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CAO Black

C​AO's first and finest.

“The best cigar I’ve had, bar none.” I’m not exaggerating when I say I hear this over and over from my customers. To many of us, the exclusive CAO Black cigar is CAO’s crown jewel, their piece de resistance. That’s a bold statement, considering CAO’s stable includes a number of exceptional cigars. You see, this blend was crafted with extensively aged, top-tier tobaccos, made in extremely limited quantities, and packaged in hand-painted, hand-numbered boxes. The production run was small, a super-exclusive “small-batch” cigar. Needless to say, given CAO’s sterling reputation as a maker of superior cigars, they pulled out all the stops. That’s why hearing the phrase “CAO Black is my favorite cigar” has become so commonplace.

Individually draped in cedar, this classic offers a ton of creamy spice flavors with a subtle hint of vanilla along with an abundance of complex and varied, medium-full flavors. It booms out big, creamy rings, burns perfectly, and mellows nicely after the first 1/3, maintaining a smooth, woodsy flavor with an incredibly clean finish, leaving only a slight, lingering and pleasing peppery taste on the palate. Awesome. Just ask Cigar Buyer Magazine, which awarded CAO Black with an unprecedented perfect score of 10 out of 10, beating out a slew of other top brands.

Wrapper: Connecticut-Ecuador
Binder: Habano-seed Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaragua, Honduras, Mexico
Result: Delicious

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Bengal (Toro) (6.0"x50) + FREE CAO Dream Team Sampler 10 Cigars
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Gothic (Torpedo) (6.0"x52)
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CAO Dream Team Sampler 10 Cigars FREE!
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Mosaic (Corona) (6.0"x42) + FREE CAO Dream Team Sampler 10 Cigars
Pack of 20 + 10 Cigars In Stock $189.04
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Mosaic (Corona) (6.0"x42)
Pack of 5 In Stock $22.00
CAO Dream Team Sampler 10 Cigars FREE!
For a limited time, receive a CAO Dream Team Sampler 10 Cigars (worth $69.04) for free with every qualifying purchase.
Storm (Robusto) (5.0"x50) + FREE CAO Dream Team Sampler 10 Cigars
Pack of 20 + 10 Cigars In Stock $199.04
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Storm (Robusto) (5.0"x50)
Pack of 5 In Stock $24.00
Overall Rating 4.5 out of 5 Based on 96 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “CAO Black”

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5 Star
4 out of 5
4 Star
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4 out of 5
CAO, never a disapoinment.
Very nice cigar with good costruction. Always a CAO fan.
5 out of 5
Great smoke!
Always a great product at the right price. My "go to " every time
3 out of 5
Not bad but not worth
Not bad but not worth the cost. Burned too fast.
5 out of 5
Great cigar
Great cigar for the price
3 out of 5
Did not like it all
Did not like it all that much.
5 out of 5
cao black bengal
i have not smoked them yet
5 out of 5
Very smooth
Very smooth
5 out of 5
Awesome flavor and excellent burn
Awesome flavor and excellent burn
4 out of 5
Always consistent
This cigar is never a let down. Well constructed, nice draw, creamy; mild to medium taste. First cigar of the day always. Usually while golfing after the 4 hole or making the turn.
4 out of 5
CAO Black Bengal
The Black Bengal is a straight forward medium bodied cigar that is not very complex with flavors of leather and earth. Nice draw and even burn. A good everyday smoke.
4 out of 5
Good Everyday Cigar
Another good, easy draw, tasty cigar from CAO
4 out of 5
Great smoke
Great cigar! We definitely purchase again.
5 out of 5
Cao delight
Great cigar and a great price would definitely purchase again
5 out of 5
Good smoke
I happen to like these cigars and think others will as well. However, I happen to think cigars are subjective, like your favorite drink or the way you take your coffee.. Because I like them, doesn't mean you will. These cigars seen to be well made, so give 'em a try. If you don't like them, send them to me, I'll smoke 'em.
5 out of 5
Good smoke!
Good smoke!
4 out of 5
Good Stick!!
Will buy again
5 out of 5
Another great CAO
CAO is always an easy draw and this one is full of flavor
5 out of 5
Great cigar
Just an awesome cigar. Well constructed clean burn on everyone. Nice even ash
5 out of 5
Say 'buongiorno' to CAO.
Smooth, easy draw, and even burn. Mild body. My new standard cigar.
4 out of 5
Love CAO Black
What a great smooth, mild and consistent cigar.
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Always the Go-To shop for cigars
I can't say enough about CI as I have always had an easy experience ordering cigars from them. I love how they give their reviews on cigars which I find to mostly right on. You can't find a better selection of cigars anywhere.
5 out of 5
Good Choice
Great anytime Cigar. Good price,fresh Cigars.
5 out of 5
CAO Black Storm
First time I purchased these, very pleased with how it tasted and enjoy them every time I light one up.
5 out of 5
Great cigar
Look everyone has a different taste for things that's why I try not to recommend a certain cigar to anyone.For myself I love the CAO black,great flavor great draw,goes perfect with my evening cognac.
5 out of 5
By far one of the smoothest and creamiest cigars you can buy
By far one of the smoothest and creamiest cigars you can buy. I am a sucker for smooth and creamy cigars and this one fits the bill and then some. Notes of cream, a slight sweetness, cedar, and a mild leather, are some of the flavors to expect out of this stick. The construction like on most all CAO's is excellent and the only draw is....... well nothing. I am extremely interested in trying some of the Mosiac's (6.0x42) and am waiting for a good deal to arise on cbid. Get'em while you can boys you wont be disappointed.
5 out of 5
A fine everyday cigar for the middle of the road to full smokers
This cigar was the one that sealed me in as a cigar guy. Hadn't smoked one for years and then this spring got myself another box and can't figure out why I hadn't done it earlier. Good smoke all the way through, has a nice bit of leather and pepper - just enough to let you know your smoking a good, stately cigar. Not for the mild hearted in my opinion.
5 out of 5
Good quality. Mild. My new favorite.
Just had my first smoke. What a delightful cigar. Burns even. Nice mild cigar with the right about of flavor. Very happy with my purchase. CAO always seems to hit the mark in construction quality. Not too tight. Not too soft. Flavor seem consistent all the way to the last inch. A little nicotine buzz.
5 out of 5
Great cigar
Awesome smoke. Pretty mild but very creamy.
4 out of 5
5 out of 5
When you have Black, you can't go back.
This cigar was mild but, flavorful. Had a very consistent draw and burn. Very well made.
5 out of 5
Black is Back!
I hadn't smoke a CAO Black in several years but tried one about 3 months ago, and it has become my favorite all around cigar!
3 out of 5
CAO Blacks
Pretty good stogie. I would re-order
2 out of 5
Disappointing construction and taste
I found this cigar disappointing, plain and simple. Not a lot of flavor in that creamy smoke. It tasted to me like a weak-kneed Connecticut wrapper that would be acceptable on a very mild cigar but not one that was supposedly medium bodied. But it was the construction that ruined this smoke for me. The thin wrapper started by chipping away on the head after a few puffs - okay, I've smoked my share of cigars with a little binder being exposed. But by 40% through, the wrapper began flaking off for no reason at all and the cracking became so bad I gave up just past the halfway point. One of the worst constructed cigars I've smoked, it even made me check the humidity level in my humidor, which was good.
5 out of 5
Smooth and Satisfying
The CAO Black were on back-order for quite awhile but they are worth the wait. Nice smoke.
1 out of 5
Go with something else
Bad cigar from my favorite everyday cigar brand. I let these sit in my humidor for a month before trying one. It had a super tight draw and tasted like a gas station cigar. Half of them split at the torpedo end. Another week in a decided to give them another go. Again it was bad and half way it plugged so bad it was un smokeable. Frustrated i decided to disect one and found a very poor product.a super thin and brittle wrapper followed by more short filler than long. Ill try aging them some more but these are the worst cigars i have ever had. Dissapointing for a CAO...
4 out of 5
CAO Black Gothic
Fine smoke with lotsa flavor. This particular stick smoked "Dry" even though it spent a week in my humidor @ 70% suggesting it may have been stored improperly before shipment or spent too much time on the UPS truck.
5 out of 5
This is one of my favorite cigars. Very flavorful on many levels, consistent flavor and construction, great price. Hard to find outside the CI family which is ok.......more for me! I always have at least one or two on hand.
5 out of 5
Great smoke
Great smoke
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Very smooth and mild, yet
Very smooth and mild, yet full of flavor. CAO is a very good label. Frontier is my favorite.
4 out of 5
Not A Bad Cigar
After reading the rave reviews on this cigar from people like myself and the "Experts", I decided to give it a try. Preferably, I smoke Medium to Full cigars. My current favorites are Punch Bareknuckle ,RP Edge and San Lotano which I sometimes use as a gauge against other cigars. CAO Black was slightly lighter than a medium, which was not disappointing. The cigar was enjoyable with a semi-dry taste. Not too much complexity which is a minus for me. Construction wise it was just OK. Each time I guillotined one, it flaked and unraveled at the tip. Probably a good idea to keep them in a well maintained humidor a month prior to lighting up. Like I said I did enjoy this cigar.The manufacturer or CI needs to address the humidifying process.
5 out of 5
Smooth Smoke
I've been a CAO fan for a while. My preference is for the more full body cigars like the Brazilia or the Italia labels. The Black Storm cigar is a nice mellower smoke. If you like a lighter/medium cigar, than this is for you. I like it and will order this cigar again.
5 out of 5
Very Happy with the product
As usual I got was a great cigar for the $$$. Keep the deals coming.
4 out of 5
CAO Black Bengal
A very nice mild - medium cigar. It burns and draws very nicely and is consistent from batch to batch. Not overly complex, but has hinks of earth and pepper. Good stick for the golf course and you can't beat the price.
3 out of 5
I'm enjoying them however every other stick tends to crack or canoe. I have a good humidor so something apparently is wrong with the product.
4 out of 5
CAO Black Bengal
Received one in a sampler pack and I must say I enjoyed the last 2/3 better than the first 1/3. Great draw and smooth taste. Would order again.
5 out of 5
If you like Gold you'll like Black
Great cigar. To me this cigar taste just like the Gold. While not my every day cigar it''s definitely in my monthly rotation of smokes.
5 out of 5
Cao black
Had them before but didn't taste like before so I smoked one and sent them back for differen't cigar and liked the next one better. Thank You CI for your great exchange program! I Love it!
5 out of 5
A great buy
Hard to beat a deal like this. I don't need a good cigar to be in a box. That's what humidors are for. This is one of my favorites.
5 out of 5
Go to smoke
I usually smoke the robust of, but I decided to get a little more time and went with the Bengal .
5 out of 5
Excellent cigar excellent price
CAO Black is a quality cigar with excellent burn and draw. A great companion for a quality bourbon.
4 out of 5
CAO Mosaic mazo
Very good, smooth and excellent value
4 out of 5
Great cigar
You just can't beat this deal. A really good cigar at a fantastic price. Right up there with the Fuente's and Monte's.
5 out of 5
The morning cigar.
My favorite morning cigar with coffee and the news. Always great construction and taste.
5 out of 5
I was always a Macanudo fan and this stick reminds me of a of a richer, fuller body version. Nice every day smoke
4 out of 5
Nice Connecticut.
I've had the CAO Black before but it's been a while & didn't really remember if I liked it or not. Recently received a CAO sampler from CI which had two Blacks in it. I'm usually a Maduro only man. In fact the two that Came in the sampler were the only two Connecticuts in my humidor. I was a little hesitant to fire one up this Sunday evening since it was my first oppurtunity to have a smoke today. Had a hankering for a full flavored Maduro but opted for the Black and I must say I'm very, very pleased. Awesome flavors and stronger and fuller than I expected. Won't have any hesitations on the second one.
5 out of 5
CAO Black
I love the way they taste and draw. Price point right on!
5 out of 5
Last order
C A O gold what was item number july 2016 thank you want to reorder
4 out of 5
CAO Black
A very satisfying smoke. These cigars are medium-bodied with a mild medium flavor to me. I received one in a sample pack and was very pleasantly surprised, had to place an order for more. Not something you can usually find in a local cigar shop.
1 out of 5
Dried out
All 5 were dried out and the wrapper cracked a lot. Very displeased with condition
5 out of 5
My overall favorite
I have tried probably 50 or 60 different types of cigars over the years. I was lucky enough to discover this one early on in my experiment phase. I enjoy many different types/brands/styles of cigars but I always go back to this one. As such this is one of the few cigars I always make room for in my box. I won't claim to be an expert and try to explain all the subtle flavors and such. What I will tell you is it's a damn good smoke and goes great with the amber liquid of your choosing.
3 out of 5
Good smoke
Good smoke
5 out of 5
Love it.
Great cigar . I've been smoking it for 15 years , as long as I have been a CI customer. First started buying them at the store in Bethlehem.
5 out of 5
Excellent Storm!
Very excellent cigar with a smooth draw and flavor! A keeper and special favorite!!
5 out of 5
My new go to cigar. Got it in a sampler. Hands down, delicious. I promise. you will thank me when you try it!
5 out of 5
A must to try
WoW. I just received one of these in a sampler. Oh My... what a delight, Best I've had in a while. Smooth. I wont forget it.
5 out of 5
surprisingly good
More flavorful and yet smoother with a better after taste than the 91 rated CAO Gold. Also a slightly better price point.
5 out of 5
Becoming my "go to"
This is quickly becoming my go to cigar. Quality is alway consistent, smoke is very enjoyable. Grab a glass of wine and pair it.
4 out of 5
Great Stick!
Great cigar had a nice creamy sweetness on the draw with a little pepper and coffee on the finish. Giving it four stars cuz I had some minor problems with the wrapper, but over all a great stick.
5 out of 5
Great CAO Cigar
One of my favorite to smoke anytime of the day. Mild enough for a good, morning smoke, but also great in the afternoon or evening, its a high quality all-around cigar.
5 out of 5
Very good cigar
This is my best cigar that I save for Sundays watching sports.Can't go wrong with these.
4 out of 5
Nice cigar !
Very nice cigar, mine came in a little dry so the first one was a little bitter, gave them a couple weeks in the humidor and they came around.
4 out of 5
Good cigar
Good price good smoke
5 out of 5
Once you go Black, you won’t go back
Flawless construction. Consistent draw. One of my favorites.
5 out of 5
This is my go to cigar. I also like 5 Vegas gold, Gran Habano Vintage 2002, and Padron 3000, but if I had to pick one cigar for the rest of my life this would be it.
4 out of 5
Nice budget stick
Great morning smoke with coffee!
5 out of 5
Best cigar ever
Have tried all samplers, 5 packs and others over several years. These are the absolute best for a med - full cigar. Try them.
5 out of 5
My go-to cigar
Far and away the best cigar I smoke! Good anytime of day.
5 out of 5
Excellent cigar
My go to cigar. This is one that's never let me down. I also like Hoyo Excalibur, 5 Vegas Gold and Gran Habano Vintage 2002's, but if I could only smoke one cigar for the rest of my life this would be it.
5 out of 5
CAO Order
Thank you to Cigars International for working through a misplaced delivery. Unfortunately the package did not arrive in time for the party, but I appreciate the effort to try and track it down and then resend. The reshipped package arrived quickly and the cigars are fantastic. Thanks.
5 out of 5
Medium greatness
Great medium smoke
4 out of 5
CAO Black Bengal
Great tasting cigar for the money, but it was dry upon arrival and the wrapper crumbled as I smoked them...
5 out of 5
Perfect in every way.
This stick is just about perfect. Smooth from the start, it delivers aroma, smoke and taste with every puff. I would compare it with other much more expensive cigars costing nearly three times the price as these. Enjoying one as I type this very moment. Must be gone now, this Cao black calls my name.
5 out of 5
Great cigars along with terrific service!
5 out of 5
Nice smooth cigar
Nice medium flavor cigar from CAO; fairly consistent smoke.
5 out of 5
CAO Black
Always a favorite.
5 out of 5
Thanx C.I.
Say Heah Guys and Ladies, As you were. Yeah, I really like some of the Black Pearl offerings, But this C A O Frontier, If I couldn't get my Fav's, I wouldn't be disappointed. Grouchy Marx nailed it, "A Woman is just a Woman, But a Cigar is a Smoke" Yeah, It's a good smoke. ,, ,, Paul'ie
5 out of 5
Simply the best !
I agree with everything good said about this cigar and disagree with all the naysayers. one of my all time favorites and tremendous value when Joe unties the purse strings.If you like a Connecticut with a little oomph and flavor you can't do better than this.
5 out of 5
CAO Storm is Excellent
The CAO Black Storm is an outstanding cigar. From the moment you light this beauty, the flavor, smoke, draw and burn is excellent. I am always looking to buy these and keep a stock of a couple boxes. They are great morning, noon and night! CAO hit the bullseye on this one.
4 out of 5
Flavorful and balanced
As advertised, a medium strength cigar in a good quality roll. No bitterness, plenty of flavor.
4 out of 5
CAO- Nice!!
This is a very nice smoke at a very reasonable price! My new favorite on the Golf Course....
2 out of 5
Flavor is a no go for me
Flavor is a no go for me. I guess I have moved away from this flavor profile. Also experienced tight draw with a straight cut. Rh was 67% for the month they sat. Now I still have 8 of 10 left. Need to decide whether set aside in secondary storage or add to the donation pile.
5 out of 5
fast and consistent shipping
My orders are on time every time. Customer service is great.
5 out of 5
Very good smoke
For me, as a novice smoker, was an exceptional smoke
4 out of 5
Arrived perfect! Smooth smoking cigar. mellow, very flavorful and nice aroma!
Customer Testimonials
DELICIOUS. The only issue I have with this stick is trying to keep them in my humidor.
Well the first one of these I had was horrible. Comparable to chewing up a Marlboro. I have since had another and determined that there was just something wrong with the 1st stick as the 2nd was much much better, but still I believe there are better options for the money.
Got one of these in the Backyard Boogie sampler, perhaps I just had a bad one, but I was very disappointed. Hoping the other CAOs in the sampler are better.
Even when I was an avid cigar smoker I knew these were a special cigar. Now, many years later, the CAO Black is my go to cigar. This is a medium cigar, not full strength like some have quoted. These cigars age very well, too, if you can keep your hands off of them that long\. Very complex flavor profile and I just absolutely love these cigars.
Decent, not great. The wrapper is delicious; the wrapper was just delicious to wrap around the mouth! Took about to the half way mark to even create a flavor profile. The flavor profile (thank god) went from zero to hero the more and more you smoked it. Smoked it all the way to the nub; creamy as all heck, yet still missing the complexity to be a GREAT smoke. I give this cigar an 87.
I've tried a lot of cigars. Gurkha, Vegas, Rocky Patel, and I always come back to CAO and far and away my favorite is the black. I've tried all the different rolls and no matter what the black in any roll is my favorite. What a wonderful experience it would make anyone a cigar lover.
I just tried my first CAO Black, and it was wonderful! I smoked it down to almost nothing! I paired it with some Crown Royal Black (didn't plan that haha. I'll most certainly buy more of these! A great cigar that doesn't hurt the wallet. What's not to love! Awesome job CAO!
Well made, perhaps a bit hard. Smokes evenly with pleasantly spicy taste. Would recommend it and I will order again.
These were about the best I ever had! Great value, smooth smoke with rich flavors. Well worth the money!
Bought a sampler that had CAO black. This cigar is extremely well made, and burns evenly from start to finish. Copious amounts of smoke with each draw, but never harsh....Very, very enjoyable smoke, regardless of the price....a "10"!
Bought a sampler that had CAO Black...this cigar is extremely well made, and burns evenly from start to finish. Copious amount of smoke with each draw, but never harsh....Very, very enjoyable smoke, regardless of the price....a "10"!
Yesterday I had the CAO MX2, and thoroughly enjoyed it. I had a couple CAO Black's sitting in the humidor and decided to try it today. This is an amazing cigar. Very pleasant throughout with nice fulfilling smoke. The taste stayed immersive and left me with that warm fuzzy feeling afterwards!
very good, nice flavor profile, great burn good medium body cigar ... best bang for your buck nice aroma
It's all true! CAO's Black is the kind of blend that should be reserved for special moments. It's the most delicious mild bodied smoke anywhere near my rotation & that says a lot for a roto that includes Camacho, Joya DeNic, Obso & Core. The toro is a smooth, slim thing of beauty measuring 6.2" X 50. I love the cedar wrap & carefully remove it & place it on another of my 50 ring gauge vitolas, for a long cedar nap. Notes of vanilla, wood, light white pepper with a sweet undertone, intermingle on the tongue & cling pleasantly to the palate. CAO makes excellent cigars & the Black blend is their best, IMHO. I give the CAO Black toro a robust 4.5 out of 5 vitola rating. Highly recommended. Works well with a snoot of scotch or a pint of English ale.
After reading the great reviews, I'm left wondering if I smoked the same cigar. Not bad, but far from great. They seem rather bland to me....
Best cigar to date! I just received a 5 pack of these last night and tried one right out of the package. Smooth and flavorful. I definitely will stock these. I can't wait and try one after its been in the humi for awhile.
One of my favorite cigars of all. A genuinely good tasting smoke. I was a novice so I ordered a sampler with a humidor to get started and this was one of the most pleasant smoking experiences I had found. The corona size seems to provide less of the exorbitant smoke plumes that I enjoyed so much in the chunkier version I had in my sampler, though I can't remember what that size was....I'll be keeping my eyes open for CI's next CAO Black deal--and I will be buying some. Thanks CI!
The first draw on this made me smile. It is simply perfection. The wrapper and construction are flawless. This cigar came in a sampler and, boy, am I glad it did. I would say it is more on the full bodied side. I have smoked many a nice cigar, but this truly takes the cake. I highly recommend it.
Novice smoker here. Have tried CAO Gold, Gold Maduro (both nice), LFD Sauve (very mild & enjoyable), 5 Vegas Classic, and Macanudo Cafe Hyde Park (need to try another; the first stick burned horribly). With two fingers of Laphroaig Cask Strength accompanying me this CAO Black is easily the best, most enjoyable, creamy, delicious tobacco I've tasted thus far. The light is effortless, the burn is consistent, the draw is perfect, the flavour can only be described as "gorgeous"; not the least bit overpowering to even the novice palette. The smoke billows out more than the other sticks I've mentioned and I'm smiling ear to ear.
Great cigar, smoked one last night last over an hour wonderful
Unfortunately this is the one that didn't do it for me. I got the Dream Team sampler and I have THOROUGHLY enjoyed all but this particular one. The rest have absolutely blown me away. That being said I have one more Black Bengal and will give it another try later on, but for now this is the only one I won't be buying again. If you haven't already you owe it to yourself to try the Dream Team sampler.
While I enjoy a CAO Black when it is a good cigar, too often for me it is rolled too tight and with the delicious, but fragile wrapper it gets damaged much of the time. Out of a box I would say that half are a delightful mellow smoke and the other half are a job to smoke.
I just smoked one last night and I was amazed on how great this cigar was. The flavor was out of this world. I will be filling my humidor with this cigar.
Don't judge a cigar by one stick (any more than all women by one lousy relationship). If I toss 2-3 sticks from any box, I'm not happy, but it sometimes happens (four, however, is a return). Many problems are attributable to what happens between the cigar leaving the factory and arriving at your home e.g. handling, storage, temperature and moisture variations. All that being said, I'm with the 50 or so fans that find this cigar distinctive and flavorful. Plus, I've smoked plenty, and can't recall any construction problems. One of my desert island picks.
Very disappointed in these cigars. Miserably weak as I was expecting medium-full. Maybe I got a bad box, but I'll pass from now on these. Only time I have ever been disappointed in CAO.
Wow, 49 out of 50 positive comments; sorry to have to add the second negative one. I received a Black Bengal as part of a sampler, and the wrapper was cracked/split from the cap to the band. After a little thought, I removed the cracked part of the wrapper, and smoked the cigar backwards! Lit the end that is supposed to go in your mouth, and put the foot in my mouth. Once I got past the construction problem, it WAS a pretty tasty cigar! I posted my experience on a cigar forum, and one of the other posters had gotten one in a sampler that was cracked as well. Maybe we both got one out of one bad batch, but the construction problem outweighed the nice taste for me.
CAO .. Does. Not. Disappoint. The Black (Bengal) is just another example of an excellent cigar from CAO. What impresses me most about each CAO is the build. Perfect burn, consistent draw, and then at the core of CAO Black is an assortment of flavors, mild enough to enjoy in the background, but rich enough to not go unnoticed.
Well, I got this cigar as a single to try, since I have seen soooo many good reviews on this one. I have to say she's a beautiful one. It is well constructed with great amounts of smoke. Burns well. The only thing is, besides being slightly smoother, the taste is just like these John Bulls I have. If you gave me a blind taste test I would barely tell the difference. If you want a excellent top shelf Connecticut go with Olivia. Can't go wrong.
CAO BLACK Is my favorite by far and I have smoked many top self labels
CAO Black is a fantastic cigar. The burn is razor sharp the whole way through, if you muck up the lighting it'll correct itself within the first third. The draw, for me, is perfect, not to loose. The taste, like cedar, very little pepper, not harsh on finish, smooth. Smell that even non-smokers enjoy. After several boxes, they ALL were consistent. Can't go wrong buying these delicious sticks.
CAO Black is one of the most complex cigars you will ever smoke. Upon first lighting the cigar you will instantly recognize cedar and mild spice. The spice is a pleasant addition and not an over powering pepper taste. This flavor note mellows VERY quickly into the character of the cigar enjoyed throughout the rest of the burn which offers strong notes of cherry, dark chocolate, and a touch of brandy. Not until you get to the nub does the spice reappear and meld with the other delicious aspects to create a fond farewell for your palate. A welcome addition to any cigar lover's humidor.
BY far one of the best cigars I have ever smoked. Very good flavor. Very good draw, an even burn. Not much to say here, just an all around excellent cigar!!
This is definitely the best cigar i have had in a long time. The taste is incredibly smooth and consistent. The construction and burn were perfect. I both a box of these and once I had one I odered another box to set in the humidor. This is not for the full bodied smoke lovers out there, but the medium to mild guys like me should not pass this up. The best part may have been the aroma. I smoked one at a local outdoor bar and many people commented on how good it smelled. DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND GET A FEW OF THESE. A FEW BOXES THAT IS.
If you want the best cigar around, this is it consistently! They may cost more than what you'd spend on a everyday smoke, but when you want a smoke that NEVER lets you down, this is it.
Bought a five pack of Frontiers, just to try a high dollar (for me !) CAO cigar. Won't be spending precious dough on these cigars again ! Talk about "Plain Jane" taste, I've had more impressive smokes out of a $20 bundle I got from the closeout rack.
Do yourself a favor and try a CAO Black. The rave reviews is no lie - they are excellent - everything about them for a medium smoke.
A great smoke (CAO Black), but best with a meal. I normally prefer a milder smoke but picked up some of these on the recommendation from a friend. It is creamy and smooth, and went very well with a red wine and steak! I got a bit of a rush as I started it while dinner was still cooking, but once I started eating it rounded out nicely, and complements robustly flavored foods.
The (CAO Black) has made my top 5 list. I think it's the best cigar that comes from CAO. Awesome flavor and aroma.
Cant get any better than (CAO Black).!!!!! Nuff Said
Just as advertised, one of the best cigars (CAO Black) I ever smoked.
CAO Black is everything a regular cigar smoker could ask for. I have been enjoying CAO Black for about 5 years and they never fail to satisfy. Outstanding consistency in construction, draw and most importantly flavor. Smooth, cool and creamy, but with plenty of complexity and medium bodied spice to keep it interesting. This is a cigar that I always keep in rotation and one that can be enjoyed any time of the day. I am certain they age well, but I can not keep them long enough to find out. I wonder why CAO does not open this fine line of cigars to all retailers? That being said, it is an big advantage for CI to be one of a few retailers who carry CAO Black. And thank you CI for your great prices and specials offers on this cigar.
Holy smokes.....this is one delicious cigar (CAO Black)!! No need to beat a dead horse here, since others have quite accurately described the flavor nuances of this smoke, but it was SO good that I felt compelled to throw in my two cents. A definite medium bodied smoke with a fantastic combination of flavors all the way down to the nub. Quite honestly it reminded a lot of the CI Anniversary which is a compliment of the highest order. I grabbed these on a Joe's Daily Deal and I wish I'd grabbed more, as they are just a tad out of my price range for an 'everyday' smoke at their regular price. But this one certainly lived up to the hype!!
After reading CI's reviews, along with some of the others from recent buyers, I decided to try a box of CAO Black Bengals. All I can say is that I will never doubt a CI recommendation. This cigar is undoubtably the finest smoke I have evered tried. Medium bodied with a wonderful flavor throughout. My wife will even kiss me after I smoke this baby! I will definately make room in the Elie Bleu for these! Thanks CI for keeping these great smokes so afforadable.
What can be said that has not already been said. (Okay, no has said "I like potatoes!" ) A nearly flawless cigar. Every time I smoke one of these CAO Black (I prefer the Storm or Bengal) I enjoy it as much as any cigar I have smoked. As with all of the CAOs I have smoked, the draw is perfect. Some of the staff reviews mentioned that there is aging potential, and I can attest to that. The Bengals that I have set aside for merely a year have mellowed, but the "creamy spice" that the CI gents refer to has become broader. Not necessarily stronger, but seems to coat the palate more evenly... very cool! Great smoke!
This cigar ( CAO Black) smacked me down like a pacifist at Genghis Kahn's birthday party. Deep, dark, and delicious, I was savoring its fullness of body and thickness of smoke, when it punched me in the head like a Mike Tyson uppercut. (Pre-Prison Iron Mike). Needless to say, I had to sit back down, and let my head clear before I could finish this incredible smoke. Definitely should be labeled "Do not attempt to operate heavy machinery or speak in coherent sentences for up to 15 minutes after smoking this cigar." I strongly recommend the CAO Black, but only if you are not a wimp.
This is quite a nice cigar. (CAO Black) Beautifully made with an excellent flavour and aroma. Excellent draw and even burn. I'll smoke this one regularly.
I never did get to the taste (CAO Black). Vanilla through out, pepper on the after taste, creamy and buttery smooth. Last time something tasted sooooooo good on my lips, it was my first kiss. HAPPY NEW YEAR!
I'm a loyal Gurkha lover.....having said that, i now have a new favorite cigar, the "CAO BLACK" is quite simply the most delicious cigar that Ive ever smoked. I will be ordering these relentlesly. Move over Gurkha (in the humi), i need some room.
Tried my first "'C.A.O. Black VR", and was TOTALLY blown away. Sooooooo, I thought I'd try the "C.A.O. Black", well you know the rest. The order is on the, i can't better overnight it. High and dry in S.F....later.
Gentlemen (and Ladies) there is only one phrase that fits: Once you go Black, you NEVER go back. Simply put, this cigar is awesome (CAO Black).
Best Cigar Ever (CAO Black)! I can't really think of a better way to put it. Well, how about this way, this is the one cigar whose price is actually justified. TONS of flavor, the first time I smoked one I couldn't put it down, I felt like I wanted to take a bite out of it. Perfectly medium bodied, excellent construction, producing big bellowing clouds of smoke. Take my advice because I have tried them all, from Graycliff to Partagas to real Cuban Cohibas. If you truly enjoy cigars you must to try the Black.
Wow! Creamy vanilla with a hint of pepper. Smooth yet just enough punch to make me perky. I love it, I love it, I love it! This is the first cigar I have EVER considered putting on automatic re-order status with CI so that a fresh box arrives on my porch every month like clockwork. Hmmmm....I think I'll end this message now and go put CAO Black on auto re-order status right now.
With all the well deserved hoopla about the CAO Black VR, CI is performing a little sleight-of-hand by literally giving away the CAO Black Man O'War at 40 bucks for a box of ten. No, it's not advertised, and you have to look very close to find the deal, but it's there. All I can say is WOW. I reviewed the Man O'War awhile back, so I won't go on raving about it again. All you need to know is this cigar should be in the cigar hall of fame and CI is absolutely taken the price to the realm of bargain-of-the-year. As always, thanks CI!!!
I got some free CAO Blacks when I bought a box of Man O Wars. I put them away in a humidor for a couple of months and just recently "discovered them". Pretty darn good cigar. I don't like going on about nuttines or earthiness or hints of leather and cinnamon or the like but this is a complex smoke with changing taste as you smoke your way through it. Strong enough to get your attention without overpowering you. The one complaint I have is (I have smoked two now) they tend to get hot about half way down. Maybe if I smoke them a little slower they won't burn as hot..I don't know I only know they get hotter than I like. Other than that they are better than average.
Wow, did I say Wow? I meant WOW! This smoke (CAO Black) is now officially in my starting lineup!
I ordered a box of the Man-O-War (CAO Black) after reading the reviews by your staff and the comments from customers. I have smoked some good cigars in my lifetime including some real Cubans. CAO Black has to be one of the best cigars I have ever smoked. It has all the flavor and pleasantness I expect in a quality smoke and I have shared them with a few of my good friends who also agreed on their quality. I only have a few left so it is time to order another box or two. Thanks CI for the great reviews, great prices, great selection and great customer service. I hope to be nearby Pennsylvania in May so I can attend Cigar Fest 2007. Keep up the great work!
AMAZING, SIMPLY AMAZING! Such an awesome taste to this medium-full bodied cigar (CAO Black). It smokes so smoothly and the aroma is so nice! The best made cigar I have ever smoked. A+ Cigar! If they could give a 100 rating, this would get it!
Fantastic medium to full cigar (CAO Black). Like the other CAO lines, the construction, burn, and draw of the Black is superb.
My first 2 CAO Black were at Cigar Fest 2005. Smoke one and bring the butt back and get a second. What a cigar! I definitely recommend this smoke.
So-- I had to see what all the hype was about. Thus, I ponied up and bought a 5er of CAO Black Frontiers. My order came in (Pretty quick, too. Thanks, CI!) and I threw them in the humi for a couple weeks. I finally busted one out about 5:15 in the morning (Ya, I'm a third-shifter). As soon as it lit up, I could tell I was going to love it. Peppery and powerful at the start- creamy and smooth in the middle-- crisp and clean at the end (just as many of the reviews have said). Thick gray smoke billowed out nearly the entire length of the cigar. The ash was a very nice white to off-white gray that fell off in logs that you could literally pick up without it falling apart. As the sun rose, I smoked it right down to the nub on my porch. Verdict? Excellent "casual" smoke for a great price. However, the CAO Black also has unlimited potential to be a top-shelf smoke reserved for special occasions if you can't get ahold of them. CAO Black-- welcome to a permanent spot in my humidor! What a smoke!
WOW! The CAO Black Man O War has to be one of the largest cigars I have ever smoked. I pulled one out of the beautiful box and was stunned at the heft and size of this monster. All I can say about the taste is "YUUUUUM"! This cigar left the same creamy taste in my mouth that I get from eating a piece of caramel candy. Thanks CI and CAO for such a great cigar.
I just received my order of CAO Black and have found them to be a terrific and great tasting cigar. I was told they would be too strong but that is not the case.
Just when you think CAO has done it all, they release the Man O' War. This is by far the CAO crowning achievement. Think of it as a CAO Black with the volume turned WAY up. Tons of creamy smoke. Vanilla and spice....cigar heaven. When you light this one up, make sure your schedule is clear for a solid two hours. Great job CAO. Great prices CI!
One of the best around (CAO Black). Medium to full body with a slight hint of pepper as well as some cocoa and earth tones. Beautiful draw and a very relaxing, satisfying smoke. Not as chocolaty as a MX2 but a wonderful blend in and of itself. Very, very nice.
The CAO black: Smoked only the churchill (so far). This is a superbly rolled cigar with even draw & burn. Set aside about an hour to relax & enjoy this one. Smooth & nutty with enough bite to smoke late in the day. Recommended on all fronts.
This the best CAO (CAO Black) cigar I have smoked and I have smoked them all (except the Sopranos edition). This is a cigar you want to smoke till you burn your fingertips! Smooth from start to finish. If you like medium body cigars this one is worthy of your time.
One of my all time favorites (CAO Black). Creamy, tasty, cool burning and effortless draw. A real gem that I can't get enough of. CI's great prices are the icing on the cake.
This is the best CAO cigar(CAO Black)out there period. Absolutley stunning in both construction and balance. Better than CAO maduro and the Palms.
Just received my first order of CAO Black cigars, terrific tasting smoke, hints of vanilla, wood and that mild peppery taste.WOW!! I will be ordering more of these for sure. As a bonus, the limited numbered hand painted box is real cool looking too! THANKS CI
I bought some CAO Black cigars to share with my old friends this Christmas, and they will all be delighted. I could write an essay on the levels of pleasure I experienced when I sampled my first one. That was a special smoke, and I'm using all restraint to save the rest for my trip home for the holidays. Merry Christmas.
WOW, I cannot say enough about the quality and great taste of the CAO Black. It has the perfect draw and thick delicious smoke that make cigars so enjoyable. The deal you have on these (with the 6 freebies and limited edition box) was just too much to pass on. Thank you for another great deal and accurate review of this cigar.
You guys continue to outdo yourselves. I'm sitting here, smoking a CAO Black and savoring every puff, and reading your latest catalog. Aside from the fact that you have the most entertaining catalog in the industry, your prices and specials just can't be beat anywhere. You offer such a tremendous array of cigars and accessories at the best prices. Plus, your intro deals are an incredible way to sample some of the best cigars, it's how I discovered the CAO Black. I've always been a huge fan of CAO's but the "Blacks" are my favorite and you guys are the only ones who sell them (at very fair prices for the quality, I might add!) Plus, your descriptions of each cigar, such as construction, taste, and smoking characteristics, are spot on. You run a "no BS" organization and it shows. From your catalog and website, to your excellent retail store (just the nicest, most straight shooting guys I've ever met in a cigar store), you're a class act.

CAO Black

Jeff K

CAO is a brand that makes a ton of great cigars, has accrued a lion’s share of 90+ ratings, and developed a devoted fan base of die-hard CAO nuts. Their cigars are definitely some of the best on the market today. A personal favorite of mine has always been the CAO Black. This is the unequivocal “everybody” or “anytime” cigar. It’s mild and smooth enough to light up right at the crack of dawn, but it also has more than enough flavor and complexity to be enjoyed after a full meal or over drinks. It’s the essential, universal humidor staple. Best part is, they are consistent as hell and reasonably priced.

The packaging is noteworthy. The boxes are hand painted with a Jackson Pollock-esque paint splattering – a nice touch. Packaged in wooden boxes of 20, each cigar comes individually cedar wrapped.

The wrapper - It’s a Connecticut-seed grown in Ecuador, but it is unlike any other Connecticut wrappers out there. Dark-brown, even colored and astoundingly smooth, this wrapper is a sight. The binder is a Nicaraguan Habano, which adds some oomph. Its 3-country filler blend is well aged for smoothness and diverse for complexity. With long-filler tobaccos from Nicaragua, Honduras and Mexico, CAO Black is well proportioned and meticulously blended for optimal smoothness, flavor and complexity.

From beginning to end, CAO Black is smooth, impressively smooth. The flavor profile isn’t overly flamboyant, but it is loaded with rich, natural tobacco notes. With some cigars, I get a ton of different distinct flavors – which I like most of the time. But CAO Black offers something a bit more traditional. It tastes like a cigar – pure, natural tobacco. I definitely get some notes of cedar, cream, and pepper accompanied by a clean, semi-sweet finish, but nothing too intense of overwhelming. Its mellow and easygoing from start to finish, but the flavor is defined and always present. Medium-bodied, refined, elegant and not overdone.

This may not become your favorite cigar (although it very well may), but they do have a place in your humidor. When I buy a box, its always seems to be empty pretty quickly.

CAO Man O' War


Let me say this right up front: CAO Black is a truly fantastic blend. I've sung its praises from sea to shining sea before so don't roll your eyes. It ain't just me! In fact 4 out of 5 dentists agree. But alas, a few unfortunate souls haven't yet been lucky enough to try it. To them my words may sound like the Amen chorus, but believe me brother when I tell you the Black is one of the best blends on the market. This is a cigar to be taken slow. Rush it and risk missing the varied and numerous subtleties and nuances, including pepper, creaminess, nuts, cedar and even notes of vanilla. 

So when word spread of a new, limited production size called Man O' War, I was ready to bestow the wet, sloppy kiss of approval before it was even released. Just four weeks ago the eagle landed, precipitating a veritable feeding frenzy around CI headquarters. 2,000 boxes in total for the entire industry, handmade in a one-shot production run, and all sitting just 80 yards from where I am writing this. I feel like a fat man working in a donut shop.

A cool and stately 6"x60 size, this rather portly vitola is practically the Balthazar of the cigar world. But like Bill Russell, the Man O' War packs a finesse game in a big fella's body. Pre-light, there's a distinct salt and pepper flavor to the wrapper. After toasting I immediately find the thick ring of the Man O' War to tame the pepperiness of the Black blend and tone down the strength a touch....I'd go so far as to say it borders on soft to medium, rather than a true middleweight as are the other sizes. It boasts an ample creaminess, vanilla undertones, extraordinary smoothness, and pours forth with lovely clouds of gray smoke. The soft creamy flavors linger on the palate a moment before dissolving into a clean, crisp finish. 

It's got great aging potential too, I'd recommend grabbing several boxes before they disappear. Smoke a few and put the rest away for a little nap.

CAO Black

Brandon S

Originally the first cigar ever produced by Cano A. Ozgener the Black is back and in my opinion, it’s better than ever!

I keep an ample supply of these on hand at all times because quite frankly, I think they’re addictive. At home I have so many empty CAO Black boxes that at a quick glance it damn near looks like a Zebra standing next to my humidor!

The Black is a very well-rounded cigar that upon lighting it up will greet you with a quick dose of spiciness before settling down into a creamy, medium-bodied smoke at about the 1” mark. A little further into it and you begin to pick up distinct cedary notes that are a direct result of each cigar in the box being draped with a nice cedar sleeve. From here the Black slowly gains complexity, constantly changing and evolving throughout the remainder of the cigar. Over time I have settled on two specific sizes that I really enjoy; the 6X50 Toro size called the Bengal and the 6X52 Torpedo named Gothic. Both sizes are simply perfect for showcasing the dizzying array of flavors that this cigar is capable of producing. Come to think of it, the only down side (if you can call it that) is that the CAO Black is extremely limited in production. Just 6,000 boxes of each size were produced for the US market which means that it’s about time I stop writing and get myself set up with another coupla boxes!

CAO Black


Unquestionably this is my favorite CAO blend. The packaging is unique - the boxes are unlike any you've seen. Stark black all around, snow white lids, and the top strewn with black paint like some kind of Jackson Pollock piece you'd see at the Museum of Modern Art (having seen the laborious process of painting these boxes in the Honduran box factory, I can tell you that it is quite a sight). Crack the box open and you've got more eye candy: lovely cigars, each one draped in its own cedar sleeve, its Connecticut-seed Ecuadorian wrappers glistening with a nice oily sheen and super smooth texture. Ooooooh.

Upon lighting you get a load of spiciness and some sharpness on the tongue, but shortly after it takes a turn into a creamy vanilla-like smoothness. By no means one-dimensional, this somewhat complex blend develops and evolves as it burns from foot to nub. It's got character, depth of flavor, and a medium-bodied strength level that suits me perfectly. No fine print or qualifiers needed, I love it.

CAO Black


I've been under the weather for the past couple of weeks. My ass has been kicked with this ridiculous head cold that I just can't seem to shake. Where does phlegm come from anyway? Isn't it amazing that no matter how much you blow your nose or cough up a lung, your body produces more and more. One day, I finally gave in, got home early, and tried to get some rest. Unfortunately, Nickelodeon was having a "Welcome Back, Kotter!" marathon. A couple of hours later, I finally fell asleep and then I had this whacked out dream about cigars (not all that unusual I guess) but it was in the plot of a Welcome Back Kotter episode! Barbarino's uncle had a source for Cuban cigars, so me, Vinnie, and Epstein were trying to offload them for top dollar - until Mr. Woodman caught us and tried to have us arrested. Mr. Kotter saved the day, of course, convincing Mr. Woodman that we were budding entrepreneurs, didn't know they were Cubans, and should be commended for our efforts to start our own business. Man, sick dreams are weird.

Anyway, since I haven't been able to taste anything since New Year's Day, yesterday, over 2 weeks later, I finally picked up my first cigar. Now I've had 2 weeks to think "What is the first cigar I am going to smoke when I can actually smoke again?" I needed a good "Welcome Back" cigar. I've been itchin' to pick up one of those new CAO Blacks since they arrived in late December. The reviews have been phenomenal, truly exceptional, but you never know if you should attribute that to user excitement of a new line or is this the real deal? (Remember when the CAO Brazilia's came out - yowza, you couldn't find one anywhere - except CI of course!) So, in effort not to shock my system, I only smoked half a cigar last night - a couple of inches down just to prepare my pallet. I had a hard-time putting it down, but fear of a lung-hacking episode forced me to put it down! Tonight, I picked up a second CAO Black and it was pure heaven. Oh, it's good to be home again.

This cigar, the original CAO cigar, has been re-released with a Connecticut shade seed / Ecuadorian grown wrapper, Nicaraguan binder, and fillers from Nicaragua, Honduras, and Mexico. With so many different tobaccos, you know that the blending by the aficionados at CAO is going to be second-to-none.

I read a review on another site back in December that had the following quote: "the CAO Black Label is the best cigar I have ever smoked in any price regardless of country of manufacture." Bold statement, for anyone - novice smoker or professional reviewer. Sure, everyone's taste is different, but any lineup by the folks at CAO, plus a raving endorsement, is reason enough to try it.

The initial light of this baby sparkles on your front tongue with a spicy, dry flavor lending the impression that this will be a powerhouse cigar. My guess is that this originates from Mexican filler in the blend. The first inch is much of the same, but then the Honduran and Nicaraguan tobaccos take over. It burns fast with tons of bellowing smoke. The next two inches begin the "smoothening" ritual of this quality cigar. The burn slows down, the spicy character fades, and a rich full body is softened by the flavorful, tame, and pleasant Connecticut shade wrapper. I don't care where a Connecticut wrapper is grown, I love the smooth and silky wrapper. The Ecuadorian-grown Connecticut is not nearly as pale and fragile as a typical Connecticut, but the flavor is superb. There isn't much deviation from there. A dry, woodsy character with a strong full body, yet mellow to medium flavor on the palate.

The Black will hold your tastebuds and with solid construction that you can expect from the folks at CAO, you won't be disappointed. After a long time away, I'm back baby! So very back! And I can't think of a better way than to have a few more CAO Blacks and make my tastebuds jingle.

Many thanks to all of you that sent congratulatory notes to me over the past month. And thank you for sharing some of your personal stories and experiences. It was truly wonderful to hear from so many of you.

In case you're like me trying to remember the "Welcome Back, Kotter!" theme song, I did some research for ya'...

Welcome back, Your dreams were your ticket out.
Welcome back, To that same old place that you laughed about.
Well, the names have all changed since you hung around,
But those dreams have remained and they've turned around.
Who'dve thought they'd lead ya? (Who'dve thought they'd lead ya?)
Back here where we need ya? (Back here where we need ya?)
Yeah, we tease him a lot, Cuz we've got him on the spot. Welcome back.
Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back.
Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back.

CAO Black Man O' War

Steve R

I've been known to jump the gun on more than one occasion. Today marks another one of those occasions. The cigar I am smoking right now is a sample of something very special that's scheduled to arrive towards the end of May. The reason I decided to write about it is simple: I've been burning through these samples on a daily basis, and loving every single one.

The cigar is Man O’ War, a limited-production size within the CAO Black line. The size, a menacing 6”x60 super-toro. CAO sent us 50 samples. Of that number, I’ve had at least 30, and each one has offered everything I could possibly ask of my favorite CAO blend, CAO Black.

If you’ve tried CAO Black, consider this: Take everything this blend offers - the creamy texture, peppery aftertaste, vanilla undertones and buttery smooth character – and multiply it. Multiply it by 2, 3, whatever; just imagine more. That’s Man O’ War, ‘more’ CAO Black. A soothing hour and a half of sheer smoking delight.

Only 20,000 cigars were produced from CAO’s one-time alottment. To thin the inventory out a bit, these gentle giants have been set in boxes of 10. Indeed, Man O' War will turn some heads.


CAO Dream Team Sampler 10 Cigars FREE!

For a limited time, receive a CAO Dream Team Sampler 10 Cigars (worth $69.04) for free with every qualifying purchase.

When it comes to delicious boutique cigars, few brands have captured the hearts of cigar enthusiasts like CAO. Their portfolio of brands has been credited with countless awards and honors, including ratings of '90' or better for 10 (count 'em: 10) different blends. This Dream Team Sampler lets you enjoy the best of their wares, all in one shot. Enjoy!

The CAO Dream Team Sampler includes:
2 - CAO Black Ltd. Bengal (6" x 50)
2 - CAO 'VR' Moby (6" x 50)
2 - CAO Brazilia Gol! (5" x 56)
2 - CAO Italia Ciao (5" x 56)
2 - CAO Mx2 Robusto (5" x 52)

MSRP: $69.34

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