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Davidoff Millennium Blend

Handcrafted in the Dominican Republic, Davidoff cigars are high in price and high in quality. Each one looks stunning and burns like a dream. Seamless wrappers, perfect burn, easy draw, relentless consistency, balanced flavor….time and again. Rolled by a select few and blended to perfection, all Davidoff cigars feature 4 year aged, hand-selected Dominican fillers. Davidoff's Millenium Blend is typically regarded as their best cigar. Featuring an Ecuadorian Sun Grown wrapper, Millenium Blend releases a full-flavored, full-bodied blend that's rich and satisfying.

Davidoff Millennium Blend has received numerous 90+ ratings, including a 94-rating stating: "This cigar has good color and texture. The smoke is tremendously rich, with black cherry notes and an earthy complexity. The finish is warm and toasty." 

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Petite Corona (4.5"x41)
Pack of 5 Out Of Stock $66.50
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Piramides (Pyramid) (6.1"x52)
Pack of 20 Out Of Stock $500.00
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Piramides (Pyramid) (6.1"x52)
Box of 10 Out Of Stock $250.00
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Piramides (Pyramid) (6.1"x52)
Pack of 4 Out Of Stock $100.00
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Robusto (5.2"x50)
Pack of 20 Out Of Stock $424.00
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$402.80   Notify
Robusto (5.2"x50)
Pack of 4 Out Of Stock $84.80
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$80.56   Notify
Robusto Tubo (5.2"x50)
Pack of 15 Out Of Stock $327.00
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$310.65   Notify
Robusto Tubo (5.2"x50)
Pack of 3 In Stock $65.40
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Toro (6.0"x50)
Pack of 4 Out Of Stock $96.40
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$91.58   Notify
Overall Rating 4.33333333333333 out of 5 Based on 3 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Davidoff Millennium Blend”

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3 out of 5
Not my favorite
It is not bad but I prefer others of the same family such as Nicaragua or churchill comander.
5 out of 5
Phenomenal cigar! Was a birthday purchase. Wish I could afford to smoke them more frequently. Great smoke output, perfect draw. Well worth the money. I look forward to trying others.
5 out of 5
Special occasions...Yes, Every day... I wish
I was a flavored cigar guy until I had some of the premium cigars by Davidoff. They are densely made but yet burn very even and have an easy draw. The flavor and smell are great and get better as you get down to a nub. I would carry this in stick at all times in my humidor if I could budget for it.
Customer Testimonials
I bought this cigar down in Orlando for $18 bucks. I was on vacation so I spent the cash. Smoking it as I type this review. Well worth the price. So tasty and huge draw. It also has a very even burn and great smoke output. Try a 5 pack with CI's prices! I promise it's worth it.
Great smoke. Consistent quality, even burn, not overbearing. Leaves no aftertaste. A must for any quality humidor.

Davidoff Millennium Blend


Since I began working in this industry, I find the most commonly used phrase within the retail paradigm of the cigar universe to be, “I feel like a kid in a candy store,” as most customers are overwhelmed with the different brands, sizes, and colors of cigars. One of the more sought-after brands I have the privilege to sell is Davidoff, which brings me to the second-most commonly asked question I hear in retail, “How much is that!?!?”

Listen, I never claimed this to be a bargain-bustin’, cee-gar-hangin’-out-the-mouth-while-I’m-pooper-scoopin’, buck-a-stick brand. Davidoff carries only the highest quality cigars and cigar accessories. Make no mistake, you pay for the name, but along with the name comes the highest of quality. So next time you’re at the CI Super-Store and you ask me, “How much is that cutter?” and I answer, “Four twenty two,” you best not hand me a five-dollar bill.

Banter aside; let’s take a look at my favorite stick by Davidoff, the Millennium Blend.   I don’t even know where to start; the elegant gold and white cigar band, the beautiful wrapper leaf that isn’t quite dark brown but it’s not light brown either (I believe the proper vernacular is “Burnt Siena”), or the perfect burn. Semantics aside, this is a tasty morsel! The sun grown wrapper hails from Ecuador, which I strongly feel is producing the most flavorful wrapper leaves in the world. Encased inside the beautiful Ecuadorian wrapper are 4-year old Dominican fillers, aged to perfection. These tobaccos are like the number one draft pick, or the kid who gets picked first in dodgeball…or the nerd who makes first chair in his middle school orchestra (take no offense, I was this kid).   You know where I’m getting at; these are PREMIUM tobaccos. I’m salivating all over my white Davidoff gloves!!!

Unlike traditional Davidoff cigars, this is their fullest bodied blend. Upon lighting this Dominican-made beauty, a burst of black pepper and toast surround my palate as gorgeous billows of white smoke fill the dense air of the CI Founder’s Room. The initial half-inch provides a rich, chewy flavor but does not particularly provide a blast of full-bodied pepper as I am accustomed to smoking (this is more typical in most full-bodied Nicaraguan puros). The pleasant, rich tobacco core of this cigar provides an underlining creaminess which is more indicative of a true Davidoff, commonly known for a smooth, mild cigar smoking experience. Speaking of which, smoking the Millennium blend is truly an experience, therefore, make sure to grab yourself a nice glass of aged Dominican rum to compliment the cigar, such as I do. The finish regains intensity slightly, providing a woodsy, cedar-like flavor which makes it very difficult to put down. When finished, a feeling of satisfaction and relaxation normally envelops my psyche as I tell myself, “Everything’s going to be alright, Self.”

Look, I’m not a wealthy man and quite frankly, if I keep shooting craps for 6 hours a night at the casino, I never will be. But if I were making Darelle Revis-type money, this would be my go-to stick. It’s full-bodied and made to perfection.

My expert advice for the day: “Never listen to the guy at the roulette table who has a ‘system’. The Cash Advance clerks know him on a first name basis.”