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Cohiba Luxe

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Cohiba…enough said.

Cohiba is a celebrity in the cigar industry, there’s no denying that. This line originated from the special blend of tobaccos that Fidel Castro himself used to smoke, and to this day the Cohiba brand continues to impress. And now once again Cohiba has managed to deliver a blend for the ages, a prize of pure beauty, a lip-smacker of luxury – say hello to Cohiba Luxe. Ever the innovators, the minds behind Cohiba at General Cigars have found a way to wow the masses with one of the rarest and most unique wrapper leaves to appear in quite some time.

Cohiba Luxe features an African Cameroon wrapper leaf that was grown on a plot of lush soil located on the outskirts of the second densest rainforest on the planet. The tobacco is grown by the Meerapfel family, and for that reason this specific leaf is called Cameroon Meerapfel African gold. The family behind this rare and highly desirable varietal goes back five generations in the tobacco industry, and they know the crop inside and out. Yes, Cohiba Luxe comes with a hefty price tag, but so do diamonds, and this medium-bodied concoction is most certainly worth every penny. It’s only available in limited quantities, so be sure to grab yours before it disappears for good.

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4 out of 5
Have not smoked this stick, but sounds like a reincarnation of my much loved Cohiba Edicion Diamante limitada!