ultimate example of a great corojo stogie. Cuba Libre has to take a back seat to that particular blend, but it holds its own when compared to many others. Its full bodied flavors come alive immediately upon lighting, mellow a bit as the smoke progresses, then amps up again toward the finish. Cubanesque qualities are present in the smooth, creamy smoke & spices like cracked black pepper & coffee flavors abound, throughout the entire burn. A slight menthol component is present too. It reminds me of the Gran Habano Vintage 2002, without the underlying sweetness present in that blend. Considering the price, it is easy to recommend Cuba Libre to corojo lovers or to most full bodied fans. The particular bundle I received came at an even better under $2 per stick price. Thanks to CI for another great bargain on a high quality cigar.
Very good cigar
Wow, a really nice smoke! Like my buddy at work who reported the first couple minutes were like a dog rocket, it settled down to be a pleasant smoke all the way to the last inch. I just couldn't put it down. I'm happy I still have 3 more out of the 5 pack so I can enjoy another this weekend. Definitely adding to my rotation and restocking list.
Fantastic, this cigar is at least 1/2 price. How can a cigar draw so easy, give so much smoke and last, burn so long. Next time I'll order two boxes. No bitterness, lots of fantastic flavor. Truly a jewel.
The Cuba Libre's are my favorite - go to - stick. Easy on the wallet with solid flavor, I always have a number of these in my humidor. Only trouble is, I can not seem to let them age, as others suggest. They are just too good!
Buy two bundles of the Brut. Put one down for a year or so, the one you don't put down is a great smoke, a nubber for some of my friends not quite that good for me, but the year old smoke shines! These age very very nicely.
Man this cigar is smooth. I smoked one this past weekend and I loved the sweet corojo wrapper and I even tasted hints of coffee and vanilla. This cigar sure is toasty. Thank you Art for introducing me to this gem.
Smoked the magnum size tonight. Damn fine stick packed solid with the leaf. Heavy in the hand with a nice box press. Prelight smell I knew I was in for a good one. Needless to say it was...medium bodied with cedar and spice. Will definitely keep this in mind when I have more room in the humi for a box. Smoke on brothers!
I think I may prefer these over most more expensive sticks. Cuba Libre's are a real enjoyable smoke. These maybe my new regulars.
I smoke a wide variety of cigars. Including Cubans. I happened across this Cuba Libre cigar by accident and was very impressed. Burn, taste and finish was first class. Color me surprised. I have ordered a box and will see how they perform stick to stick.. Thumbs up so far..Solid 4 stars.
I found this cigar to be an average smoke, but better than expected for the price. It's appearance is nice, smooth, and has a sheen from the oils in the wrapper. Being a big fan of a solid ash, I found this one to be disappointing. I got a hot runner within the first inch of smoke. The only way I was able to even the burn was to knock of the ash and torch the off-centered filler. The filler was well packed, but off to one side which explained the uneven burn. The cigar improved after the first half of the smoke and provided an earthy, peppery aftertake throughout. The draw was surprisingly easy the entire length of the cigar. It actually ended a much better smoke than it started and I was pleasantly surprised with the last half of the cigar. This is a good, inexpensive cigar for an everyday smoke.
My recent purchase of the Cuba Libre was a little disappointing. They are a little underfilled and not as solid as the previous boxes I've purchased. They are burning faster and hotter. Although not a bad smoke flavor wise, I don't think I'll be buying more any time soon.
I'm not a real big fan of Corojo wrappers, but this is a good cigar. I got a Robusto in a sampler pack and let it rest for 1 month before smoking. Behind the spice is a sweetness almost like honey and a charcoal like finish towards the end of the cigar. I don't think I would buy a box, but this a bargain smoke.
I ordered a bundle of the Brute. The box press is great, as is the feel and taste of the wrapper. The smoke is velvety and I like the taste. My only problems were mine tend to burn uneven and VERY HOT. I try not to smoke them too fast but they still get so hot that I feel like I am holding a hot charcoal between my fingers. I'd probably buy more if I can get used to this. I smoked about 3 or 4 so far hopefully they won't all burn so darn hot.
The Cuba Libre! What can I say, but WOW! I have been looking at that smoke for a while and really enjoy the Nica Libre, so saw the CI sampler with the Cuba Libre in it, and thought, why not! I was not disappointed in the least. My opinion, it is a great all around smoke. However, it was a little strong the first time, so if you are used to a more milder smoke, be aware, this one might be categorized as a mild-to-medium smoke, but in my opinion it is more on the medium side. Great smoke for the price and will for sure by them again.
The short and sweet of the stogie: Just the right amount of spice and hints of pepper. Great draw, boxed press feel great in mouth. For $4/stick, you can't go wrong! Will always have a few in humidor!!!
To me these have a bigger flavor profile than the "one." They are an excellent medium plus cigar.
After smoking the different sizes I would recommend the "Brute". I let 20 set in humidor for a week upon arrival. The Brute offers a lot of pepper taste that I enjoyed. I got a lot of pepper with some earth tones. The burn was really good and I have not yet experienced and burned troubles. I have ordered 3 count of 20 (Brute) so far. This is an excellent evening cigar for the price.
here again to rate a cigar for you. The first time i smoked this cigar i was on my way to work. I normally dont get a buzz but this day this one did. The taste was very smooth and just a bit more then mild. Ive been smoking a bunch of cigars and didnt expect this one to be anything special but it certainly has stuck out in my mind. Ill order more when theres room in one of my humidors. Very good everyday smoke.
Just finished my first Brute out of 10 ordered. Didn't expect much, but half way through was pleasantly surprised by the combinations of spice and pepper. The first puff was full of pepper, but it slowly balanced out after a few minutes. The burn was consistent through the smoke. Decent purchase for 2 dollars a stick.
As soon as you light up this bad boy you get a big smack of pepper right in the nose ! Big plumes of smoke & tones of flavor all the way through ! I've tried a few different sizes & I've found "The Brute" (4.5x60) to be the best. A good every day knock around smoke. I continue to buy this one in the future. I definately would recommend this one! Great smoke, great price! Enjoy!
I'm just finishing my first Cuba Libre. I received it as part of a sampler. This is a good, everyday cigar. I'm not as wowed by it as some of the other smokers, but it has a great draw and sends up oddles of smoke. I don't find it as strong as I thought it would be based on some of the other reviews. I notice hints of spice and pepper. The Libre does get fuller as I reach the last third of the cigar. If the other three I received smoke as nicely as this one, I'll be ordering a box. Very nice smoke!
At first i ordered a five pack of Cuba Libre Club Corona (5.5" x 44). I have purchased four boxes since and am about to order more. I often tire of a particular cigar after a while, but this one is still my favorite. I usually smoke them at three sittings, so each lite-up is a little more bitter that the last, but they draw easily, burn evenly, and stay lit a good while. Best cigar I have gotten from CI for the price by a long shot!
A great cigar for the price. I was expecting A lot less but when I lit the cigar I was overwhelmed with A multitude of flavors that stayed to the nub. I just bought A box. I will also buy more later.
Thought I was getting true Corona in the Cuba Libre 5 pack. Interesting new name "club Corona." The cigar is more a petite. Am sending them back. Had smoked a much larger Cuba Libre and it was great. Petite is not for me.
Right off the bat, the price is right. That said, the Cuba Libre (free Cuba) is toasty, robust and peppery. From time to time, I have noticed that you get a stick or two that doesn't taste all that good. I have also noticed the same thing with other cigar brands. The pros out weigh the cons with this cigar. I do recommend trying this cigar.
I started with a 5 pack and have to say I'm impressed. They are a good price and are a good smoke. A friend recommended these (along with a few others) and I have to say I will probably get more sometime. I'll give them a 7/10 especially since expectations were not too high.
I have to rate this cigar as below par. It is a fine looking cigar, burns relatively even, a slightly loose draw and the first third of the cigar is delicious. The downfall, and I say this after attempting to smoke 5 from a sampler pack over the course of about a month, is after the first third, each one of the cigars turned to an absolutely harsh, bitter, charred taste. I take my time with cigars, their meant to be enjoyed and relaxing, so I definately did not smoke these too fast and get them heated up to cause this effect. It was very disappointing that after the first 1/3 of each of these it hit the same point and turned sour. The first part of this cigar was great; unfortunately, I honestly could not finish any of them.
I bought a box of the chairman. It has great flavor looks fantatic. Although I have some serious burn issues with it (my pet peeve). I haven't read any other reviews that have this problem. Maybe I got a bad bunch or maybe just the chairman. Over all its too much a problem to have to keep touching it up. If you like nice tobacco, then its worth a try. maybe the epicure
I don't remember where I got it but was in the humidor for a few months. Found it to be very generous with smoke and a good draw. Seemed to be on the full and pretty potent side, loved it. I will get more to linger in the humidor as before. Thanks
The best early morning cigar there is. Not the best but very far from the worst.
Got this in a sampler that came with La Estrella Cubana (nice cigar). The Cuba Libre is a nicely box pressed cigar and seems well constructed, yet I wasn't thrilled with it. It was not a bad cigar, but I found it very ordinary. It lacked the sweet spicyness I look for in a corojo stick. I would highly recomend the Cu-Avana Intenso over the Cuba Libre.
Surprisingly good cigar, even more so at CI's outstanding prices. The Club Corona could stand toe-to-toe with a (genuine) Cuban Bolivar corona I enjoyed while vacationing south of the border.
A nicely constructed cigar, In my opinion this cigar rates up there with any premium cigar. The torpedo sat in the Humi for over a year. SO it may have been a little milder than most. The draw was excellent, burned nicely and had a solid grey ash that held on suprising well. I would reccomend this cigar to anyone wanting a nice mellow and relaxing smoke.
I had a friend (he lost a bet) gave me a five pack of Cuba Libre Epicure. After smoking 1, I ordered a box. This is my new everyday cigar. I love them. I am half way throught the first box, but just placed an order for 2 boxes on the Unico.
I received a Cuba Libre as part of a promotional sampler, although not a big fan of box pressed cigars, I was surprised. Good flavor and a nice slow burn. I'll be trying more with my next order.
"Cuba Libre".........a poor man's RP Old World Reserve. That's my taste, how 'bout you?
I got some of these in a sampler that I purchased but I made the mistake of writing them off as a filler cigar. I was wrong this was an amazing stick! It has a wonderful flavor the draw is... well im not sure if its too easy! I am not even sure if im pulling anything until i exhale and out comes the copious amounts of thick beautiful smoke that this cigar produces. Great construction (love box-pressed), great flavor, burned cool and even. I think one of my top ten cigars and for the price you would be doing yourself a disservice if you didnt pick up a box or two!
Recently, out in the rolling hills of Virginia horse country for an Irish Festival at the Blackthorne Inn (formerly the 1763) which had been owned by George Washington back in the day, given in compensation for some surveying he had done as a young man. So the setting was beautiful, historic, and the air filled with the sound of live Irish music, the smells of good Irish food and the taste of Irish brews and whiskey. I shared a couple of Cuba Libre Coronas with a buddy and a nearby fellow who was drawn in by the aroma of the good cigar. Both of them thoroughly enjoyed the stick ... wonderfully constructed, easy draw, lots of smoke and for these occasional cigar smokers, it was just the right mild smoke for the moment. The stranger thanked me profusely and I too was grateful to him for the Smithwick's Ale he gave me in return.
The Cuba Libre is not bad, for sure... but it certainly isn't fantastic either. This would be a great give-a-way cigar to uninitiated thieves... errr, I mean friends.
My favorite part about this cigar was the great price. Overall, very nice box press shape with a nice burn. I have to disagree with the CI catalog labeling it as a full-bodied smoke. I would say medium to full at the most. It's a pleasant smoke with nice spicy-sweet flavors through the nostrils. Well done Nestor Plasencia.
I am about 2/3 through my very first Cuba Libre, or any Nestor Plasencia cigar for that matter, and I just wanted to say I am enjoying it very very much.
I just received a box of the Cuba Libre Epicures and even though they haven't napped in my humidor, they're still outstanding. The flavorful corojo wrapper really shines throughout, and the smoke is indeed velvety smooth.
Just had my first Cuba Libre Magnum (box pressed) from a sampler. My expectations were low (I don't know why). This is a NICE cigar. I just ordered a box. Consistent right to the end, in fact I smoked it right to the nub. All I ask of a cigar is to deliver some flavor and this did just that. Medium+ bodied. I had a rough start on the burn but straightend itself out without help, as it came to the end nice and even. At $3.75 each this is a solid value.
Love these cigars, just ordered a box of Magnum's (minor shipping error and I got Epicures), but I am not complaining. Sitting on the patio in Germany, drinking the finest beer in the world and smoking these beauties! Thanks CI!
Got this in a CI Sampler pack (Cuba Libre). Had no expectations at all. Neither Positive nor negative. Good way to be in trying cigars. It was D-licious!!! Very good. Full of flavor. Not harsh. It didn't bite back. Great cigar and a good price. I will be getting some of these next order.
....I was expecting a full body cigar that has Cuba in the name but it was rather mild to medium for me....
I go these is a sampler and I am not sure if I am missing something that others have experienced but to me it is a medium cigar and I am normally a medium-full or full smoker and expected that after the reviews I read. For me which did not have much flavor.
This has become my go-to smoke (Cuba Libre). Incredible value! Ci occasionally has ridiculous prices on Cuba Libre, and I snatch up as many as I can. Above all, it is a a very consistent product. Every one i've smoked has been as good as the last. And I mean GOOD. So many more expensive cigars have let me down, not Cuba Libre. To me, the best cigar i've bought from CI at any price, and for the price, maybe the best in the world.
Nestor really did a masterful job with this blend (Cuba Libre). I would have liked this cigar even more if it was made in the round, but even with its box press, it's still a winner. The Chairman is the size I like best. Great looking slightly toothy wrappers. They do fell a bit spongy in the hand, but they draw very nicely. I have noticed a few with slight burn issues for the first inch, but they self correct real quick. The flavor profile on these is off the hook good. I get a lot of various spices, a woodsy oak nuance, and as weird as it sounds, even some tropical fruit nuances. Very complex and layered is the best way to describe the flavors. Medium bodied, with plenty of oomphy goodness. Could be my favorite Nestor ever. An excellent cigar, make em round and I'll do backflips from Chicago to Pa to buy some in person. Meantime, I'm happy to keep them around and smoke a few a week. Thanks CI...well done!
I had never heard of these (Cuba Libre) until they were featured as one of Joe's daily deals. Realizing I actually had one from a sampler I lit it up right away. It smelled good but wasn't as firm as I prefer. Long story short, I was surprised. Cuba Libre was truly a fantastic smoke. Great flavor, plumes of smoke, and even though it felt a bit soft the ash held up like a champ and only dropped once the entire time I was smoking it. Cuba Libres have easily gone down as one of my favorites, and as they sit in my special humidor alongside some Cohiba Blacks and Comacho Triple Maduros its nice to have these special smokes that are still greatly affordable. Especially compared to my other favorite cigars.
Just like the staff review, I too was somewhat avoidant of this cigar. It came with my bountiful boutique sampler and I was sure it would be the bottom of the heap. It just looked a little TOO good. Well, I just finished my first Cuba Libre in the Epicure size (Toro). Rest assured, this is one of the best values on the market today. I don't know about all the nuance in the staff review, all I know is that it packed as much flavor as a Gran Habano with perhaps even more of a tingle. If you need an inexpensive way to heal yourself from a hard day's work, Cuba Libre is not a bad way to go. Get some!
A Cuba Libre was included in a sampler I picked up at the warehouse while on vacation. Nestor Palencia has never disappointed me, this was a GREAT cigar. Nice construction, smell, burn and lots of flavor.
I bought these cigars (Cuba Libre) because i like cuban seed fillers and I had success with Nestor plsencia cigars in the past, specifically his "reserves". I love these cigars..clean draw, well-balanced taste, no bitterness on the finish or after taste and clouds of smoke...Well Done!
Wow! I bought a 5-pack of these online, (Cuba Libre) based on your staff review, though I had never tried a Nestor Plasencia cigar before . The Churchhills were exactly as described, medium- to full-bodied, and classically constructed. A real go-to, very-day cigar, but still a real bargain at a great CI price. Spicy at the front, mellow in the middle, then spicy at the end. Great ash, great burn, easy raw, copious amounts of aromatic smoke. I've been smoking some highly rated cigars lately that I've only found to be rated 88 or 89 at best. The Cuba Libre is a definite 91 in my opinion. I'll definitely be looking to buy more of these.
WOW. That was my first thought when lighting this baby up. (Cuba Libre) Actually that was my first thought when seeing it. Nice box shaped, great size (magnum), wrapper was clean and smooth, firm in the hand, a nicely constructed cigar. Upon lighting this thing you are surprised how smooth and tame it is. Then after about two puffs you are hit with so much pepper you might think you just bit into a jalapeno. Very flavorful but also very spicy with strong, I mean strong hints of pepper (can it be a hint when you are sure it is pepper, Ha). After about 1/3 of the way through the smoke mellows incredibly. The pepper gives way to nut and coffee. Very satisfying, yet I began to miss the spice. Well dont fret because at about 2/3 through the spice and pepper come back. Not as strong as the beginning but definitely there and reminds you that you are smoking a nice cigar. From there on till the end the cigar stays spicy and peppery. I burnt my finger smoking this thing down to about 1/2 inch, I did not want to put it out. A full cigar with lots of smoke. Not a kick you butt full, but I would definitely call it full. The draw as awesome but every Nestor cigar I have had had an awesome draw. Some might call it a little loose but I like to puff easily and not strain my jaw muscles trying to get smoke out of it. I would highly recommend this smoke to any and everyone who wants a full stogie. Great job CI and Nestor.
Got a Cuba Libre in Cigar Of the Month Club. Was skeptical at first but after smoking it, it is a very complex and rich med-full cigar. I would buy more.
The Cuba Libre is a cigar's cigar. Is there anything that Nestor Placensia can't do? Everything he makes is outstanding, but the Cuba Libre takes the cake. There is an amazing "top note" that reminds me of multi-grain whole wheat toast. When I smack my tongue against my hard palate on the exhale, it tastes exactly like sweet malted barley. This is a cigar that can match well with any great scotch, blended whisky, or a dark, malty micro brew beer. It's so filling, it's like like smoking a porterhouse steak dinner.
I received this Cuba Libre Magnum is the Cigar of the Month selection and I'm glad I did. The cigar seemed to have a bit of a bit on first lighting, but almost immediately settle down to a full and well-balanced smoke. A very well made cigar with a wonderful pre-light aroma..not to mention how good it smelt whilst smoking. It had a perfectly even burn and a firm ash. I'll have more of these.
I love great cigars and the Cuba Libre is just that, smooth medium body and tons of flavor, thick clouds of smoke comes out like a river overflowing it's banks, and the price what a steal !!! Thanks CI

Cuba Libre

Steve R

Rarely do I have a chance to sit down and truly enjoy a cigar. As a member of the CI Merch Squad, I am constantly testing samples for potential blends, writing descriptions for new brands, or providing feedback for upcoming new releases. Yes, I enjoy many of these cigars and some are true gems, but having the freedom to dig deep into my humidor to find something I’ve been craving is rare at times.

Sunday was one of those rare occasions. I spent the better part of my day painting doors while listening to Peyton Manning graciously give Mark Sanchez a mere glimpse of an AFC title before ripping it away from him like the true, cold-blooded champion and football technician he is. After Peyton marched his team down for their last touchdown, I headed to the humidor for a quick cigar before Brett Favre took the field. To save time, I chose the cigar to be during halftime: Cuba Libre.

Cuba Libre is one of those cigars that cigar purist love. Traditional and simple, yet attractive packaging. No bells, no’s all class. The same goes for the blend. This cigar does not contain 12-generation Cuban seeds grown in the virgin soils of a tiny Honduran valley bordering Nicaragua. Cuba Libre does, however utilize quality Cuban-seed tobaccos from the Jalapa Valley of Honduras inside a toothy Corojo wrapper. An expertly blended recipe of hand-selected tobaccos chosen to achieve a satisfying balance in flavor and strength. No promises that cannot be kept, just a good Honduran handmade for the cigar purist to enjoy.

This particular Cuba Libre has been aging in my humidor for some time now – probably a year - so consider this when reading my review. I will say, Cuba Libre is great off the rolling table, issuing a raw, earthy profile replete with heady spices and a feisty Cuban-esque character. However, as you know....not every cigar ages well, and the power of a full-flavored cigar can easily be lost after spending a significant amount of time in the humidor.

The first light offered a ton of earth and leather, followed by a toasty, charcoal-like aroma. Lots of flavor off the bat, just like I expected. However, it’s not until I broke the half-inch mark when the true character of this cigar came out. I picked up a solid dose of oak and toast, with some notes of pepper hitting the back of my palate and through the nose. Not scratchy, ‘this is harsh’ pepper....rather, a ‘freshly cracked black pepper’ pepper. The smoke was creamy and heavy, filling my entire palate and leaving behind a long, woodsy aftertaste. Midway through it became clear that Cuba Libre still possessed the same power one would notice right off the factory floor. And thanks to the tamed-by-time bouquet, the gradual increase in power is easily discernable – and actually quite enjoyable. The final third contains no pepper on the palate (exhale through the nose, it’s still there) but offers an increased array of earth, leather, and toast. Then, rather than ending will a full-bodied, full-flavored display, the flavors wind down a tad, becoming mellow in nature only to dish out large volumes of creamy, soothing smoke without losing the power it’s known for.

Cuba Libre offers no frills and requires no marketing. It’s just a solid, no-nonsense cigar that customers re-order after sampling just a few. It’s one of those, ‘the proof is in the pudding’ handmades that customers constantly recommend to others in the deepest corners of our if they want to save them all for themselves. (Don’t worry folks, they’ll make more.) And now that I took the time to sit back and enjoy a finely aged Cuba Libre I can honestly say, it’s even better after a long cedar nap.

Cuba Libre


When I received the samples of Cuba Libre, I admit to having experienced a little "approach-avoidance" at first. See, the "approach" part was that it looked fantastic, with a lovely, deep, medium-brown Cuban-seed Corojo wrapper that’s almost leathery in texture, and adorned with a simple, elegant, embossed band. Yet the "avoidance" part stems from the fact that this is yet another premium blend from Nestor Plasencia. I’ve been burning through tons of Nestor-made cigars recently and frankly, I feared a let-down….a perceived chink in the Nestor armor if you will. So the samples sat in my office for about a week staring at me before I finally pulled the trigger and lit it up.

I smoked 5 of them very cautiously before confidently declaring to myself: "Self: this is the best new cigar I've smoked in months!" Indeed, Cuba Libre starts out with a tremendous depth of flavor, including rich spiciness, plus complex notes of wood, spice and earth….delivered in spades. The thick gray clouds of smoke settle over the palate like a coat of fresh, light snow. From there, a veritable roller coaster ride ensues: initially it burns slow and true, developing a slight sweetness and very subtle vanilla taste, then evolves into a round, mature and mellow smoke, before offering a thick, chewy profile and slow, ultra-smooth, lingering finish that is very appealing. Cuba Libre is medium to full-bodied in strength but extraordinarily well-balanced. In short, this is a blend I could smoke all day long... one of the finest smokes, dollar for dollar, I’ve had in a while.

Cuba Libre - Gonz Live #11

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