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5 Vegas CLASSIC 'The Judge' (Gordo) (6.0"x60) Pack of 10

| MSRP: $6.65 per cigar

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Joe is bringing you his best deal of the year on 5 Vegas Classic The Judge by making them as little as $2.45 per cigar!!!

A top-seller for nearly two decades!

Ain't nothing like a classic, that much is true. Behold, the original, 90-rated 'red label' 5 Vegas Classic....the popular blend that started it all for this beloved brand. It’s hard to argue with two decades of proven quality and even harder to argue with the millions of customers who’ve given 5 Vegas Classic their stamp of approval over the years. In short, this one’s a blue chip that’s somehow remained utterly affordable nearly a quarter century later.

Expertly crafted by Nestor Plasencia, 5 Vegas Classic is a savory blend of Cuban-seed long-fillers from Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic paired with a dark, oily Sumatra wrapper. This virtuous combination delivers one of the most consistently delicious, medium-bodied handmades you can get. Rich and creamy notes of deep tobacco flavors mingle with hints of toast, coffee, nuts, and gentle spices on the finish. A ton of complex and satisfying nuances to satisfy even the most fancy-pants critics, eight awesome sizes, one hellaciously affordable cost to short, front row quality at Uecker seat prices. This 90-rated beauty’s got all the right stuff.

5 Vegas Classic received a healthy '90' rating noting: “A solid medium bodied cigar. It is filled with complex earth flavors, and a pleasant coffee ground taste. It is also very smooth." 

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How Does Joe Cigar Work?

The Basics: Joe was the first to ever do it. He created the original daily cigar deal, and he’s been doing it for over 12 years now. With years of experience under his belt, Joe brings CI Nation the cigars they want, need, and crave, 365 days a year. And since Joe is a man of the people, they’re always available at steep discounts and they always ship for free. No cigar is safe from Joe’s everyday discounts – boxes, bundles, samplers, you name it! But most days, Joe features 5-packs and 10-packs, making Joe Cigar a great way to pad out your humidor with a variety of options or add on to your order to get free shipping.

The Deals: Each Joe Cigar Deal lasts for 24 hours, changing daily at 12:00 AM ET. Joe’s Daily Deal can feature between 1 and 4 products, but when you see Joe’s Jambalaya, you’re gonna want to make some popcorn and stick around. During Joe’s Jambalaya, the gloves come off! Joe puts together a huge variety of his favorite brands and samplers, and offers them up one at a time, all day long. Only a few units are available of each option, so when you see one you like, add it to cart ASAP, and then refresh your page throughout the day to see what else is available.

Buy More, Save More! New to Joe Cigar, you’ll get rewarded with more savings for purchasing additional units. Cool, right? You can add between 1 and 3 units of the advertised deal to your cart, and Joe will lower the price each time. But whatever you decide, it’s always a good deal, and it always ships free, guaranteed!


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