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Cu-Avana Natural

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Cuban flair, Dominican smoothness.

If you enjoy pleasant and smooth cigars, Cu-Avana should be at the top of your list. This gorgeous cigar offers a genuine Connecticut shade wrapper and superior long-fillers. Despite the smooth and unobtrusive taste, there are some subtle yet distinct flavors of creamy spiciness, along with some coffee and almost lemon-like flavors, making this cigar a treat you can enjoy any time of day.

Overall Rating4.2 out of 5 Based on 10 Ratings

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5 out of 5
Wish they were still around
One of my favorites. Too bad they are no longer available. I thought they were a good seller?
5 out of 5
One of my favorite lite cigars. Sad that you are discounting them!!
5 out of 5
The Cu-Avana Natural Churchill's were excellent and at a very good price. CI RULES!!
4 out of 5
Strictly Quality
This is a very good smoke. Burns evenly, well constructed with a smooth draw and mellow without being boring. The price right too. I recommend it.
5 out of 5
This Cu-Avana is well build & very mild cigar.I been enjoying it almost over 20 years.
5 out of 5
My first choice for a mild smoke.
Smooth, burns evenly, and is reasonably priced.
4 out of 5
Good Cigar for the Price
Nice smooth cigar, easy draw and mellow taste.
4 out of 5
A nice mellow smoke
A nice mellow smoke
4 out of 5
First time smoker
Enjoyed this one. Still learning the ins and outs of cigar smoking but it did have a pleasant aftertaste and a good draw. My son also liked this one. Will probably buy again in the future.
1 out of 5
Not Good....
I was not a fan of this cigar. Flavors tasted of cardboard and straw and hay...not pleasant at all. I couldn't get passed the first third of the cigar. I did not detect any creaminess or sweetness...the lemony flavor tasted bitter and fake, only to make the barnyard flavors even worst. Will not buy again.
Customer Testimonials
This review is for the Cu Avana maduro torpedo, I bought a bundle, thought I would give it a shot for an everyday smoke, I must admit I like Full Body smokes, been smoking the Gurkha Cuban Legacy, which is great for the money and much fuller in body, I would smoke Patel's Edge every day if I could Afford it, so I smoke a few of those a week, This Cu Avana aint half bad, I have burned through 20 of them in 2 weeks, This is easily a medium body cigar, I like driving around with it stuck in my face, the flavor really settles in the last 2/3 of the smoke, Quite a bit of a pepper bight, which I was not expecting, the cocoa and ripe fruit flavor is there as well, not bad at all for a 2 dollar or less smoke. A few did burn uneven, but was correctable, but what passes the test for me is, it's consistent in flavor, I know what I am going to get, I like it. These won't knock your knees, but they won't bore you to death either.
JS of Moraine, OH
Worst cigar I have had the displeasure of ordering from CI. Not worth the 1.50 paid per stick. And I do mean STICK. What taste it has is nasty. If I wasn't so cheap I would throw them away. Pretty nice box though.
SP of Lafollette, TN
These cigars have been in my humidor Since the beginning of the year. To day is the 30th of April, and I hadn't smoked one of these that I purchased by the box in a couple of months. I've been to busy trying other cigars (23 orders from CI this year), that I decided to see how these smoked after being left in my humidor for awhile. In fact, I'm smoking one as I write this review, and knocked the even ash off at about 1 1\2 inches since I didn't want them to drop on my lap top. I'm not a person who can describe cigars by telling you flavors such as leather, white paper, chalk board eraser lol, etc, since I have never eaten any of these things. The only flavor I know when these individuals use their cigar vocabulay is pepper. And I have a difficult time understanding why pepper is a good thing in a cigar. I've never seen any one carry around a pepper shaker, and every now then shake some in their mouth. However, I can pickup on that flavor in any cigar that has that stinging pepper smoke. This is when I go to my cigar report jounal, and say don't purchase these. This Cu - Avana is easy to descibe, it is a great mild cigar, that some time doesn't satisfy my cigar need since I am so used to smoking the full bodied sticks. Even so, I will purchase another box of these when mine run out. This is a good cigar to give your taste buds a rest, and still enjoy the smoke. The smoke comes out in billows, the flavor is great with a slight hint of sweetness but not enough to make you think your smoking a Swisher Sweet. There is also a hint of vanala as if you were eating ice cream. The draw is great and the smoke is as smooth as silk. I really can't see how any other mild cigar can be any better than this one. For mild to almost medium smokers, you really need to try these. For those like me who smoke stronger ones but need a change, these will fit the bill
DM of Taylor, MI
Great cigar, nice construction, burns nicely and has that slight sweetness to it. and as a plus, I don't feel like I have to take a Dramamine after I smoke it.
JS of Roanoke, VA
You simply cannot find a better morning cigar for the money, and that's a fact. I can smoke these creamy little beauties up until around 11:00 am and that's it until the next morning. Nice lemony flavor.
BV of Columbia, TN
What can I say I was surprised, this cigar was a revelation of a mild smoke. Hate to put it this way, but it had a pleasant smokey flavor. Like that smell you get after grinding coffee or a walk in the woods after trees have been cut down. Smoking it was just a very relaxing and easy think that would make you want another right afterwards.
DF of De Queen, AR
If you are on the hunt for a great mild smoke that offers outstanding value than do yourself a personal kindness an try these. From all points of consideration this cigar rates a 10. After your first smoke you will hope the manufacture doesn't raise the price.
PB of auburndale, MA
Just love these! Very well made, and affordable. Nice mild strength, and pleasant taste, make these an excellent All Day smoke!
AR of Liverpool, NY
Yikes. Just received my 5 pack sampler of CuAvana last night. My neighbor came over to help "test drive" them. There is one left today. Excellent construction. Great draw. The first cigar I've ever smoked that was mild and tasty from ignition to splashdown. Yes, it is soft on the palate. However, it has great flavor and thick, dense smoke. Ordered more an hour ago......
BW of Vincentown, NJ
I have been a customer of CI for a tad over a year and a student of fine cigars for the same amount of time. My first purchase was the Mild Sampler, which included two CU*- AVANA cigars. The CU*- AVANA were the best of this fine starter sample pack, which also included Macanudo. I have tried other fine handmades from CI, but CU*- AVANA remains my favorite. I am not usually a maduro smoker, but the CU*- AVANA maduro is very tasty. This is a great cigar for the person who is just starting to enjoy fine handmades or the seasoned veteran. Smooth from start to finish. Great hint of citrus. Perfect to watch a sunset with.
SS of Santa Cruz, CA
This is my all time favorite "mild" smoke. It has a good even burn, firm ash and has a slight citrus aftertaste. And the price...well the price is awesome. My wallet and wife appreciate it much better than Macanudos. Great golf cigar!!
CB of Fort Worth, TX
Promptly upon receiving my box of Cu*Avana, I decided to try one out. Supremely mild I was expecting, and that was what I got, but this was surely no boring smoke. Upon lighting, there was a small hint of spice, as well as a lemony taste on the finish. There were also notes of caramel and faint nuances of cedar. The cigar itself is nicely constructed, with a slow, even burn. Most pleasant, though, was that this cigar added a sweet, almost honey-like characteristic to my Scotch, which was not noticeable before lighting-up. Definitely worth the price and then some. Highly recommended to those who enjoy a quality, mild smoke but also a pleasant change-up for those who prefer a more full-bodied cigar. Can't wait to see how these smoke after a nice "nap" in the humi!
RR of Albuquerque, NM
I received this cigar, the Cu*Avana, as a package when I bought the Maduro of the same brand.... This cigar was smoooooth, with just enough spicy goodness to not be boring. A nice relaxing smoke. Mild, yet full of flavor... Perfect for a day at the beach.
SL of Watauga, TX
i purchased the 5 pack robusto size (Cu*Avana) as spring is upon us i was looking for something mild to go with the spring summer season. after a day in the humidor i decided to try one out after work, midnight and cool and raining so had to stay indoors. prelit aroma i could tell this was gonna be a very mild cigar.i wet the cap by keeping it in my mouth for lil bit and noticed a slight lemony taste that disappeared after a second. after lighting the cigar burned flawlessly and the taste was pleasant. it had a toasty and ever slight caramel smell to the smoke. every once in awhile it did get harsh. a few puffs later the original taste came back. this happened bout every inch. for a cheap and mild cigar that can be burned everyday i say this isnt a bad choice. sure you could search for better ones and worse ones, but if i told you that this should be your cigar for mild then you would never find out about other cigars and thats the fun of our past time
MZ of belleville, IL
Nice pre-light aroms. Very attractive cigar (Cu*Avana) but a bit milder than I usually prefer. Excellent draw, firm ash and quite even burn. A nice, pleasant flavour and not expensive.
MC of MLeesburg, VA
I am an utter cigar novice. With that said, I am in love with the Cu*Avana. It's mellow with a hint of sweetness that my unschooled palate could detect. The first drags were a little spicy, but it then went mild and utterly enjoyable. Tasty, perfect burn and leaves this girl feeling delightfully lightheaded.
AN of Chico, CA
I've had the Cu-Avana's Natural aging in my humidor for close to a year now. The deal on them from CI and the cigar itself are superb. A nice, mild, easy to smoke, anytime of day, cigar. I got the rubusto for the occasional after lunch bit of relaxation, and it has done the trick every time.
CW of Annapolis, MD
I ordered these (Cu*Avana Natural) for the first time about 2 weeks ago, and it won't be the last time. The draw is smooth and mild from start to finish with a nice even burn. I am so surprised these are this reasonable. Keep up the good work guys, and don't stop getting these jewels.
DC of Waldorf, MD
Been smoking these guys for a while now (Cu*Avana) and they are probably the best value for a mild smoke out there and I don't just mean price, I mean taste too! Perfectly mild with nice construction and burn. Plus I love the fact that CI almost always throws in freebies with these guys.
MP of Pompano Beach, FL
Very impressed with this cigar (Cu*Avana). Awesome burn, nice draw. Amazing cigar at this price, no bitter after taste. very very nice
JB of glasgow, LA
Perfect morning puro (Cu*Avana). This cigar is MEGA mellow. It has a nice taste and smokes very smoooth. Pull off the labels of this cigar and a Macanudo Gold and it's very hard to tell the difference. Good smoke.
LM of El Paso, TX
Good smoke (Cu*Avana)at a great price. First found this smoke in a Fonseca sample pack, and they were probably the best smokes in the pack. I have told all my friends that smoke milds they should have a box (or two)of these in their humidors.
CS of Santa Cruz, CA
Nice mild cigar (Cu*Avana) with a fantastic taste. I like to keep these and 5 Vegas Gold in the same box so that the flavors can intermingle.
BV of Columbia, TN
I have smoked cigars for years and been a customer of CI for a few years. I have enjoyed many brands along the way but, Cu*Avana is my new favorite. I just got a box a couple of weeks ago and they are great. Good burn,great draw and fantastic flavor. Thanks, CI
LS of Urbana, IL
This is truly a wonderful Cigar (Cu-Avana). It is my favorite under smooth, flavor, and price. I look forward to each smoke with extended enthusiasm. On special occasions, I will invest in a more Expensive cigar. The Cu*Avana is my everyday love.
WG of Forestville, MD
I'm just a beginner in the cigar world, but, I like what I like..Cu-Avana...What a generously sized Churchill, 7.0 X 50!! Smooth, mellow, and tasty... A perfect golf course cigar, lasts through the entire front nine.. good steady burner, relaxing and mild in taste, but, with some character...The price is right, too...Thanks CI for another favorite.
TC of Horn Lake, MS
I like to mix in a mild stick every once in a while and the Cu-Avana is tremendous and the perfect alternative to a Macanudo. Truely a premium smoke at a bargain price!!
SS of Sacramento, CA
Hooray for Cu*Avana!!!!!! I purchased Macanudo & asked you for a similar smooth smoke. You suggested Cu*Avana and I ordered all the five packs...they are awesome!! Great smooth taste, mild, easy draw and sweet smell at 1/2 the cost.
JJ of Oceanside, CA



A bunch of us at CI, naturally, smoke several cigars daily, sampling tons of blends new and old alike, some great and some just decent, sprinkled in with the occasional atrocious, unsmokeable samples. Despite this I only get around to writing an "official" review once every few weeks. That's probably because I also write all the useless catalog drivel. You know, product copy for the junk mail we send out, the catalog you keep on the back of your toilet below the box of tissues but on top of the doily (any excuse to say the word "doily" I shamelessly seize). Well the last cigar I "officially" reviewed for the site was RP Connecticut. Smoking a bunch of these put me on a Connecticut leaf bender for the past 3 weeks. See, for a spell there this winter I was religiously smoking nothing but heavier-bodied, err at least medium-bodied, blends for the most part. But now I'm back, so very back, on the Connecticut shade wagon - at least for now. And Cu-Avana has been a steady part of that diet.

Cu-Avana is made by Manuel Quesada in the Dominican Republic. First of all, Manuel is a prince of a guy, a class act. He's made some extraordinary cigars including Fonseca (all the various incarnations including Vegas de Fonseca, Fonseca Series F, Fonseca Vintage, etc.) and was in fact the maker of the original Dominican version of Romeo y Julieta, plus a slew of other brands. Packed in a simple, painted box, Cu-Avana doesn't look like much on the shelf, I will concede. But there is a reason this cigar is such a horse in the sales department: consistency. Cu-Avana is as consistent as the day is long. Draped in gorgeous, golden Connecticut wrappers with nary a blemish to be found, coddling a super-tame, well-aged blend of long leaf tobaccos from the lush Cibao River Valley. One after the other, these things are meticulously constructed, and rolling it between your fingers you'd be hard-pressed to find a soft spot. The draw is just right - firm and not too easy, yet effortless, while booming out big smoke rings from its foot and beautiful blue-gray clouds from its head. Smooth and mellow, these pleasant cigars you could smoke all day long. And shit, for $2 to $2.50 apiece it's a helluva value too. As one customer once told me one day when I was hanging around our retail shop, "this is a Macanudo-killer!" Yet as consistent and as mellow as it is, it's no airball. In fact it reminds me somewhat of Ashton - ample flavor despite being so easy going, including a very faint but compelling lemon-like sweetness.

Oh and check this out: here's an old golf trick of mine when you're playing against a couple sandbaggers who have artificially inflated their handicaps. Chain-smoke Cu-Avanas while offering them something industrial-strength like The Edge by Rocky Patel. You'll coast through the round, improving with each hole, while the wheels start to come off their wagon as they get lightheaded and start shanking their drives into the woods. There's some free they say about free advice, you get what you pay for.



Have you ever had one of those weeks where nothing, and I mean nothing, could get you in a good mood? No special cigar, no special lovin' from the wife, no special wine, no 12 shots of tequila, no nuthin'. I never thought I'd make it to Saturday. But here I am, finally bright-eyed and bushy-tailed after a solid 6 hours sleep (woohoo!), with tremendous hope that this week will be the week I hit the PowerBall jackpot (as of right this second, according to the website, it's at $44,000,000.) And if that happens, I'll be writing a helluva lot more reviews, but from my yacht docked somewhere off the coast of Aruba. I'd be livin' la vida loca relaxin' with my sombrero, guayabera shirt, and Hawaiian shorts --> strawberry margarita in one hand, lit cigar with long ash in the other, and Jimmy Buffet playing all-day-long.

Ahhhhhhhhh. Thanks for letting me wander a bit, my head's a bit fried. I've done extensive research for you, my friends, for this review. I've smoked the good, bad, and the ugly to bring you the very best that Cigar Tasting has to offer. Every few weeks, I venture into the humidor and pick one of these, one of that, one of that, one of these, etc. and smoke one each night. I like to separate the adventure into different nights to get a fairly objective decision. Usually on an empty stomach, and usually on my way home. That way, if I'm comparing 2 from the El-Dog-Rocket-O category, it doesn't become relative (like "that one was really bad, and this one is not as bad as that one, so it must be good.") Get it? This is my service to you. It's a tough job, I know.

Where was I? Oh, my extensive research brings (drumroll, please ...........) Cu-Avana. It's a bit of a tongue-twister, but I think your tastebuds won't mind after you've smoked a few. Made by the stellar cigar maker Manuel Quesada - producer of the 90+ rated brands Licenciados and Fonseca. If you're looking for that "damn, my heads spinning cigar", you can skip the rest of this review and quickly turn to the page on Diesel or Perdomo Fresh-Rolled. Cu-Avana represents the heart and soul of superb cigar-making. Very cliche, right? Well, it's true. Take some of the biggest brands out there - Montecristo, Avo, Ashton, etc. - and I'll stack this cigar against each and every one of them. A mellow anytime smoke, perfect construction, impeccable wrapper.....wait a second, I'm jumping the gun. Let me give you the 4-1-1 first (that's ebonics for "information" for those of you not on the club scene like me.) Man, I'm all over the place today.

Back to Cu-Avana - let's start with the wrapper. A delicate Connecticut-shade that's almost transparent. Light, smooth, perfect. Fillers and binder are taken from the Cibao Valley in the Dominican Republic. Simple, that's it, not complicated. It's amazing how many manufacturers can complicate things so much and ultimately screw it up. There-in lies the beauty of this cigar, you'll find it to be a consistent one-after-another-after-another cigar. I'm smoking the 6x50 Toro right now. Light one up and you'll find that the construction is solid with no soft spots, inconsistencies, or blemishes anywhere. I find the draw to be firm and the smoke to be abounding. This cigar never seems to go out either. I've left it on my desk for what seemed like a 1/2 hour without dragging and it was still lit. The initial mellow-flavor is not overly sensational, but soft and subtle. It builds every so slightly with a hint of a sweet undertone and never overwhelms whatsoever. I was doing some mindless work around my garage a few weekends ago and I smoked three in a row. They relaxed me, didn't spoil my supper, and put me in a great mood. The burn is nearly perfect while building an ash that'll form to nearly an inch with out fear of falling off. It's solid and doesn't flake a bit. You'll find all these characteristics from start to finish. The flavor won't move much and it won't burn hot toward the end.

After the week I've had, this put me into the ultimate state of relaxation I needed. I'm ready to go home, sleep for 12 hours, and just rest my brain. Oh, I almost forgot the best part - these babies start at about $2 per stick. Grab a box - if you like a mellow-to-medium cigar, it's a can't miss.

Oh, I'll keep ya posted on my pursuit of the PowerBall jackpot.