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Cu-Avana Maduro

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Even the King has a dark side!

The Cu-Avana natural Connecticut shade line is hugely popular. I don't blame you for liking them - smooth, mellow, well-made, very consistent. The Maduro only adds to that luster, offering a little kick to the blend.

Introducing, the Cu-Avana Maduro. This is wonderfully constructed. Just rolling it between your forefinger and thumb you can feel the quality. The naturally-fermented Connecticut Broadleaf maduro wrapper leaf is enticing just to look at, with a deep, rich color and oily to the touch. Lighting it up, you’ll notice a perfectly slow burn, some subtle spicy notes and layers of complexity that mellow suddenly into a very pleasant and sweet cigar you could puff on all day long – simply awesome. Take the same Dominican long-filler blend as the Cu-Avana natural, wrap it in a gorgeous natural maduro leaf, and you've got yourself a winner! Smooth and pleasant.

If you're experiencing Deja Vu right now, don't worry! Cu-Avana Maduros are back on the market and better than ever, and I'm sure you all remember how great they were before.

Overall Rating4.33 out of 5 Based on 3 Ratings

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4 out of 5
Cu-Avana Maduro Toro
Nicely done.good draw,good construction.Flavor is abundant.Relaxing experience.
4 out of 5
Not bad at all
Well constructed and packed tight. Medium draw with copious amounts of smoke. Sometimes an uneven draw.
5 out of 5
These were a gift for my husband and he liked them quite well.
Customer Testimonials
It's a finger burner!
DM of Monaca, PA
I've got about 300 cigars in my five humidors and can you believe that I'm almost out of the Cu-Avana Maduros already? Just ordered another box today. They're that good.
TL of Ely, NV
Just got a box of these today (Cu-Avana Maduro Robusto). It's a rare thing for me to detect a taste in a cigar other than it's sweetness. However, with the Cu-Avana there was a slight taste of dark chocolate from the first draw down to the last. In fact, when I opened the box it looked like it was stuffed with tootsie-rolls and without even lighting one up I smelled chocolate. The construction of the cigar is perfect too. I DOUBLE DOG DARE the guys at CI to put these on a "Weekly Deal" because I'm going for the Belicoso's next time.
TL of Ely, NV
I enjoyed these as much as the intenso, and unlike it you can have this one in bed at the crack of daylight if you wanted to. Very smooth and flavorful. I've yet to try the connecticut. But so far I am very impressed with the quality of Cu-Avana cigars.
RA of Glendale, CA
Cu*Avana natural...rates with a mild dominican cigar five times the price. The maduro is even better.
JL of Staten Island, NY
The best $2.00 smoke on the planet.
PB of Auburndalevill, MD
The Cu-Avana Maduro is really a very nice cigar. Even the mildness, which usually doesn't particularly appeal, is overshadowed by the very nice flavour. Almost perfectly even burn and an excellent draw make for an overall pleasant smoke.
MC of M Leesburg, VA
This maduro cigar has been consistently good in the 8 yr.s or so that I have smoked them. Nice flavor, lots of smoke, and a fairly consistent cool, even burn. At their typical price point, this is an easy cigar to keep in your humi. Much thanks to C.I. for keeping them available at such a fair price. Bravo !!
RV of Walker, LA
i must admit i didnt expect much (Cu*Avana Maduro), but the staff review peeked my not a mild fan, so when the description was the maduro was a tad spicey, i thought ,13 bucks for a 5 pack, i gotta give it a try, took one out of the box and the first thing i said was, this looks like a very well made cigar, very stuffed . so i put em down . thinking my usual 2 weeks before the first smoke. i kept thinking all day how nice that wrapper was, and by midnight, there i was lighting it up, im so glad i did, smooth peppery start creamy smooth .i note a ripe bannana taste, wich is a sign of a good wrapper. quite a bit of pepper too, solid medium body, overall i hate to say it , this is way better than the macanudo maduro [though thats the only macanudo ive ever liked] this has more complexity with its spicey undertone and a earthy coffee finish. look at those box prices man, this sucker is so well made, dont worry about those other budget price cigars you bought that fell apart or burned like a canoe. this may rival the 5 vegas classic box press and torpedo as one of my everday cigars.
JS of hamilton , OH
Just finished the box I ordered a while back (Cu*Avana Maduro). All-in-all, not a bad cigar for the price. Extremely veiny, however, but doesn't really detract from the overall experience. Some of the cigars drew overly hard, but most of them had a nice draw.
TR of Plano, TX
The Cu*Avana Maduro is born to please. The initial feel of the cigar got my attention... Cu*Avana has taken it's mild roots and made a smoke that has many if the great qualities of a fine Maduro. If you are looking for a smoke with lots of punch and bite, this ain't it. If you are looking for a full flavored smoke with a touch a cream, this is it. It reminds me of a strong espresso tempered with a spoonful of rich cream and a hint of brown sugar. All the flavor, with none of the bitter aftertaste... Thanks, CI for another great addition to my ever growing stash.....
SL of Watauga, TX
This was the first box of cigars I ever purchased (they looked different then) but years later I still buy them. Some people are under the impression that these are just some cheap Macanudo wannabe but I tell you that is far from the truth. I find them to be a GREAT morning cigar, nothing better on a Sunday morning than going to the desktop and break out a Churchill sized Cu*Avana Maduro, pour a Cup o' Joe, open the paper and sit back for a nice hour of relaxation. This is just a Great everyday/anytime cigar for those of us that love Maduro. I could Smoke these all day long, they are also great for beginners. They are a good well priced everyday smoke even for the experienced smoker. I normally never smoke mild cigars but I would say this is a little fuller than the average mild and has a lot more flavor thanks to the almost perfect Maduro wrapper. I suggest that if you are reading this you must be thinking about getting a box, I say quit thinking and pick your favorite Vitola and get a box you wont be disappointed!
MD of Escondido, CA
Simply the best (Cu*Avana Maduro), another great product thanks to CI!
DS of franklin park, IL
I ordered the Cu-Avana Toro Maduro expecting an inexpensive cigar and cheap smoke, what I found was my new Favorite Maduro everyday smoke. Smooth to the end and 1 to have at all the times in the humidor. I will never be without one of these. Thanks CI for another great smoke...keep up the good work, btw, are you looking to expand your operations to Nashville :)
JR of Franklin, TN
I have smoked a variety of cigars to experience the many different blends and flavors offered by so many manufactures , but my favorute by far is the Cu*Avana Maduro i always go back to this blend time after time....
VF of sterlingheights, MI
WOW!!!!! That's all I have to say about that! (Cu*Avana Maduro)
GB of crofton, MD
Tried one (Cu*Avana Maduro) the other day for the first time from a 5 pack I purchased. All I can say is "Wow". Smooth, Rich and pumps out tons of smoke. Definately a great bang for the buck cigar. Buying a box on my next order...
CM of Pasadena, CA
WOW...Maduro fans, this (Cu*Avana) is the Holy Grail of Maduro's. I just recieved a box of theses little gems, and they are the best tasting cigar I have ever smoked, and believe me I smoked many. The only problem is... now I have to buy a bigger humidor, so I can add these to my monthly purchases.
SR of Moses Lake, WA
I must say I was skeptical at first. This (Cu*Avana Maduro) is a REALLY inexpensive cigar! Then I smoked one... I'm hooked. Hard to beat the "bang-for-the-buck" value of Cu*Avana. And the maduro wrapper is just plain delicious. Hell, I had a cop walk up to me and ask me what I was smokin', and where he could get one! I'll be back for more!
JK of Placentia, CA
What a tasty treat...Same lovely mild, relaxing character of the regular Cu Avana (one of my favorites)...with the added jazz and taste of the Maduro wrapper...I got some of each (Churchill size) now in my humidors..Only problem is which one to fire up for a friendly round of golf....Not a bad problem to have at all ..With CI's pricing I damn sure ain't gonna run out of either...Thanks, T
TC of Horn Lake, MS

Cu*Avana Maduro

Steve R
Although I will burn a gentler cigar every now and then, it’s very rare that I’ll choose a mellow smoke from my humidors full of medium to full-bodied cigars, let alone find one. The other day I was fishing through one of my desktops in search of something different. Way down at the bottom I found a Cu*Avana Maduro Churchill. About a year ago I put this stick to rest, knowing I’d probably give it to my girlfriend’s father. He lights up a Macanudo or Ashton every now and then and always looks forward to trying something different. Unfortunately for him I completely forgot about this cigar, hence it becoming buried at the bottom of my humidor.

I decided to fire it up over the weekend. I couldn’t help myself. The year long nap caused the natural oils to soak through the wrapper covering it with toothy crystals. The pre-light aroma told me that the tobaccos picked up some influence from my humidor’s cedar. Sold. Although I didn’t know what to expect, my expectations rose each time I took a whiff before sparking up. Considering Cu*Avana is a gentler cigar. The first few minutes were surprising - off the bat, it produced a flavorful burst that quickly filled my entire palate. My confusion was soon put to rest as the aged blend of Dominican long-fillers came through with a smooth, deliberate flavor backed by mellow hints of cedar. Although these flavors were enjoyable, the wrapper easily takes the cake. It’s thick, juicy and adds a rich sweetness to the mix that proved to be extremely pleasant. An hour’s worth of enjoyment is the best way to explain this cigar.

The Cu*Avana Maduro surprised me for two reasons:

  1. It’s smooth, and I liked it.
  2. Whenever I see a dark, oily wrapper I always keep a lighter on hand to touchup any uneven burns. But not only did this thing burn evenly, it burned sloooow and super cool.

I guess I shouldn’t have expected anything less from Manuel Quesada. After all, the man did make the original Dominican Romeo y Julieta and is the mastermind behind Fonseca. He took a thick Connecticut Broadleaf maduro, densely packed it with as much Dominican tobacco as humanly possible, aged it just right and came out with a pleasant smooth - bodied cigar that rivals Macanudo and Ashton, at $2-$3 a stick no less.

Cu-Avana Maduro


Every winter, I get into this rut. I feel like I'm always running the 2 minute drill. You football nuts out there know what I'm talking about. The no huddle offense. Move the ball quickly, plow forward, hope the defense goes into the "prevent" defense, or as I refer to it - the "prevent winning" defense. Anyway, about February of each year, this happens. Go go go go go go go go. I start hoping that by running a hundred miles per hour, it'll make winter go by quicker. And this year has been brutal, abso-spectacularly brutal - snow, cold, ice, snow, rain, sleet, sideways snow. And occasionally the sun will come out and just tease ya a little bit - man I've got the cabin-fever real bad. My winter habit - work 12 hours, go home, have dinner, work a few more hours - tear off another 1/2 dozen emails to my fans, watch B-movies until 2am, go to bed, then get up at 6am to start all over again. (Anyone out there see a movie called Miracle Beach with Amy Dolenz - what a classic! If you haven't seen it, rent it, it's the greatest B-movie of all time.) That's my routine, all the while choking down cigar after cigar to keep my glazed eyes from closing. Every night I dream it's going to be 50 degrees when I wake up and I'll actually be able to see grass in my backyard (How do some of you actually live in Michigan and Green Bay.)

So, here we go, 2 minute drill on Gonz's pick too, I'm taking you to the end-zone. Cu-Avana Maduro on 2, ready, break! You can't go wrong with this play and it'll catch the defense way off guard. For those of you that emailed me on that my Cu-Avana Connecticut Shade pick was too mellow for ya, don't turn me off yet. This medium-bodied, slightly spicy, tasty maduro wrapper has real depth of flavor. Coming off of a month where I smoked a bunch of Indian Tabac Corojos, the flavor profile on this gem still fancied my tastebuds. Don't expect a ligero-filled choke-ster that grows hair on your chest with the first puff, but grab hold of the fantastic flavor that'll roll off your tongue. The Connecticut Broadleaf is georgeous, slightly toothy, and slighty oily. The cigar is solid, packed well, impeccably rolled. Go ahead, light it up, take a chance, I just threw you a bomb into the end zone.

You'll immediately get a chalky-white firm ash that'll hold and drop, not flake and fly. The draw requires a little tug, I love it best when I can let a cigar hang out of my mouth for a 1/2 hour while shoveling snow and I don't choke on it. This is probably one of the finest maduros I've smoked. Why? The wrapper provides the depth of flavor that you might find missing in tamer cigars. I never had a favorite Maduro before, but there are nuances of sweet cocoa that caress a potentially flat flavor and it keeps me running out of the huddle for the next play. Plus, if you're in the mood for a couple cigars today, the all-Dominican-filler is not going to rock your boat, but keep you interested enough to press on. You won't find a dull finish, there's a lingering body but still dissipates from the surrounding room quickly.

As I break out of winter, I've found something to look forward to each day - a great cigar like Cu-Avana Maduro. And I can't wait 'till this weather clears and I can actually sit on the porch, slow down, and get out of this 2-minute panic that keeps me wondering if we're hitting the next Ice Age. Throw me into the igloo with a few boxes of Cu-Avana Maduro, and I'm happier than a penguin floating aimlessly on a block of ice in Antarctica.